Martina stossel and jorge blanco relationship quotes

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martina stossel and jorge blanco relationship quotes

For the real-life pairing between Jorge Blanco and Martina Stoessel, see Jortini. After that Leon and Violetta relationship becomes rocky. Violetta wants to get. Cute Relationships, Relationship Goals, Viola, Me Gustas, My Dream, Martina violetta, jorge blanco, and martina stoessel afbeelding Violetta And Leon. Martina Stoessel and Jorge Blanco photos, news and gossip. Find out more about Relationship Type, On-Screen.

I danced and sang for them and had lots of auditions and then in the end that's how it all started for Violetta. They called me and said there's a possibility I would make this part.

martina stossel and jorge blanco relationship quotes

And I was like yeh I'm interested. They kept giving me information and one day they told me yes you're in and it was exciting, I was like wow, it was the first time they called me so it was fun.

It's a big adventure, huge opportunity, I went to Argentina and then my adventure began. I participated in the casting and after a week they chose me and I had to go to Buenos Aires and in 2 months with my luggage I went to Argentina.

It was a long casting, about 5 months long, I had to do everything, dance and sing, and it was a surprise because only 6 months later I heard that I was selected I didn't know the title of Violetta and where I was going to act or what my character was. It came as a surprise while I was struggling with different minor projects and I cried over the phone to my mother when I found out because she knew how important it was to me.

I didn't go to full-time acting school, it was at the weekend. You miss your home, bed and family and it's unique.

martina stossel and jorge blanco relationship quotes

It's like when you have to get up for school. It's what we love to do and people and our fans are our inspiration and that makes us forget feeling tired and all that and we try to have fun with our partners on stage, everyone's crazy so we never get bored.

I like to be with friends and people and I'm friendly person and Federico is an easy character. We like music, like to be with friends, we're romantic, have dreams and like to be at peace with the world trying to find an equilibrium between villains and good people. The tone, the character is slightly over the top. For the theatre and the film industry slightly more and for the TV you have to try to be more in line with everyday life.

I like to listen to music and dance music, each type of music transmits something, brings something alive, of course there's different moments, when I want to relax I'll listen to calm music, if I want to dance, I listens to more rhythmic music.

Marylin Monroe was the first star and just that period and the development of cinema and television, I would like to see her in that period and that atmosphere. And then I would like to participate in Queen's concert. Me and Lodovica have both finished school at the moment but what we are doing is a sort of school we are singing, dancing, it's our private school. What we are doing it takes a lot of time so it's our life, it's all day long so we couldn't do other things but one day when we finish we may attend school again.

Listening to music and relaxing. Season 2 After Violetta came back from vacation she realizes she still loves Leon but Leon still has doubts after last year. Leon sees and runs off and in Episode 21 they break up. After that Leon and Violetta relationship becomes rocky. Violetta wants to get back together with Leon but Leon starts to get close to Lara.

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Violetta gets her heart broken and realizes Leon does not care when Leon says he is on a date with Lara. Diego and Violetta get close and in Episode 40 they kiss and become a couple.

Leon and Violetta try to avoid each other and pretend they don't love each other. In Episode 53 Violetta asks Leon if he loves her. He says nothing and Violetta leaves.

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Leon discovers Ludmilla and Diego are plotting together and tells Violetta but she still doesn't believe him. In Episode 58 Violetta discover her father was Jeremiah, she rings Leon to get his support and love. The couples are picked for YouMix dance contest and Leon and Violetta were paired together. Diego and Violetta are seeing differences in their relationship.

Violetta starts to get close to Leon after he comforts her after Angie leaves for France. In Episode 70 they win the contest with Francesca and Diego to travel to Spain. So all of them travel to Spain but it takes a bad turn for Violetta. Francesca is suspicious of Diego and talks to Leon.

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Leon records Diego on his phone plotting with Ludmila. In Episode 75 Violetta finds the video and is heartbroken. She goes out on stage but can't sing and Leon rescues her and they sing We Can.