Kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship poems

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kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship poems

The legends of Hindi film music - Mohammed Rafi with Kishore Kumar. .. Kishore Kumar, Bollywood, Dating, Singer, Quotes, Singers, Relationships. G T. The song was “Humko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Kya Karein” in which Mohd. Rafi , Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar all sang together probably for. It is well known that legendary Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar was a die-hard fan of Mohammad Rafi. Following Rafi's death in , Kishore.

He also helped producers financially. As Laxmikant of the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo once observed — "He always gave without thinking of the returns". Kalyanji's relationship with Rafi started with the film, Samrat Chandragupta, his debut film as a solo composer. This was probably the only time that all of them rendered their voices for one song. He also sang for many small time and lesser-known music directors. Many for whom he sang for free while making their compositions immortal. As he selflessly believed in financially assisting producers and helping small-time projects who could not afford much.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship poems

Many in the industry received regular financial help from Rafi. Rafi recorded Hindi songs in English on 7" release in He also sang a song in Creole while on his visit to Mauritius in the late s. Rafi recorded two English albums as well. One of them is Pop Hits. Royalty issue In —, the popular female playback singer Lata Mangeshkar raised the issue of playback singers' share in the royalties.

Rafi refused to side with her, stating that his claim on the film producer's money ended with his being paid his agreed fee for the song.

Rafi argued that the producer takes financial risk and the composer creates the song, so the singer does not have any claim over the royalty money.

Lata viewed his stand as a stumbling block on the royalty issue and stated that it is because of the singer's name also that the records get sold.

This difference of opinion subsequently led to differences between the two. Rafi felt belittled, as music director Salil Chowdhury sided with Lata.

The situation worsened when Lata declared that she would no longer sing with Rafi. Rafi stated that he was only so keen to sing with Lata as she was with him.

Later years Rafi made a comeback as the leading singer in mid s.

#CatchFlashBack: When Kishore Kumar was paid more than Mohammad Rafi

Rafi sang for many successful films in the late s and the early s many of whose hit songs were dominating the charts in the late 70s on radio programs such as Vividh Bharati, Binaca Geetmala and Radio Ceylon. InRafi gave a performance at the Royal Albert Hall and in he performed at the Wembley conference centre. From until his death he toured around the world extensively giving concert performances to packed halls. In a letter dated 11 June to the Guinness Book of World Records, Rafi had challenged the claim that Lata Mangeshkar has recorded the highest number of songs "not less than 25," according to Guinness.

If only Rafi, likewise, had so stood up for his place in the sun where it came to accepting a mere Padma Shri! It is all very well to argue that the State was not fair to Rafi in the matter of the extent to which it chose to honour him.

Yet the fact remains that the Padma Shri was a citation Rafi could have politely spurned. Indeed Lata had quietly done just that until they bestowed her with a Padma Bhushan in After that, the powers that be knew that they could take Rafi for granted.

Rafi felt deflated as Lata's silver jubilee in films came to be announced by the state government of Maharashtra.

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Lata had first sung in All-India Hindustani cinema only after Independence in Aap Ki Sewa Meinso how could she be completing her silver jubilee in before Rafi? But Rafi dared not say that aloud.

This Lata silver jubilee was the turning point. After that big happening, Lata always seemed to have the drop on Rafi. Of course, Rafi should have won many more honours than he did, considering the scale of his achievement.

But his own humble persona became a bar to his getting his due -- beyond the Padma Shri Mohammed Rafi Chowk in the Bandra suburb of Bombay. For instance, Rafi could have been bestowed with the Padma Bhushan even after he became a Padma Shri. But I doubt if Rafi knew about this, whether he discerned that winning a bigger award involved no end of lobbying. This was something at which Rafi was no good in any case. Shall we say that his own in-built sense of humility ultimately worked against Rafi?

It won him friends, but it did not influence people who awards-mattered. Or, who knows, maybe Rafi, ultimately, did divine how badly he'd been had. It caught Lata totally unawares. Rafi just let himself go in that letter, only to get a rather escapist reply from Guinness. So that Rafi persisted, in a letter dated November 20,as he wrote: If only because it needs more elaborate treatment.

Yet just take a re-look at this Guinness noting: Miss Lata Mangeshker b between andhas reportedly recorded not less than 25, solo, duet and chorus-backed songs in 20 Indian languages. She frequently had five sessions in a day and has 'backed' films to Mohammad Rafi d 1 Aug claimed to have recorded 28, songs in 11 Indian languages between and April Also, inexcusably, Lata's year of birth wrong as instead of It even gets Rafi's date of death wrong - as August 1, instead of July 31, How much real store do you, in the circumstances, set by the Guinness listing?

Yet, the televised myth persists that Lata has sung 30, even 40, songs. When Lata has still to touch 6, songs! Never forget that Mohammed Rafi, in a year singing lifetime, could aggregate but 4, Hindi film songs. Add to that non-Hindi film songs by Rafi. Plus private non-film numbers of Rafi. The total, in a sturdy Rafi career spanning tocomes to but 4, songs.

Likewise Lata, in reality, has yet to reach 6, Asha Bhosle it is, in fact, who occupies pride of place she completed 13, songs. And that must rate as the highest in Indian cinema -- Guinness or no Guinness.

Most important -- Guinness itself expunged the Lata listing as early as Yet we are now told that Lata's tally has gone up from 30, to 40, Where poor Mohammed Rafi huffed and puffed, yet could not touch 5, Should Rafi, therefore, have disputed the Lata Mangeshkar tally so stridently?

Losing sight of the vital fact that Lata herself had never laid any claim to any record? Certainly I didn't supply it. I don't keep a record of the number of songs I have sung. After all, your voice remained loyal to your name — Kishore Kumar — and sounded as youthful as it did when you were in your thirties and forties.

How Mohammed Rafi regained his confidence

In fact, you sounded better as you aged. Come to think of it, the songs most cherished by your fans are the ones that you recorded when you were in your late forties and early fifties.

kishore kumar and mohd rafi relationship poems

You should have saved that song for a couple of decades after. You were far too young at 58 to leave this world, Kishoreda. You should have stayed on to sing at least one song for Rahman. But then, what for? You remain as relevant to the younger generation as Rahman is supposed to be today. What amazes me is that 25 years have passed since you left us, and yet, when I listen to your songs, it feels as if you recorded them only the other day.

I still remember that day a quarter of a century ago. The top news on the evening of October 13,was, as usual, about the operations of Indian Peacekeeping Forces in Sri Lanka. The last headline in the bulletin was about your death. To a teenager living in the Hindi heartland, military action in a faraway island was of no consequence, but your death was.

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