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96 Evgeni Malkin Sidney Crosby pictures. Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. Updated: April 15, PITTSBURGH — This is how it works with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.“It's a good competition between me and Sid,” the usually quiet. The Pittsburgh Penguins were giving away jerseys for fan appreciation night when Evgeni Malkin gave Sidney Crosby a solid ball-tap. Crosby.

Small competition every day between him and Messier. I want to be better every day. Every practice, he is the most professional player I have ever seen. He wants to be better every day. His name is on statues, buildings, scholarships, awards. No one can ever be a larger figure than Mario. In this hockey town where the franchise was built by Lemieux and saved by Lemieux, Crosby and Malkin could well surpass him.

Mario is a hero here.

Amazing player, amazing guy. Half of the teams in the NHL are searching for a first-line centre. He has two of the best. Winning one Stanley Cup is unbelievable.

Now these guys have two. They have a chance to win another one. And in my opinion, they have a chance to win maybe another one after that. Crosby has only missed 16 games the past four years; the larger, thicker Malkin has averaged 20 lost games a season. But both are healthy now, and ready for the challenge of the Predators.

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This is hard for us. A good challenge for me, for Sid. Two star captains standing in the middle of a rivalry. Let's just go ahead and assume there's no love lost between these future Hall of Famers. They've been together since the season when Crosby was a rookie.

In fact, Fleury's current goalie mask has multiple Penguins on it -- including that of 'Sid the Kid'. And how serious does Fleury take the health of Crosby?

Here's what he did after former teammate Matt Niskanen concussed Crosby during this year's playoffs: Marc-Andre Fleury taped over Matt Niskanen's name on his mask: They also played for Team Canada at the World Juniors, so their close relationship dates way back. There's plenty of love to go around between these two Penguin stars. Here is David Krejci, who has an overlooked history with the Penguins star. It goes back to a December, game between Boston and Pittsburgh.

Just a short couple of weeks after returning from a concussion that kept him out for 10 months, Crosby was elbowed in the head by Krejci and suffered another concussion though it's not known for sure if the elbow did cause the concussion.

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Crosby wouldn't return for another three months. Though Crosby has remained silent on calling out Krejci throughout his career, we have to think he's not going to buy him a drink if they run into each other at the bar.

For example, in a lockout-shortened game season, Kunitz scored 22 goals and 52 points. He followed that up with a career year, scoring 35 goals and 68 points. In fact, both Crosby and Kunitz scored in the gold medal game against Sweden.

Kunitz also scored 17 goals in both and -- which isn't bad at all for a guy in his mid's. There is undoubtedly a great relationship between these two. Niskanen spurned Pittsburgh for their biggest rivals, so you have to think Crosby may hold some hard feelings towards Niskanen.

But Game 3 of the playoffs is where Crosby's view on Niskanen completely had to change. During this game, Crosby took a stick to his upper body before Niskanen dished out a somewhat dirty hit on No. Thankfully, Crosby missed very little time and helped the Penguins win the series. But the fact Niskanen gave a dirty hit towards Crosby while he was defenseless means that the former is no longer on Sid's friends list.