Malia and stiles relationship problems

Why did Stiles and Malia break up? : TeenWolf

malia and stiles relationship problems

Scott and Malia first met in early Season 3B, when Scott and Stiles helped save Malia In the second half of the season, Scott and Malia's relationship seems to be He also brought up Malia's issues a couple of moments with Stiles as they . Stiles relationship with Derek Hale is awkward and adversarial. Scenes They were a couple for a while and Malia still considers Stiles to be the "anchor" to her As a child, Stiles had trouble pronouncing his name and instead called himself . In Malia & Stiles' 'Teen Wolf' Relationship, She's the One in Charge Stiles' problems with the Nogitsune, Malia starts to warm up to Stiles.

Malia says she would never leave Stiles — ever. She says she would leave Lydia and Kira but never Stiles. InMaila has been sneaking into Stiles' room at night, Stiles confirmed to Scott that he and Malia are dating. In MutedMalia has been having struggles with math. But because of Stiles' support she follows math classes. Later, Malia watches Stiles playing lacrosse.

At Stiles house, he and Malia are studying math. Malia gives up, slams the book shut, jumps on top of Stiles and starts kissing him.

At his questioning, Malia explains her highlighter system. Green is for the things she understands. Stiles realizes this is the same system he uses with colored string in his detective work see Galvanize.

He smiles at the thought and kisses her. It looks like gibberish but is actually similar to the computer code we saw The Mute looking at earlier in the show. In The BenefactorMalia has been using the basement at Lydia's Lake House to restrain herself on the full moon she soon gains control with the help of Stiles. She jumps to attack him but almost instantly returns to fully human form.

malia and stiles relationship problems

In WeaponizedMalia is infected and goes blind briefly before being cured. In the vault, Malia lays in Stiles' arms. Stiles goes on to discuss how the bonds were just gathering dust down there and point out how many problems the money could solve for everyone. Scott says they need to tell Malia the truth about Peter being her father.

Stiles explains to Malia that he is leaving them. He gives her his jacket. He kisses her forehead and she smiles. In the end, Stiles rushes to Malia, but she is cold and removes his hand from her shoulder. She walks away from him, out of the vault, without saying a word. After talking to Peter She starts to believe that she may be a killer like her real father.

She blames herself to Stiles. In PerishableMalia tells Scott about her conversations with Peter. She also says that she won't talk about Stiles. In MonstrousMalia visit Stiles at the hospital. After they made up, they work together to shut down the dead pool. He promised that he will give her a lift to school so she can study for math.

malia and stiles relationship problems

She also says that she will watch the big lacrosse game that night and he better not suck. Later, she and Sheriff watch Stiles playing lacrosse. Together, they saved Scott and Kira and fight against Peter. In Creatures of the Nightwhile the group prepares for a senior event. Malia anxiously waits for email confirmation that she passed summer school. She is apparently waiting for an important email. Stiles arrives to pick her up and after they kissed, she explains that she has yet to find out if her time in summer school brought her grades up enough to advance to the next level.

Malia and Stiles are waiting to hear from the others. As Stiles watches the other students arriving he becomes anxious. Malia smells the change in mood in his pheromones and asks him about it. Stiles worries that this will happen to him too. Malia supports him and they have a big kiss in the rain.

In DreamcatchersStiles shows Malia pictures of the victims of her mother. In Condition Terminalafter the fight between Malia and Tracy, Stiles run together with Scott, Deaton, and Sheriff to the basement as they see the dead body of Tracy.

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Malia explains to Stiles that she didn't do it, the Dread Doctors did. Stiles believed her and tries to get her calm. They both lie about each others problems.

In Lies of Omissionthe bell rings at school, Stiles sees Malia. I hate losing like this. Stiles looks sad as he watches Malia leave. He says it will probably take a while and opens the door to get out.

Malia asks if Stiles is going to tell his father about Donovan. Stiles gets back into the car. Malia explains that she guessed after she saw the bite on his shoulder while he was sleeping. Stiles says it matters to him and gets out of the car, marking the couple's break-up due to Stiles' self-loathing. The only thing Malia wants is to save Stiles' dad.

She later saved Stiles by attacking Noah Patrick. Stiles says she doesn't talk to him anymore. Stiles seems worried about Malia and her mother. In Amplificationwhen the pack is planning their plan to save Lydia, Scott ask everyone if they believe Kira can take the electricity. Everyone offers words of encouragement except for Malia. Stiles presses until Malia, halfheartedly, says Kira can do it. They share little eye contact. She is pulled out of the air and to the ground. She looks up to find her mother, The Desert Wolf standing over her.

The Desert Wolf is still questioning Malia about her desire to make a difference by trying to save a bunch of random people. Malia flicks her claws out on her mom. The Desert Wolf remains calm and sees Stiles nursing his sore head near the bleachers.

The Desert Wolf now knows that he's important for her. Malia turns to look and when she turns back her mother is gone. She leaps to the top of the TV van to finish damaging the last transmitter. She grabs a guy and slams him against the wall, demanding to know where Stiles is. She takes out her phone and calls Braeden and tells her to bring all her shotguns to the school. She seems worried about Stiles missing. He asks for a gun and makes his case that he should have one.

Braeden removes the clip from her pistol and tosses it to Stiles. He bumbles it and drops it to the floor.

malia and stiles relationship problems

Malia and Braeden are at the McCall house. Braeden has established a Mountain Ash barrier to keep the Desert Wolf out but Malia feels trapped and says she might lose her mind. Malia says she should be keeping Stiles safe.

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After a call from Stiles, Malia yells to Braeden that something is wrong and they need to go. She stops in the hallway upstairs at the McCall House when she senses her mother nearby.

Her mother is downstairs taunting her that she should call Stiles, call all her friends, and threatens to kill as many people as she must to get to her daughter. Malia turns off her phone. Malia says that she's gonna do something that Scott won't like. When Scott appears and hugs Deaton, he looks over his shoulder at Malia with a proud smile. In Amplificationwhen Scott roars, Malia's eyes glowed blue and gave her a boost of power.

In ApotheosisScott gave Stiles Belasko 's talonsinstructing him to give them to Malia so she can take use them to neutralize her mother by stealing her powers. In Memory LostScott and Malia are on really good terms in this new season. Their first interaction in the new season is when the Pack investigates. Scott turns around when he hears the howl of a Werecoyote as he sees Malia being transformed into a human.

With Malia being all naked in front of him, he acts totally normal with it. The two are later seen when the pack is shooting their yearbook photos. At the end of the episode, Scott and Malia sense something is wrong with Lydia. Lydia says she feels like she was supposed to do something but can't remember what.

In SuperpositionScott and Malia began feeling that something huge is missing in their lives.

Stiles and Malia

Scott steps on a tack in his room. He notices a picture is missing from his wall.

malia and stiles relationship problems

He finds it on the floor. Scott calls Lydia and Malia to come out to the woods. He explains how he woke up near the spot where he was bitten and turned into a Werewolf See Wolf Moon. Scott figures out that he had a best friend who was out in the woods with him the night he was searching for the body. In SundowningScott, Lydia, Natalie and Sheriff Stilinski find Malia in the basement where she used to come to lock herself up upon the full moon, where she is in her full-coyote form and is clearly threatened by their presence.

It works, Malia changes back and Mrs. Martin gives her back her clothes. The others are confused as to why Malia is suddenly shifting; they agree that the pressure of school and the recent attempt by her mother to kill her should not be having this effect.

In the hallway, Malia asks him if they are still going to see Elias. When Liam shows up, asking Malia for help, Scott says he should figure the problem with Gwen out with the remaining members of the pack. Malia says that Liam should kidnap Gwen, which Scott insists is not the answer. Malia knocks out the nurse and locks him in a closet. Elias has all his faculties back. He knows Scott is not his son. Malia becomes more agitated and growls as the old man continues.

He also knows Lydia and says she looks like her mother. Her eyes flash blue and she demands that Elias stop talking. Scott stops her just in time as the Sheriff enters the room. In RelicsScott and Malia are both are on a mission to protect the students who shared eye contact with the Ghost Riders, causing them to be split up while they deal with their respective tasks. The two are seen again at the end of the episode when Malia brings Chris Argent to the hospital after a fight against the Ghost Riders.

Both Scott and Malia seem ready to give up on the search for Stiles. Lydia says they have to keep trying. Malia says they should focus on defeating the Ghost Riders instead. Scott and Malia seem to be on one line. In Radio SilenceScott and Malia have seen much together this episode. Malia joins him the hall. She heard it too. They go in search of the source and find Lydia standing in front of the blue Jeep.

The sound is coming from the police band radio inside. Scott breaks the lock on the door and they get in. The sound in the Jeep stops. Malia says again that Stiles is not real but Lydia searches the glove compartment and comes up with a registration from It lacks a name but has an address: Lydia says she knows the house.

When Peter is back on earth again, Scott, Malia, and Lydia hear his cry. Lydia urges them to go find out who made the sound. Scott and Malia can smell Peter. They find him and Malia says she knows his scent. They both wonder how they could have forgotten him. They realize he is holding something in his charred hand. They both reach down and use their ability to take away his pain. In GhostedScott and Malia are first seen together at Malia's car as the pair arrive together with Lydia the ghost town, Canaan.

Scott is asleep in the back seat of a car. As Scott wonders aloud why Stiles would send them to this town, a street light buzzes and flickers to life just above them. Discovering the town, Scott and Malia are the only ones who experience hallucinations. Malia's involved seeing her adoptive mother and sister dead and bloodied on the ground in front of her; after a moment, Theo appears and shoots her so she can be dead with them. Scott's hallucination involved him seeing his mother with a large bloodied hole in her skull.

They wander further down the street until they see curtains move in a window of one of the houses. They enter and call out. At first, it appears no one is there, but then they spot Lenore McNally Sagal who seems thrilled to have visitors and greets them warmly.

She invites them in and offers them lemonade. As they follow her through the house, Lydia realizes that she is the same woman, the blond, she saw earlier in the mirror. Malia staggers a bit, and Scott seems to have trouble rising from his chair. As they make toward the door, it slams shut. Lydia turns to Lenore and asks her to please unlock the door.

Caleb appears at the entrance to a hallway and says, in a strange, doubled voice, for Scott and Malia to come with him. Lenore has moved on to cleaning up the glasses in the dining room and Lydia urges her friends to follow the boy. They find Caleb in a darkened family room.