Kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

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kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

Lacus develops a relationship with Relena Darlian in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam and Super —Lacus Clyne to Kira Yamato., Mobile Suit Gundam Seed . Fanfiction Author: My personal introduction to Lacus Clyne would have to be like most .. In episode 8, Lacus was retrieved in a life pod by Kira Yamato, after a small . Reflections 2: Your opinion on her relationship with Athrun, you mean?. Dear Gundam SEED fandom, Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne are a canon pairing. But stop acting like there isn't a relationship there just because of reasons.

But Kira didn't take him up on his offer because he had friends on Archangel that he wanted to protect. Despite all this, Kira still kept the pet mechanical bird Athrun made for him before he left for PLANT, Torii [Birdy in the dub], as a reminder of the close friendship they used to have. After meeting up with Lacus in episode 36, Athrun was compelled to reconsider who his real enemies were.

He was under the assumption that Kira had died when he had clamped Aegis onto Strike and then self-destructed, making his own escape. Lacus informed him that Kira was indeed still alive, and that she had entrusted Freedom to him. Athrun then took Justice to Earth and was finally reunited with him; for the rest of the series, they were on the same side which was neither EA or ZAFT - their goal is to end the fighting between them.

In SEED Destiny, they opposed each other for a short time while Athrun was persuaded to join with ZAFT again, but it had nowhere near the level of tension between them that lasted for the majority of the first series. There is a lot of evidence that Lacus loves Kira, but with the Fllay ordeal and all the other psychological trauma that's dumped on Kira by the end of the series it's hard to tell how he feels about her. The most significant way to describe their relationship is that Lacus is like his healer.

Most of the scenes with the two of them in the series involve Lacus comforting him in some way, or even letting him stay at her house until his wounds heal. In the two years they spent together in-between, it becomes evident that Kira has come to love her back something that is most obvious in Phase Fllay seems relatively neutral towards him until she finds out the reason he can pilot Strike is because he's a coordinator. She has a strong hatred for coordinators - one that is deepened even further when ZAFT attacks the shuttle her father is in, killing him.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

She becomes very angry that Kira didn't end up saving him, and makes up her mind that the only way she'll ever be satisfied is if Kira, too, is killed in battle. So she begins to manipulate him into believing she likes him; she kisses him, takes up the typical girlfriend role, and eventually sleeps with him all of this despite the fact that she is technically engaged to Ssigh, who is also on Archangel.

Plus for me, Kira only acts calm in destiny because he matured in a way for me Fllay and Kira's relationship was Immature. And well I do agree if Kira had a little bit of a crush on Fllay, But I never thought it was Love For me, Kira only cried and tried to save Fllay because they never got the chance to talk to her properly, He blamed himself so much for hurting her Kira told Athrun when Fllay was being captured but the other Archangel ship and not being able to save her from death.

Which made him that way in destiny you know the saving kinda person so I wouldn't really agree on the Kira does not love Lacus thing. Thought this is my own thought and I'm not pushing anyone with my ideas but that's what I think and I will respect anyones thought and hope that you respect mine, so if you have red this comment of mine till the end thank for respecting my thoughts.

Cancel wow, I'm really late at this but well I wanna voice out too In Destiny, he's always so out of it, like he doesn't care anymore. When Meer does, Kira shows no emotion, while Athrun cries with Lacus.

Kira never shows any affection to Lacus! That was the most romantic thing he did.


Pretty sad since he had sex with Fllay. Which I don't really get, because she kisses him for the first time, then somehow it leads to sex Kira, are you actually a horny boy underneath the innocent facade? So for GS, he was all emotional and "I love Fllay! He worries a lot about her, especially when she's in trouble. When she's in danger he gets really hyped up and agitated.

Remember the scene where Meer and Lacus finally met? Who was out there shooting all the bad guys? Kira didn't shoot a damn person, including that Lady who almost killed Lacus, but killed Meer.

In an interview, it was revealed that Athrun was very skilled at shooting, while Kira had little experience with guns Seriously, why did Lacud fall in love with such a space-out? All he does is just wish for peace after GSand he shows no affection for Lacus.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

It's Athrun who's out there kicking butt. Kira only shows affection with Fllay, and with Lacus he just stands there. For the whole series. Not even holding hands or kissing her like Athrun romantically does for Cagalli, even proposingwhile he's had done the deed with Fllay.

I don't get it. It's always Lacus who initiates affection. In an interview with the director of GS series, he says Kira never loved Lacus I am disappointed she never ended with Athrun, because I think he genuinely loved her and would have made a handsome husband. In the end, Kira saw no reason for fighting for either group. And then, the Archangel itself was all alone, aided by no one. Lacus turned over in her bed, her sheets making a rustling sound. She then let out a small gasping noise, and then hushed back to sleep.

She's so peaceful like that, Kira thought. Lacus was dressed only in a t-shirt and midnight pajama pants. Kira laughed to himself at the thought, when he first seen Lacus even pant less he wormed behind his suit, with a freaked-out look in his eyes.

It was a funny moment. Suddenly, Lacus began to quietly snore. It wasn't usual for her to be snoring. But it wasn't loud and obnoxious, but more like sweet and pleasant sounding.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

Kira thought again to himself. I'm in love with her. Did it appear and feel strange to him, being in love with her? Kira loved her with his heart and soul combined. But lately with these visions of Flay…he wasn't sure. He had indeed deeply cared about Flay, but when it all came down to her behavior; it would appear that she deeply hated him because of his failure to protect her father and his true existence as a Coordinator. But he stuck on the thought of them being together.

But when she died, and he envisioned her flying over him telling him that everything was going to be alright, all he could think about was Lacus Clyne. And now with Lacus, he was.

Kira & Lacus - It's gonna be love.

He was finally in a state of bliss. No more battles would be fought, and he and Lacus would live free under the stars, always. The very thought of himself and her together opened up a doorway in Kira's heart; this time it was a doorway of love and retribution. He would live now only to protect Lacus from any dangers sought. This was his promise to the sleeping Lacus.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

Kira, very suddenly, turned to the more physical portion of Kira and Lacus' relationship. Kira had been with her for a total of eight days and eight nights, and made love with his sweet companion for the past six.

It had indeed been a very interesting six nights, at that! Kira had not expected so much energy and lust in such a woman. Especially one at 16 years old! He was surprised as well as treated to an unforgettable experience each and every time. Everything with their lovemaking changed, always something different. Kira really didn't expect this in her at all!

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A worldwide celebrity pop singer, behaving in ways like this, somehow so amazingly sexual…almost like fits of anger and fear all belted back coming out in a very intimate form. Kira liked it that way. He looked back on her as she slept.

She now gripped her blanket swiftly, and Kira heard her mutter the word "Kira" under her breath, very quietly. What was she dreaming about? Should he wake her? No… Kira was then taken aback when something bumped his foot! He looked down swiftly, and there on the ground rolling into his foot was none other than Mr.

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The little round robot's eyes blinked red off and off swiftly; it made no sound. Why wasn't it making any noise? Kira leaned in closer, carefully making sure he didn't wake Lacus.

kira yamato and lacus clyne relationship

She needed her sleep. He was now face-to-face with the Haro, and then- "Damn it! Kira jumped backwards, shocked. He closed his mouth so he would cry aloud in shock, but the curse of Mr.

Pink was enough to wake Lacus. She began to stir. When she regained her vision, she sighed.