Keima and elsie relationship

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keima and elsie relationship

Full resolution (original file) (1, × pixels, file size: 90 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg). About; File History. There is no description yet. Add a description. Hello. Just wanted to notify you of something. My capitalization of the word "her" at the last sentence is deliberate. It is meant to emphasize Elsie's. An archive of The World God Only Knows or Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai fanfics that involves a romantic relationship between Keima and Elsie plus Keima and.

She comes out of her hiding spot holding a half-eaten rice ball. You were trying to protect everyone so…" "I'm fine! Why should I worry about whether or not people from the real are angry at me? That's what I'd like to think anyway. But I'm not sure how I should treat the girls I conquered during the goddess search? Should I act how I did before I started conquering them again?

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Although I'm sure that if I act too coldly though it will likely backfire in some way. But even if I continue with the relationships the girls will find out eventually. I shift my attention back to Tenri. She looks down to hide her embarrassment again, and doesn't respond to the question. As I enter the school the bell signaling the beginning of class rings.

It doesn't really matter if I'm on time, it's not like I'll be missing out on any content. I make my way to my classroom, and as I'm reaching to open the door I freeze. I hadn't put much thought into how both Ayumi and Chihiro are in this class with me! I can manage with Chihiro being here since she already knows about most of what happened, and since she doesn't have a goddess in her I can treat her how I normally would. She said she liked me before I conquered her anyway….

But Ayumi will be much more difficult. The most difficult of all the girls since we went as far as having a mock wedding! I guess I will have to see how she greets me first. I make up my mind and reach for the door handle, right as it slides away and I'm met with a body colliding with mine, throwing both me and the other person on the ground.

I try to sit up to find out who my assailant is. Was that even a person?

keima and elsie relationship

It felt more like a car during a high speed chase! I reorient myself to find Ayumi frantically trying to collect papers scattered around the ground as the teacher scolds her. That is precisely why you should take things slower! I should help her collect these papers, it'll do me no good to ignore her right now.

Ayumi and I quickly gather the papers together without saying a word. Other demons were against the idea, and about years before the start of the series, they allied with the forces of Heaven to seal away the Old Hell demons. However, ten years ago, runaway spirits, called Loose Souls or Weiss, escaped from the Underworld and came to Earth.

In order to stop the Weiss from possessing human girls, the Spirit Hunter squads were created to capture them. Yet unknown to most New Hell demons, the Weiss are in fact the souls of the Old Hell demons who are using their hosts in order to be reincarnated within their children.

Their objective is to capture the Loose Spirits. The partners are apparently not chosen by the Spirit Hunter. Although the rival organization Vintage has taken much of the power in New Hell, she still believes the future belongs to the New Demons like Haqua.

After being framed and killed for being the leader of Vintage,[ ch. Remembering her past with Keima, she goes to Keima directly for protection, even going as far to confessing that she loves him, back then and even now.

After Apollo runs away in Kanon's body, not wishing to involve the "unrelated" Keima, she is stabbed with a magically enforced knife by the mysterious female member of Vintage - Fiore Loderia Lavigneri. Upon seeing that Kanon was in a dire situation, Keima resolves to find all the other Goddesses in order to save her.

The incident involving Kanon becomes a turning point in Keima's life as he makes the promise to search for the goddesses for Kanon's sake, showing that he feels responsible. Kanon tells him that she believes in him and that she will be praying with Apollo while he is busy. Shiori Shiomiya Keima considered Shiori a candidate for a goddess host, due to her reaction of avoiding him after Kanon confessed to him.

She is now confirmed as the host of the goddess MinervaGoddess of Knowledge, revealed after Keima conquers her for a second time through the assistance of her novel. She was once a reticent librarian who could not tolerate Keima's "rudeness". Ever since her conquest ended, she Keima and Shiori has learned to speak more often. She returns to the storyline many chapters later, somewhat angry due to Kanon's love confession. Her memories and feelings for Keima partially return to her due to the shock of the confession.

She tries with difficulty to avoid Keima, but he nevertheless approaches her. Keima realizes that she has been writing a novel based on the events of the library rebellion - her conquest - but has had difficulty advancing her story since she only has vague memories of the whole experience.

Can I see you every day? With Keima's intervention, she is able to move on with her story, and in the end, creates a monologue. At the end of her written monologue, she wrote that she is in love with Keima, revealing her true feelings. Keima congratulates her with a kiss on the cheek. After, he asks if he can come to the library everyday and admits to wanting to see her.

Shiori is unable to speak, but she blushes. When Kusunoki saves him, he thanks her but is rather angry that Kusunoki calls him weak. When Elsie says that Kusunoki has an escaped spirit, Keima becomes reluctant as he does not want to involve himself with such a powerful person. Nevertheless, he makes contact with her because he figured that he will have to do so eventually.

Kusunoki and Keima sharing a soft serve. During her conquest, Keima manages to find out that Kusunoki still has some of her femininity intact, and uses this "weakness" to bring about her other self. In the end, Keima convinces Kusunoki that she can be strong and cute, which causes the runaway spirit inside her to reveal itself.

After her conquest, Keima seems to have forgotten about Kusunoki. She makes another appearance, however, in the Hinoki Arc, and takes on a support role. Keima learns about another reason why Kusunoki had a gap in her heart and also learns the history behind Kusunoki's relationship with her sister. In an Omake, Kusunoki under Hinoki's forcefulness approaches Keima with flowers and tries to confess to him. It is unknown what Keima's response is.

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Chihiro Kosaka Before her conquest, Chihiro always treated Keima worse than other students did. She would always call him by his nickname, "Otamega", and would generally make fun of him.

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When it is discovered that Chihiro is the next capture target, Keima becomes horrified and wanted nothing to do with her, because she is his definition of a 'real' girl and has no personality. Even so, when Keima does decide to assist her, he learns that not only is she one of the most difficult conquests he has ever encountered, she is also the girl with the most personality so far.

During her conquest, Chihiro verbally retaliates against Keima's insults and calls him a cockroach. Her words pierce Keima to the point where Keima completely ignores reality and immerses himself in his games. Keima manages to get over it thanks to Ayumi and decides to help Chihiro fall in love with another guy to release her escaped spirit.

keima and elsie relationship

In the end, Keima gets enraged when he learns that Chihiro does not really like the boy they have been targeting. Chihiro then runs off as Keima finally realizes that he is the only one that can fill Chihiro's heart.

He rushes to Chihiro's side, talks to her and eventually kisses her. He tells Chihiro that she can do anything and also promises her that he will always be there to help her when she needs it, which causes the runaway spirit inside Chihiro to be released. Keima shedding tears for his actions against Chihiro Sometime after Chihiro's conquest, Keima reluctantly tutors the 2-B Pencils sans Miyako in English the only reason he decides to help them is because of his promise to Chihiro.

By the time of the Mai-High Festival Arc, Keima's opinion of Chihiro does not seem to change much and when he eventually learns that Chihiro has been attracted since before her conquest, Keima, out of the interest to protect Chihiro from Vintage, is forced to coldly reject her.

This makes a significant impact on him because he is confused as to why a girl like Chihiro likes him. His regret shows when he sheds a tear by the end of the Goddess Saga, apologizing to Chihiro for what he said "that time". Out of all the heroines conquered, Chihiro has had the most influence on Keima's development.

keima and elsie relationship

Because she is his definition of a "real" girl, her actions greatly confused - and sometimes angered - him. During her conquest and re-conquest, she either went beyond or away from the route Keima has planned for her, which led Keima to react to her actions more often than not. In the end, it was revealed that he did actually love Chihiro. Jun Nagase Jun kissing Keima Keima's first interaction with Jun can be considered significantly different than his interactions with the heroines prior to Jun.

It is different because Jun makes the first move and decides to speak with Keima first. Jun is extremely friendly towards everyone. According to Keima, this is because she is a teacher and teaching is an occupation to make friends with students. She takes a special interest in Keima because he basically ignores school regulations and chooses to play games all the time.

When she sees Keima sitting alone in the classroom, she tells him playing games is fine, but he should at least talk to his friends. During the conquest, the history of Jun's leadership within the basketball team during her time as a student is revealed.