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justin roiland rick and morty relationship

Justin Roiland (born February 21, ) is an American actor, animator, writer, producer and director. He is best known as the co-creator and executive producer of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, in which he voices the show's titular characters. Rick and Morty is an American adult animated television series created by Justin Roiland and .. He enters a relationship with her thanks to her association with Tiny Rick, but breaks up with her once she gets Tiny Rick expelled in an attempt to. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland explain the root of their dark humor on Adult ' Rick and Morty' Creators Explain Why The Show is Horrifying hit Adult Swim has ever had - what's your relationship with the network like?.

In the same episode, he and Morty leave their original dimension Dimension C in favour of the one they currently reside in. In the episode Get Schwiftyit was revealed that when Rick was somewhere in his college years or in his 20's, he, Birdpersonand Squanchy were in a rock band called " The Flesh Curtains ".

Rick is 60 years old and currently resides in his room in the Smith house. In the garage, he works on his inventions and scientific formulas and tests them out, traveling to other dimensions, building various robots and devices, and causing general mayhem in different parts of the universe In the episode " The Wedding Squanchers ", Rick willingly turned himself over to the Galactic Federation and was sent to one of their maximum security prisons.

He currently resides there, with little chance of bail, parole or escape. Appearance Rick is a tall, lanky old man. He has long legs and arms and is very skinny. He has a dimly tanned ashy complexion and grey-blue hair with a bald spot on the back of his head. He has spiky hair on his head and a unibrow. His face is wrinkly as he has bags under his eyelids and a pressure fold above his unibrow that follows its position and laugh lines on both sides of his mouth.

He wears a white lab coat with a light blue green shirt underneath. He also wears brown pants, a dark brown belt with a yellow buckle, and black shoes. He is occasionally seen with some green spill on his mouth, Showing up mainly when he is drunk or after he throws up. Rick speaks in a rambling, stammering manner that is often interrupted by belching and gagging, usually from being drunk.

Personality Rick is a genius scientist, capable of creating complex scientific inventions, including brain-enhancing helmets, dream-invading devices, portals to several different dimensions, and the world's first amusement park inside the body of a living human. His brilliance can be muddled by his jaded personal views and his alcoholic tendencies.

Rick is easily bored and does not do well with routine. When his curse removing store in the episode Something Ricked This Way Comes started requiring real work, Rick simply lit the whole store on fire and abandoned it. He regularly goes to other dimensions to harvest resources and will often willingly kill aliens to get them. He is willing to be extremely brutal such as when people betray him or his life or those close to him are danger. He is usually portrayed as homicidal and having a large disregard for life, enough that he came close to bombing the world with neutrinos while drunk.

He was shown to find killing fun during the Purge and was even willing to kill Morty's half-Gazorpian son due to the child's danger to everyone and unstable nature.

This does not make him completely heartless, however, as he has been shown to be shocked, startled or annoyed by loss of life that he deems unnecessary, foolish or unreasonable. He was annoyed at Morty for letting Fart live, resulting in a chase with local police that cost many bystanders their lives, and he was panicked when Unity destroyed an entire city that Rick thought still had people in it, since he was unsure if Summer and Morty were there or not.

He also was shocked and upset by people he was close to dying or nearly dying, such as when Mr. Poopybutthole was shot and he ran to his side in fear for the latter's life. When Bird Person was killed by TammyRick flew into a rage, mowing down multiple Federation troops. Rick gasped when seeing Jerry being shot several times and left mutilated. During the time of the Festival, he only watched the killing for a few short seconds before becoming overwhelmed by the violence and vomiting.

Later, when helping Arthricia get revenge against the upper class, he felt he had done enough killing and began to find it gratuitous. Contrary to popular belief, Rick is not a nihilist.

Although his commonly-stated viewpoint on life may be the typical nihilistic idealism that "nothing has meaning", he doesn't always put his money where his mouth is. Rick expresses love and emotion for his family and lovers on an almost episodic basis. Plot relevant instances include " The ABC's of Beth ", which proves his fatherly love for Beth and " Auto Erotic Assimilation ", where his being dumped by Unity made him depressed enough to cry.

Rick frequently reminds people that he's above everything that could hold meaning or value to him and made "I don't give a fuck! Rick does care about maintining positive relationships with others and holds sentimental value of his family. Rick has the tendency to be possessive and dominating of Morty, believing the boy to be his own personal helper. This doesn't prevent Rick from genuinely caring about Morty.

He occasionally uses his own inventions to improve his grandson's life, such as invading the dreams of Mr. Jellybean as the two are leaving the fantasy world because of the previous attempted rape on Morty. He cried when seeing pictures of Morty and remembering Morty as a newborn reaching out to him, when he was held captive by Evil Rickcausing Evil Rick to mock him and then for Rick to insult him back.

Rick and Morty have a strong bond, though their relationship is strained due to Rick's cynicism, alcoholism, lack of conventional morality, and his tendency to push aside other members of the Smith family.

Rick clearly doesn't respect Jerry in any sense, and his relationship with Beth can be tumultuous at times. Though Rick initially had very little interest in her, the two have begun to develop a closer bond. Rick has trouble taking orders from others, is very anti-totalitarian, and seems to dislike people with authority and government officials.

He refuses to join the Council of Ricks because he views them as a government. He also calls the guards at Intergalactic Customs "robots" and claims that he doesn't respect them, as he deems them bureaucrats and doesn't like "being told where to go and what to do".

Rick also has a great dislike of standardized education, claiming that school "isn't a place for smart people" and a "waste of time", and insists that things such as studying and homework are pointless and stupid. Rick holds seemingly contradictory beliefs on religion, at one point telling Summer at the breakfast table in the pilot, "There is no God", yet in the "Anatomy Park" episode, he tells the family "Do you realize that Christ was born today?

Jesus Christ our savior was born today-are you people even human? What kind of Christmas is this? Needful as the Devil, and when he thinks he is going to die while one of the other sixty-three Ricks is chasing after Morty's lost collar, actually kneels and prays-"Please God, if there's a Hell, please be merciful to me" significantly, when no one else can hear him.

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There is no God! Despite his general disregard for others, he is shown to harbor deep emotional pain and sorrow, especially when it comes to his romantic relationships, such as with his ex-wife and Unity. Not much is known about his marriage, but the absence of his wife is possibly a contributing factor to his current personality. Much more is known about his relationship with Unity. After freshening up during a long party with Unity's hive mind avatars, he returned to find Unity and all the planet's inhabitants gone, leaving behind a farewell note for Rick explaining that while Unity enjoyed its time with him, they could not be together, as they were too alike in the sense that they both turn others into mirror images of themselves, though in Rick's case, he does so through bad influence rather than assimilation.

Rick And Morty Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Dejected, heartbroken, and alone, Rick returned home, where he was confronted by Beth over the basement lair and the escaped alien, and asked to keep no more alien pets.

To Beth's and the whole family's shock, Rick simply conceded and retreated to the garage, where he clumsily attempted suicide with a makeshift death ray. After the federation collapses, Jerry puts his foot down and tells Beth it is him or Rick, but Beth chooses her father and tells Rick she and Jerry are getting a divorce.

Rick later claims to Morty in a rant that he planned this because Jerry had planned to betray him. As Jerry leaves, Summer ignores him and Rick waits for him to leave. Summer comes to terms with the separation and reconciles with him.

Summer is generally similar to her mother, as she is often shown to be very smart and humorous, but she has also shown elements of Jerry's approval-seeking. She occasionally expresses jealousy that Morty gets to accompany Rick on his inter-dimensional adventures.

In the second season, she accompanies Rick and Morty on adventures more frequently and sometimes will even prove herself to be more competent than Morty, especially when emotional nuance is required. Summer has, on occasion, been shown to think similar to Rick, such as quickly figuring out a way to save herself and Rick from execution, and correctly deducing that dead flies in Rick's garage were more than they appeared.

Summer cares about Rick and sees him as a hero, though he is often contemptuous and dismissive of her teenaged life perspective and values. In "The Rickshank Rickdemption", she is the only member of the family who wants to rescue Rick, despite the pleas of her brother that Rick is nothing more than a selfish jerk. When their parents agreed on a divorce, Summer began resenting her father and started showing her dark side, until she reconciles with him. Morty has a crush on her, but she rarely acknowledges him.

On the occasions she does, however, she seems to be level headed and kind to him. She attends the dance with him in "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez", and even goes on a date with Morty, after he had been temporarily purified in "Rest and Ricklaxation". He often reminds people that despite his humorous last name, he is "very much in charge", even though he often uses his full name talking about himself. Goldenfold is Morty's math teacher. He takes his job very seriously, and is often seen loudly proclaiming the importance of mathematics to his class.

He also has a multitude of deeply repressed sexual attractions, suffers from coprophagiaand his wife left him which he copes with by going to Jamba Juice. He is a vampire who kills people at the school in order to feed. He is killed by Summer, Morty, and Tiny Rick offscreen. In the post-credits scene it is revealed that his real name is Balik Alistane, and his vampire superior is angered that he chose a human alias based on a famous vampire film instead of a normal-sounding pseudonym.

He is a jock who plays football for the school and dates Jessica. He does not appear in the second season.

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Jessica and Brad broke up in Season 3 Episode 6 "Rest and Ricklaxation" however it is implied they are trying to get back together at the end of the episode. Ethan voiced by Daniel Benson — Summer's boyfriend. Rick uses him to build his new Anatomy Park after the first one explodes. His older brother molested him when he was younger. By the episode, "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez", he and Summer seem to have broken up, as he is not seen or mentioned and Summer expresses interest in another boy.

However they apparently got back together only for him to dump her for a girl with bigger breasts named Tricia Lange in "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" which causes Summer to develop body issues and tries to use a growth ray from Rick's lab to increase her breast size, but goes too far and enlarges various parts of her body.

Beth tries to fix things herself but causes Summer to become a giant with her skin turned inside out and she runs off to confront Ethan who is camping with Tricia. Morty manages to figure out the machine and works together with his mother who has Morty use the device on her in the made so she can console Summer, while Morty confronts Ethan over how he broke Summer's heart and made her hate herself, before he turns the machine on Ethan.

In the post credits scene for the episode, Ethan is shown alive but horribly disfigured with various body parts enlarged as he walks across a bridge while three small aliens who had escaped the growth ray machine early in the episode comment on how Ethan's problem could easily be fixed amongst themselves. Nancy voiced by Aislinn Paul — An unpopular girl at the school whom Summer dislikes and attempts to get rid of during Rick's party in "Ricksy Business".

She plays the flute in the school band, and costs Summer her newfound popularity after she tells the other partygoers about Summer's mistreatment of her.

He enters a relationship with her thanks to her association with Tiny Rick, but breaks up with her once she gets Tiny Rick expelled in an attempt to save the real Rick's life. He acted as a frequent bully to Morty. Frank was frozen by Rick as he threatened to cut Morty with a switchblade. Despite Rick assuring Morty that he'd be fine and that he'll unfreeze him later, he toppled over and shattered as Summer approached to talk to him.

She is shown camping with Ethan while Summer, in an attempt to enlarge her breasts to compete with Tricia, has a mishap with Rick's growth ray and becomes a giant with her skin inside out. However, Summer is stopped from attacking Tricia and Ethan by Beth, enlarged by Morty with the growth ray in a plan to console Summer.

Tricia is touched as Morty tells her what Beth did for Summer, and she leaves the campsite overcome with emotion, stating she needs to call her mother. Morty, now alone with Ethan, disfigures him with the growth ray out of revenge for breaking Summer's heart; it is implied that Ethan was only interested in Summer for her body. In "Rest and Ricklaxation" it is revealed that she is friends with Jessica when Tricia admits to Jessica and a friend that she enjoys urophagia.

Alternate-universe versions of the main characters[ edit ] Different versions of the main characters inhabit other realities and dimensions. Other Ricks are mostly similar to the "main" Rick, though some have unique features which set them apart.

Most other Mortys seen in the show are far more timid and weak-willed than the main Morty, an exception being "Evil Morty". They are all voiced by the same actors who voice the main versions of them.

The Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks — A parody of the Fantastic Four 's Council of Reeds [4] [5] [6] which acts as a governing body of sorts for the various versions of Rick inhabiting different timelines and dimensions.

They are often at odds with Rick C due to his refusal to cooperate with them which he claims makes every Rick on the council less Rick than himbut they are otherwise shown to be on good terms with him, as a few council members were seen at Rick's party in "Ricksy Business". He is a supposedly less intelligent Rick with bucked teeth and a bowl cutand allegedly comes from a universe in which everyone consumes their own feces though, as he denies this, it is unknown whether or not he actually does.

As he never fathered a Beth, he had his Morty assigned to him, " Eric Stoltz Mask Morty", from a dimension in which everyone has lionitis. He is much kinder than most other Ricks and befriends Jerry.

Evil Rick — A Rick who supposedly comes from a dimension in which everyone is evil. He kills other Ricks to download the contents of their brains, and then hacks the portal gun of Rick C the main Rick in order to frame him for the crime.

He created a database which sorts Ricks from most evil to least evil, and he and Rick C are separated by a single Rick whom Evil Rick describes as being "super weird". He is killed by the various Mortys he kidnapped and is then revealed to have a mind control device implanted in his brain, and that he had been controlled remotely by "his" Morty.

It is not known whether "Evil Rick" was actually evil. On his initial appearance, he wore an eyepatch, and did not speak much, later being revealed to have been controlling Evil Rick, and escapes among the thousands of other Mortys freed from captivity.

After election, Evil Morty proceeds to assassinate a shadow cabinet of Ricks who were the true power behind the scenes, and starts grand plans for reform for his own nefarious end. Cronenberg Rick and Morty — The Rick and Morty from " Cronenberg World", a dimension in which everyone is a grotesque mass of flesh combined with various animal parts a reference to David Cronenberg's association with the body horror genre. They migrate to the show's original universe, whose entire population the original Rick turned into other "Cronenbergs", after Cronenberg Rick accidentally turned the inhabitants of Cronenberg World into regular humans.

By the time Morty and Summer return to this timeline in the Season 3 premiere, a large number of the Cronenbergs seem to have been killed by the timeline's Smith family. It is unknown if Cronenberg Rick and Morty survived.

They are both widely successful with Jerry being a famous Hollywood actor while Beth is a renowned surgeon for humans rather than horses. Jerry is depicted as the best friend of Johnny Depp and engaging in sex with Kristen Stewart. Despite their successes however, both are shown to be deeply unhappy and unfulfilled personally.

After Jerry has a breakdown and leads the police on a car chase, he travels to Beth's house and confesses that he loves her and regrets that she got the abortion; the two then embrace and seemingly decide to start anew together. This is seen on one of the channels that Rick and Morty watched. They were main characters when the series began, and as such were identical to the "current" Smith family.

In " Rick Potion No. By the time Morty C and the Summer return to dimension C in the season 3 premiere, the sanity of the C Smiths seems to have eroded, as they attempt to kill Summer and hold Morty captive because of their association with Rick. Campaign Manager Morty is fired for not having faith. Campaign Manager Morty unsuccessfully tries to assassinate Evil Morty, but is detained and ejected into space through an airlock. While trying to make President Morty actually Evil Morty become their figurehead, President Morty has most of them killed, leaving only two alive.

The corpses of those killed are ejected into space. Sanchez III seemingly saves the factory worker from imprisonment, he makes the factory worker the new Simple Rick. In contrast between the normal dynamic between Ricks and Mortys, Cop Rick is the more moral of the duo while Cop Morty is extremely immoral and racist against other Mortys. They discover the Mortytown Locos hideout, where Cop Rick is injured by a Morty he was trying to comfort. Cop Morty then takes Cop Rick to a strip club, revealing he is a corrupt cop under the payroll of Big Morty.

Cop Rick's refusal to take a bribe results in a gunfight, where Cop Morty pins Big Morty on the ground, executing him. Cop Rick then shoots Cop Morty and turns himself in, only to be let go and reinstated due to President Morty's actually Evil Morty changes to the department. Associates of Rick[ edit ] Mr.

Meeseeks voiced by Justin Roiland — A race of blue humanoid creatures who all share the same name and personality. The Meeseeks are created from a metal box called a Meeseeks Box, and once they appear, whoever summoned them must give them a single, simple task for them to fulfill, after which they disappear in a cloud of smoke. Meeseeks make their first appearance when Rick becomes tired of the family members asking him for favors, so he gives them the Meeseeks Box to have the Meeseeks do chores for him, but not before explaining that Mr Meeseeks "are not Gods" and therefore their chores must be kept simple.

Meeseeks are normally cheerful and cartoonish in personality, but if they spend too much time without fulfilling their given task, their sanity begins to wane and they can become dangerously psychotic, going to great lengths to see their task done. This is because, according to the Meeseeks themselves, merely existing is physically and psychologically tortuous to them, so the sooner they complete their tasks the sooner they can disappear. Scary Terry voiced by Jess Harnell — A murderous entity who resides in the dream world.

He is a parody of Freddy Krueger and has miniature swords on his fingers instead of knives. He initially tries to kill Rick and Morty, but later befriends them after they help him with his own dream problems. He is very fond of the word "bitch", and injects it into almost every sentence. It is revealed that scaring is simply an occupation for him, and that he is very insecure about his capabilities, which puts him under great stress.

Unlike Krueger, who was a human that was burned to death and then became a demonic ghost, Scary Terry is of a different species and his burnt appearance is a naturally-occurring trait, as seen with his similarly "scary" wife and infant son, as well as the classmates and teacher seen in his dream.

He is killed when the diseases of the park escape from captivity and overrun the park. Birdperson voiced by Dan Harmon — A superhero-like being who is Rick's best friend. He holds a deep respect for Rick, and often offers Morty insight when Morty considers doing something that would jeopardize his and Rick's relationship. He was at one point in a band with Rick and Squanchy. Birdperson, Rick, and Squanchy were once freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation's oppression; their "crimes" led the Galactic Federation to issue warrants for their arrests.

Birdperson marries Tammy Gueterman in the season 2 finale, but is killed by her after it is revealed that she is an undercover agent of the Galactic Federation sent to capture Rick and his associates. Birdperson's appearance is based on the character Hawk from s series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. In the opening of Season 3, Bird Person is turned into a cyborg called Phoenix Person by Tammy and the Federation after Rick destroys the Federation's economy and forces them to leave Earth.

She then rides him away, presumably to seek revenge on Rick. Revolio "Gearhead" Clockberg, Jr. He is well-versed in an event that occurred on his home planet called the "Gear Wars" and can play an instrument similar to a lute.

Despite being one of Rick's friends, Rick doesn't even know his real name, preferring to call him "Gearhead", a racial epithet. Rick and Morty hide out at his house while fugitives for freeing Fart, and Gearhead betrays Rick by calling the police. Because of this, Rick beats him up and replaces his mouth gears with his " gearsticles ". He has a somewhat effeminate voice, and a magazine entitled "Queer Gear" can be seen in his home, hinting that he is a gear-mosexual.

Despite his betrayal, he is shown attending Rick's party in "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender", indicating that they are still friends. He catches Morty's Vindicators jacket after he tosses it away and is later shown attempting to pick up some gear women by pretending to be a part of the team. However, an actual disaster strikes, causing him to run away.

He then trips on a pile of gears and falls, causing his arms and legs to break off. Squanchy voiced by Tom Kenny — A disheveled catlike creature who replaces various words in his sentences with the word "squanch". He is a parody of Snarf. Squanchy, Birdperson, and Rick were once freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation's oppression; their "crimes" led the Galactic Federation to issue warrants for their arrests. Morty and Jessica catch him engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation in a closet in the garage.

He was at one point in a band with Rick and Birdperson. When the Galactic Federation infiltrates Birdperson's wedding in the season 2 finale episode "The Wedding Squanchers", he reveals that one of his teeth contains a liquid which transforms him into a hulking behemoth.

Justin Roiland combined his name with the company Nintendo to form the name for his Virtual Reality studio"Squanchtendo". Instead, it renders him with conflicting emotions that he is unable to deal with. He initially seeks to be accepted as a son by his "father" Rick, who only regards him as a failed experiment. After Rick tries to get him killed in an alien environment, he swears revenge only to be picked up by the Testicle Monsters to be used as a sex toy in their weird orgy.

Although cheerful and friendly, he is also devoid of ethical restraint and has no qualms with killing anything or anyone, including children, old people and animals. He is accidentally crushed to death by Morty as the latter clumsily pilots Rick's ship into the building that Michael's target is imprisoned in.

Krombopulos Michael is also revealed to have an unnamed lover, in which he ceremoniously kisses a locket with her picture, before embarking on his mission to kill his target, leading to his accidental death. Unity voiced by various; main body voiced by Christina Hendricks — A hive mind whom Rick had previously dated, as they are two of the small handful of sentient beings capable of fully comprehending the scope of the universe.

To spread to others, the hosts vomit a green liquid into the others' mouths which quickly incorporates them.

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Unity and Rick get back together, but Unity soon realizes that the self-destructive behavior they indulge in when they are together is bad for both of them, leading to Unity ending their relationship again. A distraught Rick attempts suicide, but fails. Blim Blam the Klorblok voiced by John Kassir — A large slug-like alien, who claims to be a murderer who eats babies and to have traveled to Earth to do so.

justin roiland rick and morty relationship

He was discovered by Beth and Jerry, however, the two's bickering annoyed Blim Blam to the point that he broke free, berated the two by using a translation device Rick had as he could only speak in an alien language beforehandthen left promising never to return to Earth. Poopybutthole voiced by Justin Roiland — A longtime family friend.

He is a parody of wacky side characters on television shows. It is unknown if Morty's birth and Rick's disappearance are linked to each other, but it has been shown on two seprate occasions that Rick knew Morty when he was only a baby. In the episode " Get Schwifty ", a picture on Birdperson's wall depicted Rick holding a baby, who, although had an ambiguous identity, was very likely Morty at that same age.

In the episode " Raising Gazorpazorp ", Beth accidentally admitted that when Morty was a baby, Jerry filled Morty with his own insecurity, turning him into the worrying coward he is today. Appearance Morty is a young teenage boy. He has short brown hair that he wears straight and neatly combed around his head. Morty's head in round and roughly in the shape of a circle, unlike many other characters in the show.

Justin Roiland

He wears a yellow shirt, blue pants, and white shoes. He has a pronounced stutter even when calm and his voice constantly breaks due to the effects of puberty.

Personality Morty is a young, good-natured, and impressionable boy who can be somewhat easily manipulated. He has been described as 'challenged' and has difficulty in school. He also has a pronounced stutter.

Despite his apparent lack of intellect, Morty has shown to be a good listener and follows directions well. These traits make him the perfect sidekick to Rick. Like many boys his age, he spends a good deal of time masturbating.

justin roiland rick and morty relationship

Morty may sometimes act spineless, but he has shown bravery and quick-wittedness in the face of adversity, such as leading the extraction effort out of Anatomy Parkand using a pair of grappling boots to escape the guards in Intergalactic Customs.

While Rick, Beth, and Jerry have all expressed their belief that Morty is unintelligent, there is substantial evidence to the contrary.

When the group at Anatomy Park are attacked by Gonorrheahe comes up with the idea to exploit the gas building up in the body to defeat the disease.

He is able to grasp complex concepts, such as the multiverse of infinite realities, when Rick explains them to him, and is quick to notice Rick's hypocrisy regarding the morality of his microverse in " The Ricks Must Be Crazy.

Impressively, Morty is able to distract Farta being capable of reading minds, by requesting that he sing. This gives Morty time to kill him with an antimatter gun, clearly surprising the telepathic being.

In " Total Rickall ," Morty is the first to realize that the alien parasites are only capable of creating positive memories. He was also able to, while inside the Teenyverse, find the Tree People, be accepted into their group, learn their language and culture, and work his way up the ranks until he had the ability to command them, all within, from their perspective according to Rick, a few months.

Despite this, he thinks poorly of his own intelligence, referring to Jerry and himself as "idiots" when Scroopy Noopers questions the intelligence of the members of the Smith Family in " Something Ricked This Way Comes. Despite his malleable nature, Morty has the strength to be able to stand up to Rick. In the episode " Meeseeks and Destroy ", Morty directly calls out Rick on his cynical nature.

He leads his own adventure with the direct goal of helping villagers. Morty is shown to have repressed anger issues which is most notable seen in " Look Who's Purging Now ". These anger issues have caused him to become hysterical and homicidal. In the episode, " Morty's Mind Blowers ", when Morty remembers everything he asked Rick to remove from his mind, he tries to kill himself, and if it weren't for Summer walking in at that exact moment he wouldn't been dead.

Relationships Rick Morty and Rick disagreeing. Rick is Morty's maternal grandfather; he and Morty have a close relationship overall.

justin roiland rick and morty relationship

They come across more as best friends than grandson and grandfather, with Morty addressing Rick on a first-name basis and only adding the grandpa out of gratitude, respect or when he wants something from him. According to Beth, Morty doesn't have any friends, implying that Rick may be Morty's only friend. This could be a reason as to why Morty puts up with Rick's selfish and exploitative behavior. Morty and Rick having a good time. Morty at first had a very one-sided relationship with Rick, helping him out despite usually ending up in harm's way or nearly killed.

However, Morty does have his limits, as he will stand up to Rick when he is pushed over the edge - for example, when both of his legs are broken in " Pilot ", or when Rick destroys the human race in " Rick Potion No. Rick will help Morty out if it is beneficial to him, as in " Lawnmower Dog ", in which he tricks Mr. Goldenfold into giving Morty A's in math so that Morty can help him more on his adventures.