Kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

#THROWBACK: Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's ten-year journey as a love team |

kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

Before Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson's tandem returns on TV, let us him and opened the possibility of the two of them having a relationship. Jan 21, Realizations by ex-couple Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson their onscreen tandem—where their relationship had begun as well—the reunion. Feb 21, 'Ang hirap labanan, e.' These were Gerald Anderson's words in recalling his forming relationship with Kim Chiu during their time as a 'love.

Maja Salvador Revealed the Reasons Behind Break Up With Gerald Anderson

Titled "Bus," the story is about two teenagers who decided to elope and faced the consequences of their aggressiveness to fight for their feelings. Kim and Gerald became even bigger stars the following year. Of course, who would forget their first ever drama series: Given a chance to change the destiny by a certain Mang Andres Michael de MesaTravis travelled back in time to save Jasmine from dying.

kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

Mang Andres warned Travis that he won't be able to change what is already destined to happen. Magazine However, their love story still had a tragic end when Travis ended up dying after saving Jasmine's life.

Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson open up about breakup

But then, Jasmine was also able to travel back in time. She made peace with Travis and she ended up marrying him. While they thought that it is only a coincidence, there is an underlying secret about their families regarding their names. They guested in two Your Song episodes: Usually, Love Spell installments only lasted for four episodes.

The following year, Kim and Gerald returned to primetime playing supporting roles in Sineserye presents: Maligno starring Claudine Barretto. In this romantic-comedy drama series, Gerald played Julian, a rich guy who was tasked by his grandfather to find his missing cousin.

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He met Jasmine Kim and hired her to pretend as his cousin because of their resemblance. The two later on fell in love. They fell in love despite their different status and principles in life.

kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

However, their love story had a tragic ending when Keeno died because of leukemia. The following year, Kim and Gerald took on more mature roles in the primetime drama series Tayong Dalawa, wherein they figured in a love triangle with Jake Cuenca. The series aired from January-September Instead of having the lead stars living happily ever after, Audrey died in the end due to a heart attack.

kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

Of course, I got my hopes up But it's okay, at least it's over now. When Gerald said those were the times when it seemed like they were getting back together and that they were very dramatic back then, Kim agreed.

Ano, hindi talaga pwede kasi talaga," Kim said. Yes, it was very dramatic. But it really couldn't be.

kim chiu and gerald anderson relationship

Gerald added that he could not really explain why he would text Kim even when they had broken up, since it was very complicated. Minsan may mga sitwasyon sa buhay na parang ngayon, 'pag tinignan ko, pag-inisip ko, parang tanga ko rin, sobra So nung kahit wala na kami, hinahanap mo pa rin yung feeling na 'yun. Sometimes there are situations in life that are like that, when I look back when I think about it, I was so stupid I was a mess.

And then I was used to — because we had been together for so long — whenever I had problems, I would run to her, and she was like that with me too. So even though we had broken up, we were still looking for that feeling. Lessons from the breakup Later, the former couple talked about what they learned from their breakup.

Gerald Anderson reacts to Kim Chiu and Xian Lim's confirmed relationship

Gerald said that he learned a lot, but he focused on speaking about maturity: Kung paano mas i-handle nang mas maayos, kung paano mas alagaan yung tao ng mas maganda, kung paano mas respetuhin yung tao, i-value ang ginagawa niya para sa iyo," he said. I guess it's maturity, when it comes to a relationship. How to handle things better, how to care for someone better, how to respect a person, how to value what she is doing for you.

Kim, on the other hand, said that she learned that she should have her own life apart from her part. Kapag naglalaro ng basketball, punta ka sa mall, mag-shopping ka, pa manicure and pedicure ka