Mario lanza and kathryn grayson relationship

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mario lanza and kathryn grayson relationship

Mario Lanza was an American tenor, actor, and Hollywood movie star of the late His movie debut was in That Midnight Kiss () with Kathryn Grayson and on his health and his relationships with directors, producers and, occasionally. Kathryn Grayson is, of all Howard Keel's leading ladies, my personal favorite. Though they had a tumultuous relationship, Kathryn married him on August 22, but was most notably starred with truck driver-turned-singer Mario Lanza, but his . photo Kathryn Grayson Mario Lanza film That Midnight Kiss Kathryn photo Mario Lanza Kathryn Grayson musical film The Toast of New Orleans.

AP When coloratura soprano Kathryn Grayson, who has died aged 88, sang five songs, including an aria from La Traviata, in MGM's all-star patriotic parade, Thousands Cheershe began her year reign as the prima donna of Hollywood.

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With her china-doll features, little turned-up nose and patrician manner, Grayson raised the tone of more than a dozen musicals. Although opera managers did not beat a path to her door, her clear, slightly shrill, small voice carried well on film in popular classics and operatic scenes.

Her classical training led her not to the opera house, but to the radio, in particular The Eddie Cantor Show, on which she was discovered by an MGM talent scout at the age of 18 in In the same year, she married the minor film actor John Shelton.

However, her career, like her voice, hit the heights with Thousands Cheerin which Grayson, in uniform, lifted wartime audiences' spirits by singing The United Nations March, with music by Dmitri Shostakovich.

The Hungarian-born producer Joe Pasternak, who had been the mentor of teenage canary Deanna Durbin at Universal, and had a taste for well-scrubbed nubile sopranos, now found a new protege in Grayson.

He produced seven of her musicals, in which he attempted to bring a whiff of the concert hall and the opera house — and to spread mittel-European schmaltz — into mittel-America.

mario lanza and kathryn grayson relationship

Grayson made two further films with Sinatra: In Vincente Minnelli's kitschy finale from Ziegfeld Folliesshe sings There's Beauty Everywhere against a background of huge rocks, nymphs and mammoth bubbles. Two Sisters from Boston found her singing at the Metropolitan Opera with the great Danish heldentenor Lauritz Melchior without a rehearsal in a meaningless mish-mash of an opera based on themes by Mendelssohn and Liszt.

They got to sing a number of operatic love duets together, but Grayson refused to work with Lanza again because of his boorish behaviour.


Rarely have we seen a more superbly romantic leading tenor. His exceptionally beautiful voice helps immeasurably.

The contract required him to commit to the studio for six months Lanzo tried to have a contract like Nelson Eddy, and at first Lanza believed he would be able to combine his film career with his operatic and concert one. In a interview with Lanza biographer Armando Cesari, Green recalled that the tenor was insecure about the manner in which he had become successful, and was keenly aware of the fact that he had become a Hollywood star before first having established himself on the operatic stage.


Shortly before his own death inEnrico Jr. The reason most frequently cited in the tabloid press at the time was that his recurring weight problem had made it impossible for him to fit into the costumes of the Prince.

mario lanza and kathryn grayson relationship

Albanese said of Lanza in I had heard all sorts of stories about Mario [Lanza]. None of it is true! He had the most beautiful lirico spinto voice. It was a gorgeous, beautiful, powerful voice.

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I should know because I sang with so many tenors. He had everything that one needs.

mario lanza and kathryn grayson relationship

The voice, the temperament, perfect diction.