Makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

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makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

Before he knew Camio was a demon, William looked up to him as Nathan Caxton . Camio/Relationships Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Looking for information on the anime Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (Devils is why I actually stuck with it for 12 episodes, only to find a wall at the end of the. Metatron and Michael's relationship has different viewpoints. Metatron sees Micheal as a friend and always Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Afterwards, William, Isaac, and Sytry investigate the old mill, but left after Isaac was frightened by the rustlings in the forest. Meanwhile, Dantalion visits his guardian, Astaroth, to talk about Camio and she warns Dantalion that he be should more concern about another powerful person close to William. At night, William and Isaac wake up to singing and find a goblin-like creature lurking in the mill. Sytry tells them that the creature is a killmoulisa fairy that has to mill grains or it will die.

William sends the killmoulis to India to work at Isaac's father's tea and spices factory as a solution, but is disappointed that he was unable to receive any merit for his efforts. Later that evening, Dantalion confronts Kevin about his true identity and boasts that he will uncover all of the latter's secrets. During the event, Mycroft asks William to let him take the day off to avoid meeting with his father, Adrian Swallow, due to the pressure of being sent to a military school after his father's near-death accident.

Adrian meets William, slightly disturbing the latter when the former invited him to dinner, but Kevin intervenes before William could accept. On his parents' behest, Mycroft requests that William comes to his manor to meet his family.

Sensing Beelzebub at work, Dantalion and Sytry tag along to protect William, although they have no intention to interfere with Beelzebub's affairs in accordance to demon law. William dozes off at the party being held the manor and awakens to find that Adrian's corpse is possessed by demon, Eligos, one of Solomon's pillars and Beelzebub's subordinate.

Eligos tries to kill William for her master, but Dantalion saves him. When Sytry and Mycroft enter the room, Eligos plans to take Mycroft's soul once she realizes that she is outnumbered. William wishes to save Mycroft, but Sytry stops him and explains that Eligos has the right to take Mycroft's soul because of the law. Dantalion volunteers to save Mycroft if William elects him to rule Hell, but then an exorcist and servant of Kevin, Raguel, arrives and tries to exorcise Eligos, who escapes.

Returning to school, William and Kevin reconcile. Later that day, Kevin is revealed to be the archangel Uriel as he speaks to Raguel, who pleads with him to leave the school. However, Kevin is determined to stay so the demons will not take Solomon's soul. Meanwhile, Stradford is putting on a production of the play Hamlet with William as the director, Dantalion as Claudiusand Sytry as Ophelia.

Later, Gilles de Rais comes to the school to remind Dantalion and Sytry that they must attend the annual Great Sabbat in Hell, which will also be attended by the Four Kings.

makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

At the party, it is revealed that Camio is the offspring of Lucifer and has power surpassing that of the Four Kings. Sytry's uncle, Baalberith, sends a horde of demons to the human world to kill William in a plot to take Solomon's soul. After Dantalion flashbacks to a memory with Solomon and remembers that it was Solomon's wish to die by Dantalion's hands someday, Amon informs Dantalion about Baalberith's plan.

Sytry, Dantalion, and Baphomet rush to the human world to protect William, who still refuses to elect anyone for Lucifer's throne.

makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

When a demon was about to attack William, the barrier that was placed on him by Kevin earlier appears and surrounds Dantalion, oppressing his powers and causing him to go berserk.

Before Dantalion could kill William, Camio arrives to stop him and orders the demons away. Afterwards, William brushes off what happened with Dantalion to help ease the latter's guilt.

makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

On the night of the play, William is forced to play as Hamlet and scolds Dantalion and Sytry for ruining it with their antics. Desiring to observe William, Michael poses as a student at the school named Elliot Eden and boldly challenges William to take first place on an upcoming exam.

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Initially irritated by him, William meets Michael later in the library and befriends him. However, Dantalion is suspicious of "Elliot", sensing that he has "too much light". During the exam, Michael uses his powers to transfer notes from another student's desk onto William's, causing him to be accused of cheating and sent to the punishment room to await his trial. While there, Isaac and Camio visit him, the latter offering his assistance to help prove William's innocence.

makai ouji devils and realist ending a relationship

Michael comes to see William that night, questioning if he would choose Heaven or Hell, but is chased away by Kevin's arrival. At the trial, Michael transports William and Isaac to another dimension and prepares to perform "ecstasy" on William to turn him into Heaven's pawn.

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Dantalion appears and engages in a battle with Michael, who tells the former that he knew Dantalion when he was human and taunts him of his past cruelty. Enraged, Dantalion defeats Michael and Kevin intervenes before Dantalion could kill him. Michael returns to Heaven, and William is proven innocent with Camio's help back at the trial.

In Hell, Baalberith informs Gilles de Rais that there is a possibility that Lucifer will not awaken from his sleep while Astaroth plans to bring William to Hell to protect him from Heaven. While looking for Kevin in his room, William discovers his family ring, which causes him to remember the death of his parents and how Kevin consoled him after their funeral. Once there, Kevin sends William away to talk to Michael about Heaven's plan to lure the demons away from William, and the latter threatens to take the former's last wing if he fails to acquire Solomon's soul.

Outside, William sneaks the ring out and runs into Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio. They inform him they must return to Hell to deal with an emergency and warns him to be careful while they are gone, much to his annoyance. While Jeanne engages the demons on the battlefield, Kevin tries to perform the ceremony and finds out that William rejects it for some reason. The devils x realist relationship was awesomely well done, and the secondary characters were captivating.

Specially the big guys of Hell. The plot was unique, and the protagonists and their counterparts were unique as well. Nothing could get any better though I really wanted to see God, what a pityand for that, 10 for you William and Dantalion.

Jeanne d'Arc

I don't know what to say here except that I liked it, the plot was unique, the setting was unique have I told you guys that I love the Victorian theme? Good, that is what I say. Overall, I recommend it, with one advice. If you, like me, takes art into A LOT of consideration while picking a show, please, give it a try, it is a good show and it was quite the surprise of the season for me.

But be warned, the art sucks. Uriel has busted into Hell to protect William the only angel to have done so, ever. Uriel care for William opinion on him, and his well being.

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Dantalion Dantalion happy to see him again. Dantalion first meets William when the latter accidentally summons his pentagram located at William's basement. He immediately calls William the "Elector", the one being who possesses the power to elect the next Interim ruler of Hell in the absence of Lucifer. Being a realist, William dismisses Dantalion's words. They often argue with each other, mostly because Dantalion keeps on insisting William to vote for him, and William, claiming that he will not be choosing anyone.