Kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

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kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

This is a list of the episodes of the shōjo anime series Kimi ni Todoke, directed by Hiro The next day, Kazehaya gives Sawako a note during class wanting to know if she will meet . that Sawako has fallen in love with Ryuu, urging him to support their relationship. .. Sawako and Kazehaya part ways outside their school. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Kazehaya asserting his candid personality to Ryu Shouta Kazehaya (風早 翔太 His relationship with Sawako is one of the main forces that drives the series. fun of Shota, and Shota has to face it, but does appreciate Pin's advice at times.

It just seems so fitting for him.

kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

They are just too cute. I love seeing them getting closer, getting comfortable around each other. I just love it. I also like seeing Sawako getting more confident in herself, which is more obvious in this volume since she is speaking up more with her friends, and is more open while talking with the girls. And it's nice to see her being bold when it comes to Kazehaya. I'm hoping a kiss is in their near future.

A kiss on the lips would be nice, but I thought earlier that one on the cheek would be just perfect. For either one of them to plant it, too. Ahhhh, I'm just fangirling all over the place over here! What was I saying? They are interrupted before anything can happen, although I don't think anything would have by Kazehaya's mother. They're then sent out to bring ice cream to his father and the baseball team, including his little brother. His little brother is cute and blunt, like little kids are.

kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

His father, though, is stern and 'dignified', but could be seen as a little mean. This is mostly just sweet, and good for Sawako. Within the next two chapter, they're all getting ready for the school trip, now that school has started up again.

  • Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 13
  • Shouta Kazehaya
  • Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 30

I'm so jealous of how many trips they take in manga; do they actually take that many in real life in Japan? They get in groups, and the girls talk about where they're going and talk some about the boys. Ayane gets asked out by a boy name Mogi in a different class who I thought was someone else until we learned his name, and so was confused.

But we'd never met him before, so that's cleared upand says yes, before they leave for Okinawa. I like seeing the girls talk about the boys, it's so refreshing and fun. But maybe that's only me, because I've never really done that? It is good for Sawako, though.

And it's so funny when Ayane teases Kazehaya, trying to push their relationship forward. For instance, when she tells him that Sawako is wearing panties with strings on them, and he gets all embarrassed and can't stop thinking about it. I love seeing him fight with his physical attraction to Sawako, try to hold himself back; that's sometimes harder to find, in manga and novels, and so I always get excited when I see it.

Anyway, the volume ends with some girl from another class, and who they don't show us asking for Ryu. Aside from that, the girls and boys are having fun, and teasing each other. Like I said at the beginning, I love this series. Sawako begins considering whether she only likes Kazehaya because he is nice to her, and whether she would like any guy who did the same.

The Sports Day competitions begin. The girls in Sawako's class win their first soccer match, and Sawako convinces Kurumi to watch Kazehaya play in the boys' match together. As they talk, Sawako mentions that she has always thought of Kazehaya as special. Kurumi tells her that this is just because she doesn't talk to many guys, so she ought to try talking to others. Just then, Ryuu Sanada saves Sawako from a rogue pitch. Kurumi suggests that Sawako should talk to Ryuu more.

Sawako doesn't really understand that Kurumi wants her to separate from Kazehaya, but she says she will still talk to Ryuu. During the softball game Sawako can't keep her eyes off Kazehaya, which makes Kurumi angry as she thinks she is the only one always watching Kazehaya, so she leaves. Kurumi then starts her plan by planting a note asking Ryuu to meet Sawako at the sports equipment room, where Kazehaya has to go later.

Sawako, is told by Kurumi that Ryuu is there, and goes to thank him. When they meet, Sawako asks Ryuu about the feeling of love, which leads him to confess that he likes Chizuru. In the meantime, Kazehaya heads to the room carrying some equipment. Kurumi goes up to him and tells Kazehaya that Sawako has fallen in love with Ryuu, urging him to support their relationship.

They see Sawako and Ryuu talking happily together. Kazehaya then confirms with Sawako that she doesn't like Ryuu, while Sawako has just realized that she really likes Kazehaya. Kazehaya asks her what she thinks about people going out as girlfriend and boyfriend, which shocks her so much that she cannot answer properly.

Later, Ayane finds out that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumours.

kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

Ryuu then shows them the note written by Kurumi, which confirms that she set Sawako up. Ayane and Chizuru go to find more evidence against Kurumi, who is in the meantime waiting for Kazehaya to return. Pin arrives at the equipment room and comes to the conclusion that Kurumi has a crush on him, and rejects her just as Kazehaya arrives.

Ayane and Chizuru confront Kurumi, who will not admit to wrongdoing, but when Sawako arrives, Ayane tells her outright that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors. Ayane threatens to tell Kazehaya, although Kurumi claims that she doesn't care.

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Sawako asks Ayane and Chizuru not to tell, realizing that Kurumi is probably hurting a lot. Sawako realizes that Kurumi must have needed a lot of courage to tell Sawako how she felt about Kazehaya. She realizes that she must return the favor, so she returns and tells Kurumi that she, too, loves Kazehaya. In the meantime, rumors about how she was rejected by Pin spread around the school. She realizes that she hates being misunderstood by Kazehaya, so ends up confessing to him.

kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

He apologizes, saying he has someone else he loves. She plays it off as "his loss" and says that he has bad taste in women. Meanwhile, Sawako confesses her love for Kazehaya to Yano and Chizu.

Shota Kazehaya

Later, Sawako and Kurumi meet and Sawako asks if they can be friends. Kurumi responds by saying she isn't Sawako's friend, but her rival. Later, during the after-festival party, Sawako wonders when she fell in love with Kazehaya and ends up falling asleep on his shoulder. Meanwhile, Kazehaya and Ryuu are together when Kazehaya gets a call from Pin. Pin explains that he met Sawako the previous night, and now thinks he is possessed because he doesn't feel good.

The truth is that Sawako noticed he was catching a cold, and gave him advice on how to prevent it, although he misunderstood. Pin insists that Kazehaya bring Sawako to him right away. Kazehaya, Ryuu, Sawako, Ayane and Chizuru all end up at Pin's filthy apartment and realize he only has a cold.

They spend the rest of the day cleaning for him. They leave at night and Kazehaya ends up walking Sawako home. Thanks to a prank played by Pin, the two of them almost kissed under the stars.

kazehaya and sawako relationship tips

Ayane, however, complains about her clingy boyfriend, while Chizuru is in a good mood because she anticipates something at New Year's, which is more than a month away. Chizuru and Sawako go out to pick a present for Ryuu's birthday, and Sawako is sure by the affection Chizuru shows for him that Chizuru loves Ryuu.

However, she finds out that Chizuru actually loves Ryuu's older brother. The next time everyone is in school together, it is found out that Ayane dumped her boyfriend. Amid the talk about broken hearts, Ryuu leaves the room and is encouraged by Kazehaya. Later, at Chizuru's house, Ryuu comes into her room unexpectedly. He appears to be about to confess to Chizuru when she notices that she left his present lying out in plain sight. She therefore forces Ryuu to leave, and he ends up going home in the rain.

Chizuru throws a sleep over with the intention of cheer Ayane up from her breakup, but it ends up to be boring because Chizuru planned on getting video games from Ryuu. Ayane convinces Chizuru to go over to his house since it is only Friday, and not yet the weekend. At Ryuu's house they meet Kazehaya and other classmates. They are all having fun, until Ryuu leaves and Chizuru follows, Ryuu once again tries to confess his feelings to Chizuru but is interrupted by his older brother's arrival.

His older brother then reveals that he is engaged, Ayane and Sawako look on as Chizuru hides her feelings and congratulate the couple. Soon everyone leaves, and the girls go back to Chizuru's house where Chizuru reflects on her past with Ryuu's brother.

Later Chizuru heads over to give Ryuu her present, where Ryuu states that she was late and he hopes that Chizuru will finally get over his brother, she gets angry and throws his present at him. Sawako and Ayane are grief stricken with worry about Chizuru since they can't do anything about the situation.