Lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

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Tamsin is ready to persue a relationship with Bo, but will others stand in their way ? She's worth all of the struggles and challenges ahead. "Lost Girl" was looking pretty bleak in season 2. The Garuda was on the verge of destroying faedom until succubus Bo (Anna Silk) and her. The more we get to know Tamsin and Skarsten, them more we love them. chat about the upcoming Lost Girl finale, about Tamsin's relationship with Bo, [ Laughs] Coming into a show in its third season presents challenges.

Kenzi and Trick had grins on their faces, with a knowing look in their eyes.

Polyamory and Lost Girl

Lauren had very much the same look, except Tamsin could make out the faint look of disappointment in them. Dyson was very much the same as Lauren, but he also had a look on relief in his eyes, which Tamsin noted to herself to ask him about later. Trick was the first to speak.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

I thought I might have to take D Man with me and kick someone's ass for you. She's worth all of the struggles and challenges ahead. I can also see the way Bo looks at you.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

I'm not blind; I have never seen Bo give that look to anyone, not me or Lauren. She truly has feelings for you, and you need to accept it, embrace it. Wolves mate for life, I know that. I can see the way you look at her; you mated with her didn't you?

Tamsin, I don't know what you did, but whatever it was, your bond with Bo overpowers mine. You've cut my mating link with Bo and replaced it with your own. You're now mated, or whatever the equivalent is for Valkyries, with Bo, leaving me free to find my true life mate.

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It was a bombshell to drop on her to be sure. Yes she knew the Valkyrie's failsafe would save Bo's life, but since Bo brought her back, she didn't know the after effects of it. It had never been done before, and if it had, the result had never been recorded. So she had mated with the succubus? That seemed unreal and to Tamsin a little unnerving. Finding love, especially with her was never something I could ever expect.

For us, love is for the weak, it makes us soft, we have weaknesses to exploit, my mentor always said "protect your heart, for it can doom yourself.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

By this time, Bo and Kenzi had finished catching up and Bo started to address them all. She saved me, in more ways than one.

Dyson and Trick grinned at the Valkyrie. Tamsin was a little uncomfortable with all the attention, but one look caught her eye; Kenzi's. The human stood up and walked over to the Valkyrie, grabbing an arm and pulling her over to the pool tables. Tamsin allowed the human to guide her, figuring she was about to have a serious chat with Bo's human. The others laughed at the pair.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

In another fan and cast favourite adventure last year, 'Original Skin,' everyone swapped bodies in Trick's pub. Such antics will be woven in to future episodes as well.

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That's all I can say. However, against the Garuda, their friends had to pitch in and really pull their own weight. Kenzi even saved Dyson from some of their foes' minions -- and she'll get her time to brandish a weapon and throw a punch or two again in multiple episodes.

I hope I get more. I love all that stuff. So it would a pleasant surprise to see Dyson pick up a blade.

lost girl bo and tamsin relationship problems

That would be a hoot," Holen-Ried agrees with a laugh. He's got his claws. This was actually part of the development of him. There was a point where he was going to be a swords guy, but we were like 'He's a wolf, right? Okay, so back to the idea of threesomes or group sex.

Not polyamorous relationships, but group sex. Tamsin and Dyson have been together recently, even as Tamsin was looking for excuses to plant big lip locks on Bo. These three might be okay together, and it could be made to serve the story. Those groupings could get messy. The emotional ramifications might be a problem.

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The main drawback is how it might work for Lauren. In terms of what it might do to the story, I think putting Bo in situations where there is group sex should involve random characters in for just an episode or two. Leave the love, commitment, and emotion for Lauren and Dyson, bring on outsiders just for sex. With Hale gone, I think there may be a new male regular added to the cast.