Lil kesh and olamide relationship advice

Checkout Olamide’s birthday wish to Lil Kesh - INFORMATION NIGERIA

lil kesh and olamide relationship advice

Rumours speculating that Lil Kesh did not renew his deal with YBNL Lil Kesh has also confirmed his exit and maintains a family relationship. 'I gave over 2 years of my life to Lil Kesh but Olamide sacked me over a Twitter rant' – Lil Kesh's former manager. By Aanu Damilare On Oct 11, 0. Share FacebookTwitter . Here are 3 things that lead to sexual frustration in your relationship. 3 practical tips for changing the way you think about money. He also revealed that Olamide Adedeji, YBNL head honcho, sacked him over a Twitter rant in defence of Lil Kesh. In a lengthy article, Applause.

lil kesh and olamide relationship advice

File photo of Olamide and Lil Kesh While it lasted Olamide fought for his artists While their relationships lasted, Olamide made his artists believe they are contemporaries. He carried them along as one.

Checkout Olamide’s birthday wish to Lil Kesh

He made them realize he will fight for them till the end. As long as their working relationship lasted, Olamide stood up for his artists.

lil kesh and olamide relationship advice

He felt his artist Lil Kesh was cheated in both cases. Olamide has always referred to his label mates as his brothers and not his subordinates. School your artists well while the within your first contract Olamide signed Viktoh and Lil Kesh on a contract for two years.

lil kesh and olamide relationship advice

After its expiration, the two artists decided to move on and Olamide did not try to cajole them to stay back. This shows a lot of maturity on his part. Many label owners in Nigeria today will try to amend their contract so that somebody like Lil Kesh will renew his contract but rather Olamide let him go to start his own label. One lesson is learnt here; he has taught them how to fish not only giving them fishes.

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I thought my night was bad enough, not until Olamide came on stage to rant and i started wailing. My parents could not console me. I was wailing because all i did was rant on twitter and i became jobless for several months, Olamide goes on stage to disorganize a well organized award and he is tagged a hero even by himself.

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This pot of beans life. Back when Osi used to be the errand boy in Beat fm before the advent of twitter which made him a pseudo celebrity. He was on the midnight show and back then i paid him good money. I cannot specifically remember the amount, but i am sure it was good money because YES i used to throw money around, ask about me.

I would always have to stay awake at midnight to listen in to his show,he would not play my music.

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Sometimes he played, but at a time when we both know most human beings are sleeping, i wonder who he was playing for. This was a time Beat Fm was the Alpha and Omega of radio. Another person you do not need in your corner is Olisa of Beat fm, he most likely will charge you in dollars. Forget what you been told.

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On how musicians doctor Youtube numbers, he said; Do not be fooled, we all doctor numbers, Youtube, Soundcloud. The way we do it is the difference. Yes they are real views but they do not amount to your fan base, indeed you need the numbers. Think i am lyinh check www.

lil kesh and olamide relationship advice