Knuckles and rouge relationship with god

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knuckles and rouge relationship with god

Knuckles severely hurts Rouge to protect the Master Emerald. English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Knuckles, Rouge - Words: 2, - Reviews. Knuckles and Rouge tried to break down the door to little success until it was .. Sonic and Knuckles' relationship is mostly seen as a friendly rivalry, as the. Shadouge is the romantic relationship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. This pairing is favored by some fans over Knuxouge, though other .

This is actually my first one-shot, and hopefully, just hopefully, my second successful lemon! I just want to write stuff, and got inspired by a friend, so I'm ready to write! I watch over, and protect the Master Emerald. I look over at it: It shines with life and endless power. I need a companion like that. Strong, confident, courageous, protective, and.

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Everyone thinks I'm so: I only care about the Emerald. It is my life! Whenever I walk by, a little kid cries and says, "Mom! That's the only Echidna alive! He's mean and scary! Mommy hates him too! I could bash all of their skulls if I wanted to! I'm just too easy on them. Up until now, I've sat and fought for my beliefs! Now I believe in love.

I'll find out one of these days when— "Knuckles! How's that precious emerald of yours?

knuckles and rouge relationship with god

Right here, right now! Over me to the Emerald?

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What a weak plot! Then, I let go of the puzzled white bat and listened to her frightened voice, growing distant; her cries and pleas seeming quieter. Jewels just appeal to me, I can't decide!

They shine, dance, sparkle.

knuckles and rouge relationship with god

I hit the back of my head on some fat-ass tree that just sits there sucking up Carbon Dioxide and breathing out Oxygen! Who in the hell is actually that conservative? It must have messed up my head pretty bad! Why did he even bother looking out for me? I can hear his voice crack. Except all my limbs are broken. You can't move an arm or leg, can you?

I can't, can I? You have a black eye, broken bones, and your right ear looks fractured! I'm taking you home for a while! Only on calm, misty nights. You have a house? I'm sorry, a dwelling? I know what 'house' means! Come on follow me! Er, don't move, I gotcha!

Try saying that five times, tongue-twister fanatics! Knuckles lifted me up and held me like a baby. He cradled me and looked into my teal eyes with his indigo beauties. Her teal eyes look so precious and fragile. She seems quite protective, courageous, and strong, to not be crying at times like this. It's made of bricks. I set her gently on the bed and walked into the bathroom. Where are you going? I protect all my friends. I always have, you know?

Our lips met and we kissed deeply, then backed off. Rouge watched silently as I pulled out a packet of Neosporin. It's like the liquid form of a Band-Aid these days. Then I whipped out some Butterfly Band-Aids and put them on the cuts that seemed open and showed lots of blood. I peeled open some large, square Band-Aids, and slid them on the cuts and slashes on the back of Rouge's head from the tree bark.

All we need now is lots and lots of bandages! You need these quick, so I'll call Tails! I wonder how long he's loved me. I really want to.

He'd think that I just want the Emerald! I love him, and I want to be his! If I muster up some strength in my arms. Now, I've gotta make another call. You know I'm with the GF of mine now. However, at one point, they were forced to the surface when Dr. Upon witnessing the destruction, and Tails fighting Missile Wrist in the Tornado 2, Amy headed to the roof, leaving Knuckles to follow via the stairs, making it to the roof before Amy, but he was unable to stop her from attacking Missile Wrist and being taken prisoner, with Eggman threatening to have her squeezed to death if Knuckles tried to help.

SWAT arrived and ordered everyone to stay where they were. Knuckles felt like they were calling him a coward and glowed with anger, but when Tails picked everyone up on the Tornado 2, Knuckles decided that the heavily-armed soldiers were not worth his time and fled with Sonic and the others, only to break off and glide away to his own intentions. Falling for it, Knuckles had Sonic face him in a one-on-one fight in the Silver Valleyonly to learn then that he had been tricked by Eggman when Tails, Amy, and Chris got taken prisoner in E Pumpty.

Knuckles made amends with Sonic and together rescued their friends from Pumpty, while Knuckles got some payback on Eggman for tricking him.

When Knuckles thought that playing baseball for the emerald was a waste of time, Sonic and his friends played off of Knuckles' pride and ego, taunting him into joining their team to defeat Eggman. However, while Knuckles did a pretty good job of scoring some home runs and putting Sonic's team in the lead, Eggman played dirty and had one of his Ballios attach its head to Sonic, threatening to detonate and severely injure Sonic in the process.

Luckily, Knuckles was able to knock the Ballios off Sonic so it exploded harmlessly in the sky, but it gave Eggman the chance to escape with the Chaos Emerald and his remaining Ballios. However, they were spotted by Eggman's robot lackeys, Decoe and Bocoeand locked inside.

Knuckles the Echidna (Archie)

Knuckles and Rouge tried to break down the door to little success until it was smashed off its hinges by Sonic, powered up by the two Chaos Emeralds he had retrieved from Eggman.

Knuckles and Rouge got into an argument before Topaz ends it by reminding them of the explosives about to detonate and they had to get out at once. They escaped onto the beach just in time before the explosives wiped out Eggman's headquarters. Knuckles picked a fight with the " Bruiser Boys " in a local bar, before another man, Li Yanagreed to take Knuckles to Hawk. However, Li Yan instead put Knuckles in the same cell Hawk is in.

Knuckles soon discovered that Li Yan had a bug in the cell to eavesdrop on Hawk and Knuckles, but Knuckles waited until he was sure Li Yan was leaning in close to his radio before shouting directly into the bug from close range, knocking Li Yan out cold, and buying Hawk and Knuckles time to escape before the Bruiser Boys came to check the cell. Taking a rickshaw to an old subway station, Hawk and Knuckles headed down to the tracks where Hawk retrieved the Emerald, only to be captured by the rickshaw driver, revealed to be Eggman's E Lady Ninja.

The resulting battle collapsed the tunnel, but Knuckles and Hawk escaped, with the Emerald left buried in the rubble. Back at Hawk's house, Knuckles found his Shovel Clawsand used them to retrieve the Emerald, only to learn that Hawk had been kidnapped by Lady Ninja.

What followed was a chase that resulted in the Lady Ninja nearly getting the Emerald from Hawk, but when Knuckles tried stopping her from escaping, Hawk soaked her with water, short-circuiting her and allowing Knuckles to deliver the finishing blow. With the Emerald in his possession, Knuckles left Hawk and Oriental City, promising to return someday.

However, as he left, the Chaos Emerald gave Knuckles a vision of the Altar of the Emeraldsand a female voice giving him a cryptic message about the Chaos Emeralds, leaving him pondering over what it meant. Realizing it had to be a Chaos Emerald, Knuckles headed for the city to investigate. He arrived and met up with Sonic just as everyone was preparing for Nelson Thorndyke 's plan to surprise his wife, Lindsey Thorndykefor their wedding anniversary.

However, when Nelson tripped and the ring box opened, revealing the Chaos Emerald inside that Nelson was going to present to Lindsey as his anniversary gift to her, it reacted violently to the Chaos Emeralds Sonic and Knuckles were carrying before Mister Tanaka subdued the Emerald again. After Eggman gained possession of the Emerald, Knuckles and Sonic demanded he hand it over, but Eggman sicced E Weazo on them, forcing them to deal with it while Eggman escaped with the Emerald. During the fight, Mister Tanaka attempted to protect the Thorndykes by having Weazo face him, but the robot swatted him aside easily, much to Knuckles' confusion.

When Sonic found himself trapped by Weazo against a large water tank, Knuckles had him jump to safety as he broke the glass open, causing the water to spill out and extinguish Weazo's flamethrower and short-circuit it, allowing Sonic to finish the job. Though Eggman escaped with the Emerald, Sonic and Knuckles put it aside to help celebrate the Thorndykes' wedding anniversary.

After Sonic fell and resumed running, Knuckles tried to stop him, but could not. When Chuck Thorndyke got another idea, Knuckles assisted in setting up the trap to subdue Sonic, but when the trap could not contain Sonic and his running for an extended period, it fails, and Knuckles ends up being crushed by the trap. Though Eggman apparently agreed to help, when Knuckles and Chris brought him the five Chaos Emeralds they had collected, Eggman got word from E Lucky that Lucky found the seventh one.

Knuckles soon broke into the cockpit to confront Eggman and demand Chris and the Chaos Emeralds back, but Rouge had already snatched them in the confusion, only for Chris to struggle and make her drop the Emeralds, before both of them were grabbed by the still out-of-control Eggsterminator.