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The difference between Narendra Modi and Dawood Ibrahim is this: Modi is the Dawood is nothing compared to Dons like Chotta Rajan, Arun Gawli, Manya Surve, Rama Naik etc. Coming to Padmavati issue do you have any proof of Modi asking What is the relationship between Modi and Nirav Modi?. Suspecting that Natiq, acting at the behest of Dawood, had tipped off the police dead at a petrol pump in Prabhadevi, just a week after his marriage. against gangland, and Manya Surve became the first gangster to be shot in a with Dawood and formed his own gang, the problem became more acute. Thus was born the legend of Manya Surve, the first desperado in the That's the night Dawood Ibrahim took over as the leader of the gang.

Manya Surve utilized this opportunity to successfully escape custody on 14 November After escaping he returned to Mumbai. He decided to form a gang and recruited his two trusted lieutenants, Sheikh Munir from Dharavi and Vishnu Patil from Dombivili.

They were soon joined by another hood, Uday in March, For Manya, it was a clear shot to success. The top gang of the city had come asking him for help and in doing so he would eliminate the other.

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Now there was direct Fight between Dawood and Manya. It was believed that there was a time when Dawood, Manya and other underworld dons met together and had little friendship. Like other gangster and D-films, Shoaib is celebrated and has a heroic entry scene and clapworthy dialogues. In the end, Shoaib gets shot by the police officers immediately after Jasmine accuses of him being evil.

Shootout at Wadala may revive gang war: Encounter specialist

Instead, the finale is a sad scene of Shoaib escaping India in a cargo ship and reading the letter, which he is unable to give to Jasmine.

No wonder this weird film failed at the box office. Coffee With D The obsession with Dawood remained dormant but for four years and it was reignited this year with the small-budget Coffee With D. As the title suggests, the don is simply called D and he gives an interview to Arnab Sunil Groverwho was obviously modelled on the popular motormouth journalist Arnab Goswami. The last part of the film features D dying from a heart attack when Arnab criticizes him for the terrorist activities.

We are not surprised anymore. Zakir Hussain was strictly okay in this not-so-great flick. Daddy Here, Dawood is called Maqsood and is surprisingly essayed by Farhan Akhtarwho does a decent job.

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In one scene, Inspector Vijaykar Nishikant Kamat is shown to be hand in gloves with Maqsood and advises him how to avoid arrest. Hence, expect Haseena Parkar to be yet another film that deals with Dawood-worship!

After the arrest of his cohort Uday, he was the only remaining member of the group who was not in prison.

Shootout at Wadala may revive gang war: Encounter specialist - News

It was believed Mumbai police received a tip off from Dawood Ibrahim that Manya Surve would be arriving at a beauty parlour near the Ambedkar college junction in Wadala. After twenty minutes of waiting, Surve was spotted exiting a taxi to pick up his girlfriend Vidya.

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However, before he could even squeeze the trigger, police officers Raja Tambat and Isaque Bagwan fired five bullets into his chest and shoulder. This encounter was the end of Surve's two year spree of urban crime. Short lived, but in his two years, Manya Surve did such substantial damage to Dawood Ibrahimwhich no one has been able to do till date.

It is generally believed that it was the underworld don Dawood who tipped off the police about his whereabouts, after finding his position being challenged by Surve.