Mother and daughter relationship movies

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mother and daughter relationship movies

Movies. 14 On-Screen Mother-Daughter Relationships We Love . Susan Sarandon must have a thing for dramatic mother-daughter movies. Lady Bird isn't just familiar — it's familial. There have been plenty of films focusing on mother-daughter relationships, from the sentimental (The. 10 great films about troubled mother-daughter relationships . lesbian jailhouse movies and the sacrificing mothers of 'women's pictures', John.

A terrible, traumatic event overtakes the women, one that marks them and their relationship for good. Two Women is one of the most tragic films on this list.

The mother loves the girl and the daughter is devoted to her.

mother and daughter relationship movies

In normal times they would have had no great problems between them. However, the fates decreed that they would not live in normal times. They, along with so many others, will be the victim of the evil that comes out of war. Female Trouble Not all family relationships are created equal and, certainly, not all film makers are the same.

Best Mother-Daughter Movies, Ranked by Fans

It is a testament to the infinite variety of film that the same medium that could produce Bergman, Ozu, Dreyer, Renoir and all of those delicate, sensitive, sharply observant directors can also accommodate Baltimore-based indie icon John Waters, the most gleefully subversive, deliberately tasteless film maker of his generation which is saying something. In this film Divine plays Dawn Davenport, a budding juvenile delinquent in s Baltimore who graduates to full blown if ludicrous criminal status in the s.

After fleeing her middle-class home on Christmas morning due to an altercation involving a not received pair of cha-cha heels, Dawn is picked up and more or less raped by a grungy old guy in a station wagon also Divine. To call their relationship dysfunctional would be dignifying it.

Taffy on the other hand, is a pure brat, snottily insulting everyone and getting her big kicks playing car accident with a dummy and props! Stella Dallas The black sub-plot of Imitation of Life dealt with a fact of many child-parent relationships, a fact that becomes the center of another famous mother-daughter weepie, Stella Dallas. Stella Dallas, taken from a novel by Olive Higgins Prouty, another bestselling lady from the s through the 40s, had already seen service as a popular silent and was largely considered old-fashioned and out of date when the idea of remaking it was brought up in the mids.

Director King Vidor, star Barbara Stanwyck and supporting actress Anne Shirley, however, helped to bring it back to very moving life. Stella Martin a dynamic Stanwycka young woman from a plain background working in a factory, spots a good thing when she sees it in Stephen Dallas handsome but stick-like John Bolesa young man from a good family who has been left in a bad position by family misfortune.

Is this really so dated? Sure, but Stanwyck gives one of her very best performances and she and Shirley bring a lot of truth to their roles and the famous finale is hard to watch without getting misty. Carrie Brian De Palma had been directing films since the late s and had achieved some minor success with the public andcritics when he finally delivered a film that put him on the cultural map.

7 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships to Enjoy with Your…

It was also the first film to be based on a novel by horror icon Stephen King, then at the beginning of his career. Mousey high school misfit Carrie White Sissy Spacek has it rough. Everyone in school dumps on her. The worst is when she has her first period in the high school shower after gym class and the other girls hatefully taunt her. It seems she thinks she dying since her scary religious fanatic mom, Margaret Piper Lauriehad never told her the facts of life.

mother and daughter relationship movies

Carrie has inherited the ability of telekinesis, which runs among the women in the family Margaret excepted. However, the chemistry between Spacek and Laurie is so good that it more than compensates. To fix this takes some understanding and the epiphany that many teenage daughters require: Christine understands this when she receives the crumpled up letters that her mother wrote and threw away, while Charlotte sees it when Rachel shares her memories of heartbreak.

You think you know me so well, I fuck up too. HBO In that moment, Abigail gets a glimpse into a different side of someone who had always guided her and who, in reality, is struggling just as she is.

mother and daughter relationship movies

This misunderstanding and reconciliation extends to films perceived as lighter entertainment, too. Their bond is a huge emotional hook for a film that has garnered plenty of deserved affection.

mother and daughter relationship movies

The idea of an unbreakable bond by blood is used to manipulate and guilt daughters to stay connected despite being poorly treated.

But in mining these few examples from the vast world of TV and film, it becomes quickly apparent that the options for viewing portrayals of this kind of relationship are limited, despite the infinite complexities that we would all benefit from seeing up on the screen.

9 Of The Best Mother-Daughter Relationships On Screen

Sure, there are mothers and daughters in plenty of shows and films, but very rarely do their interactions become the central focus. White Oleander covers so many different mother-daughter relationships in one — the mothers we're both with, the mothers we choose ourselves, and the mothers that are forced upon us.

She's also played by Meryl Streep, which makes her incredibly watchable despite all that other garbage. Meryl Streep is really holding this list down for mothers and daughters. And so can you!

16 Great Movies about Mother-Daughter Relationships

Streaming on Netflix Flowers in the Attic This movie is so bad that it's good and I'll stand by that 'til my dying day. Like if you see this movie in a theatre, everyone will lose it in a very physical way, it's that good.

Flowers stars both Leslie Graham and Kiernan Shipka, two women who just naturally seem like they would have the mother-daughter chemistry of some animal that eats its young. Anyways, mom locks daughter and her siblings in an attic and then two of the kids KISS? Listen, it's really good.