Mike and jesse relationship questions

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mike and jesse relationship questions

Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut was a former corrupt police officer who, after being rocky relationship between the young drug dealer Jesse Pinkman and Mike began .. He later provides Gus with information on Walt's health issues, suggesting. The Walt-Jesse Connection: How Breaking Bad Always Came Down to Two But then Jesse's on the rise, gaining Mike's respect and earning. Breaking Bad's Mike and Jesse may have more in common than simply sharing a dangerous profession. As it turns Gus: hmm, questions?.

It is later revealed that this event was in fact orchestrated by Gus, presumably as a test of worth, but really just to piss off Walt. Twisted ankle, nothing too bad. It all went like you thought it would, more or less. More than a few, yeah … but I know better than to ask. In this aspect, Gus is basically a liaison for Mike in keeping his current worth to the operation, and ensuring his own success in the future. This makes building Jesse into a complete badass top priority for Gus, assuming their business continues years or even decades into the future.

Half Measures In this episode, Mike is sent to talk some sense into Walt, as Jesse begins a plan to kill the dealers that killed Combo, his ex-partner and loyal friend. He then tells the story of his younger days as a cop, when a domestic abuse call was made and he was dispatched. This scenario occurred a couple more times before Mike took the guy out to the woods and put a gun to his head, threatening to kill him.

The guy cried, pissed his pants, and swore he would change his ways. He was a kid who, though tough, struggled morally with his decisions to the point where nothing else matters, and all will feel his wrath. Now remember, the idea here is that Gus is acting as a future liaison, sent with Mike and Gale to establish and secure a wealthy business for whatever freeloaders await in the future.

Everything coming around full circle, Mike finally realizes that the only two people linked to him are dead, and nothing he can do will change the outcome.

mike and jesse relationship questions

This leads to him wandering off into a creek where he sits to die in peace, staring off into the sunset. The real mind- bomb here is that the one guy they were trying to prevent from owning the future winds up killing them all in the past. Jesse was then told he needs to give it up as he was only a speck of dust through the glory of all creation.

Eventually, Genesis left Jesse and returned to its domicile. When DeBlanc and Fiore packed up, Jesse reminded the two of their agreement. Jesse argued but was told Genesis wasn't his in the first place. Jesse asked what kind of angels they are.

Jesse continued to argue, as Genesis escaped its domicile once more and returned to Jesse. DeBlanc and Fiore decided to leave and go for the other option, causing Jesse to plead, telling them he didn't know why that happened. Jesse eventually fired back to defend his church. Once he chased the men away, Donnie snuck up on him.

Jesse used the word on Donnie to make him lower his gun. Donnie however, revealed he blew out his ear drums. Jesse told Donnie to get it over with as he deserved it. Donnie failed to hear Jesse and knocked him out.

When Jesse woke up, he found himself in front of Odin and his men. Odin metaphorically compared Jesse's situation to Alamo, where men defended the Alamo and considered heroes, despite losing in the end. Jesse was then handed the deed to Jesse. Jesse told Odin he didn't understand what happened as he told him to serve God. Jesse was told he did, which left Jesse to question what God wants to tear a church down.

Jesse was told by Odin he serves the God of Meat, which Jesse laughed off. Jesse then called Odin following a God crazy. Jesse began signing the deed but stopped. Jesse pleaded for one more Sunday. Jesse explained to Odin that he would bring God to Annville and have him answer the congregation.

If they don't like their answers, Jesse told Odin he would denounce God in front of his congregation. Jesse was then driven away by Hugo Root as the townsfolk begged him to save them, for they are all sinners. Hugo told Jesse he was likely headed to a penitentiary which didn't welcome child-killers.

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Hugo cited that once a child killer was so unwelcome, he jumped off the top bunk over and over until he killed himself. Jesse told Hugo he would see him on Sunday, jumping out of Hugo's car, as he had jammed a pen in the door.

The two offered him pancakes and Merlot for breakfast. Jesse was told by the two that they heard that Jesse planned to bring God to Annville. When asked how he would do that, Jesse told them "you'll see". Jesse inquired on Tulip's whereabouts. Jesse was told by Emily that Tulip was in Albuquerque to kill a man, and that Cassidy was inside. Jesse joined Cassidy but was told to leave. Jesse noted that Cassidy killed the mayor, but was told he'd kill him also.

The two told spoke that they saw the worst in each other. Jesse apologized for letting him burn. Cassidy told him all that mattered was that he extinguished him. Jesse then agreed to help get rid of Miles' body. Jesse then left a voice mail for Tulip, reminiscing of the two on the run from the Rodriguez brothers back in Jesse ended the call with "It's just you, till the end of the world,".

Cassidy retrieved a hand of one of Fiore and DeBlanc's hands. The two then dragged Miles into the grave. He eventually was invited into Donnie's house, who chose to be merciful after he showed him mercy weeks back.

After taking a shower, he found Tulip in their house, confused to why she was there. Later, Jesse apologized to Tulip and agreed to do anything for her. Tulip then asked Jesse to kill Carlos, which Jesse disagreed to.

Do you think Gus actually liked/was loyal to Jesse or do you think it was a manipulation?

After an argument, Jesse realized he was going to Hell anyways and grabbed a gun, an oven mitten and a garbage bag. Jesse wrapped Carlos' head around the garbage bag and held his gun underneath the oven mitten. Jesse was stopped by Tulip, who told him that was the most beautiful thing anyone has done for her. Jesse proceeded but was stopped once again, told that it was the thought that mattered. The two set Carlos free and handed him a tire iron and a gun.

The two then beat him senseless. Jesse, Tulip, Donnie and Betsy then prepared the church for the service. Jesse was then guided by Betsy, who directed him how to use the Heaven phone. While the congregation gathered in the church, Jesse ad Tulip awaited in the common room. Jesse was asked what would happen, which Jesse told Tulip he had no idea.

Jesse was then told no matter what, they should get french fries after. After Odin sat back down, Jesse used the Heaven phone. After moments of silence, the room went dark and a white bearded man projected himself. Jesse told God they had questions to ask, but the bearded man asked how dare they question their God.

Top 10 Reasons That Prove Breaking Bad’s Mike And Jesse Are The Same Person

After Tulip told God that they should be the ones yelling at him, Jesse pulled her aside. Later, Jesse asked God what his plan for him was, where Jesse was told to be a Sheppard for his congregation.

Jesse revealed he had failed at that but told he saved his congregation by bringing them to God. Jesse however, revealed he didn't as he sent Eugene to Hell. Jesse then realized he wasn't God and used the word to reveal where God was.

Jesse then learned that God had left Heaven. Jesse then left the church with Cassidy and Tulip as Odin demanded him to denounce God. They all agree and leave the diner.

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Jesse paid the cashier, hallucinating the cashier as Eugene. Jesse swore to Eugene that he'll get him out of Hell one way or another. In the parking lot, Tulip asked how Genesis worked. Jesse finally used it on her, telling her to kiss him.

The two affectionately kiss. Tulip then punched Jesse, telling him never to do that again. The three then drive off to embark on their journey to find God. Jesse insisted they race away which Tulip reluctantly does. The three sing "Come on Eileen" as they try to escape the cops but soon run out of gas.

The three are pulled out of their car. Jesse uses Genesis to make one of the cops gas up Tulip's car while making the rest do silly acts. As a cop is shot dead, Jesse and Tulip take cover. Jesse and Tulip then created smoke as cover by burning tire from one of the cop cars.

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Jesse tried to use a speaker from a cop car and use Genesis to make the shooter stop but the speaker is blown off. Jesse told Tulip to siphon gas using intestines from a dead cop while he looks for Cassidy, who he found crawling under a cop car for shade. The three then barely escaped the wrath of the Saint of Killers. There, Jesse insisted they continue regardless if they are being followed.

Tulip and Cassidy reluctantly agreed, believing they just had an unlucky start. They then went to seek Mikean old family friend of Jesse.

mike and jesse relationship questions

They told him of God's disappearance from Heaven, which doesn't surprise Mike. Unfortunately, Mike claimed he doesn't have any advice on his whereabouts. However, later in the night, Mike told Jesse a parishioner of his claimed God had visited her strip club. They asked Tammy about her alleged encounter with God. Tammy told Jesse and Tulip that they would be intimidated by God if they met him. Jesse reassured her she wouldn't be harmed. Bride of Heisenberg, coming to AMC in In all seriousness, sheesh, I hope Walter Jr.

First step, move the hell out of Albuquerque and all the horrible memories. I hear Belize is nice this time of year! Was the finale all Walter White's dying hallucination like some people are saying? Stuck in a snow-covered car with police lights flashing outside, Walter prayed to someone to help him get home and voila!

He wasn't spotted by authorities driving across the country despite being the subject of a nationwide manhunt and having his face plastered all over television, he easily walked into the Schwartz's home and Skyler's house despite the latter having a police watch, and he made contact with a gun man, bought a garage-door opener, found Badger and Skinny Pete, and faked being a newspaper man with ease.

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In fact, everything went about as well as it could have for Walter in that situation. It kind of sounds like it. The series was never as mysterious as internet fandom claimed it was, and Vince Gilligan repeatedly expressed bewilderment with all the theories that sprung up. Great television doubles as art, and art is always open to interpretation.

Aside from one soaking wet, one-eyed pink teddy bear, Breaking Bad has always been much more straightforward than many people have thought. To change gears and make the series' most important hour completely different would be preposterous, don't ya think? So many series have ended! So don't expect a concrete number here. Elsewhere, Newhart, and The Shield.

But the outpouring of praise has overshadowed the boos, putting "Felina" well ahead of a pair of contemporary season enders that were closer to an even split: The Sopranos and Lost.

I'm putting Breaking Bad's "Felina" in the 90th percentile of series finales—a remarkable achievement, especially in this age of anonymous hatred that dominates the internet.