Momoi and aomine relationship trust

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momoi and aomine relationship trust

Kuroko released Momoi's hand and closed the distance between himself and Aomine. He reached up, clasping his shoulder. He looked very. So the first relationship we will we talking about is with Kuroko. So when they entered Highschool Momoi decided to follow Aomine so he. Momoi and Aomine are childhood friends who used to play basketball together Seirin decides to trust Kagami and Kuroko with the ball. .. Relationships.

He froze when he saw him. He didn't think there would be anyone here this late. Regardless, he took out his own basketball and dropped his gym bag onto the floor. He called out to the man sitting on the court.

He was one of the few people who would give it their all and play him seriously. He liked that about him, but that was about it. This was the man who finally beat him, after all.

It was still maddening to think about. In fact, he was the reason he was in the gym everyday practicing. There was no way he'd be beaten again.

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Playing solo is my forte. Aomine's agility had improved greatly in such a short time. But Kagami was no different. He kept pace with him though it was no easy feat. Aomine's street ball was the best. Kagami had learned a few tricks of his own back in LA playing as a child. They had grown accustomed to each other's moves, but that didn't make it any easier to get a shoot up. The first point went to Kagami who delivered a swift pump fake and drove past him for a dunk.

The lead was quickly tied as Aomine flew by Kagami, flipping the ball behind his back, over his head into the net. Their one on one match went on for over an hour. They both collapsed onto the court, sweat dripping from their bodies. After all that, the score was still tied. Kagami turned his head to look at his opponent who was, in turn, staring back at him.

momoi and aomine relationship trust

He was waiting for the smart remark; something along the lines of 'The only one who can beat me is me' or 'Give up Baka-gami'. An image of Kuroko flashed across his mind's eye.

He sat up, turning away from Aomine. I heard about it. When did you find out? I may have been the only one who didn't know. His expression was a little sad, but he didn't turn away from him. He looked him straight in the eye. For a moment, Kagami was lost. You should have seen the ring he got her. What else could I do besides congratulate them? He never thought to wish his friend the best.

He was too busy being upset at Kuroko for not telling him that he'd been secretly dating Momoi for so long. He bit his lip in frustration. Aomine watched the many emotions dance across Kagami's face. His red eyes seemed glazed over in deep thought. Something about his expression made him want to console his basketball rival. He sat up, reaching out towards him and placed a hand on his shoulder. It's kind of cute," he grinned wickedly at him. Aomine was a little shocked that his face was a little flustered.

It only made him want to tease him more. It was hilarious the way he tried to evade him, but Aomine was much faster. He easily caught his red-haired rival. He grabbed hold of his shirt and pulled back hard. Kagami tripped over his own feet and landed heavily onto his chest, but Aomine skillfully kept him from falling.

His hands were on his biceps and his eyes widened at how fit the man really was.

momoi and aomine relationship trust

Like a caged tiger, Kagami ripped himself from his grasp. About Tetsu, I mean. He came here to forget about the incident with Kuroko and knew playing basketball would help. The fact that Aomine was here listening to him, understanding him, made him grateful towards him despite his teasing.

momoi and aomine relationship trust

He stared into his eyes and simply said, "…yeah. Imagine how I felt to hear that Satsuki's been stolen from me. I mean…you're always together. Everyone thought that they were a couple. The idea of dating her did cross his mind every once in a blue moon over the years, but he never had it in him to go forward. She was like his sister for God's sake. She never judged me for being who I am. How can anyone toss away someone like that?

Having someone to relate and connect with was a wonderful thing. It was a shame that there were those who'd neglect people like that. Kagami thought back to when he first met Kuroko. At the time, he had no idea he'd become such a close friends with a guy who couldn't even shoot the ball. Nevertheless, they practiced together, ate together, played basketball together; it was rare that they were apart. Until recently, you could always find them together; side by side. As if Kuroko didn't trust him enough to let him in on the secret.

All at once, he realized that it was wrong to hold that against him. It was his life after all and he did what he thought was best for their relationship. Was he really going to hold that against him? He must hate me about now. For a second, he thought he was about to cry.

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He placed his hand on his cheek, fingers grazing against his flaming red hair and lifted his head. He looked so vulnerable; as if he would collapse any minute. It made him want to protect him.

It was strange though getting advice from someone like Aomine. What did he really know about him? He was his greatest rival, yes. Other than that, he knew very little about the man. Still, somehow Aomine seemed very wise to him; mature. He never noticed before.

Subconsciously, he wanted to know more about him. Kagami blushed as he realized just how long he was staring at him. When did he get so close? He took a step back, but Aomine swiftly followed. He could feel the heat burning his cheeks. He was too close. The atmosphere was maddening. He'd never felt this before.

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His eyes were soft as he loomed over Kagami. Snaking his arm around his waist, he pulled him against his chest and kissed him fully on the lips. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. Instinctually, he brought up his arms and pushed against Aomine's chest, but to no avail.

Do you think Aomine and Kise were friends at Teikou?

momoi and aomine relationship trust

To me it's obvious that yes, they were. First thing first, this is all based on my own personal opinions, and in my point of view Aomine and Kise are indeed friends at Teikou AND canon-wise they are still friends even in the current arc. Even so, Kuroko is an observant person, so of course he understands Aomine a lot. When it comes to Aomine and Kise though, they first met each other in kind of an abrupt way. Before Kise joined the basketball club, he was alone, he could hear the sound of the wind blowing around him.

And this is critical because Kise is someone who is always surrounded with people, people who admire his skill in being able to play any sport, people who love him for being a model. When he entered the basketball club, we often see Aomine bullying Kise and them being a couple of dorks fighting with each other even in a petty stuffs. But that is a prove that they ARE friends. Even so, Kise knows what is right and what is wrong. But this is what makes things interesting, because Aomine and Kise able to learn so much about each other in such a short period of time.