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What kind of relationship did Martin Luther King and Malcolm X have? . yes.. kristoffer martin like joyce ching and he also said that she is very special to him. Rumored real-life couple Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching stars as Diego Diego, she begins to question their relationship and ultimately, her feelings. Their characters deal with honesty and trust issues as Jess hides her. Joyce Ching is moving up to the lead star status as she stars on GMA's latest Afternoon “Tiwala naman ako kay Lord (I trust Him). she will be working again with then boyfriend and now very good friend Kristoffer Martin. “There was no adjustment,” said Joyce of their working relationship on the set.

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  • Joyce Ching reveals Kristoffer Martin initiated their breakup

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PEPtalk. Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching: comfortable with each other despite past