Juliet and lord capulet relationship quotes

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juliet and lord capulet relationship quotes

Key quotes from Act 1 Scene 3, Act 3 Scene 5 (with a few from Act 4 Scene 2) with some crib notes for the teacher. The quotes highlight the relationship between Juliet, Lord & Lady Capulet and The Nurse and are designed. I believe Capulet's and Juliet's relationship was parley based on his not at all stereotypical, Lord Capulet's bond with Juliet demonstrates the Quotes: I find you use a lot of quotes in this work, which can seem a bit choppy. Why should you care about what Lord Capulet says in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Don't worry, we're here to tell you.

juliet and lord capulet relationship quotes

After she has told them to stop, Juliet should drop to her knees on her bed. As she begs with Capulet, Juliet should weakly and childishly try to grab Capulet to hold onto, but he has none of it.

It is at this point where he gets very violent.

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He should use his upstage arm to grab her shoulder. Juliet then must try and pull away from his grip, but he overpowers her. After giving her shoulder a few hard shakes, Capulet then must pick her up and put her over her shoulder. After Juliet has found no sympathy in either Lady Capulet or Lord Capulet, Juliet decides that the Nurse might be the one to offer some support, considering that she knows the whole situation she is bound to me more sympathetic.

The nurse lays out the situation to Juliet that Romeo is as good as dead so she is best to forget about him. Also, Paris has green eyes, which was considered a great thing in Verona at that time. Juliet is deeply saddened at the fact that the Nurse does not give Juliet the solace she needs. Juliet decides that she can no longer trust the Nurse. This is because she has always supported their secret relationship and helped them to marry and make sure they were never caught. However, the nurse could have only done this because it was an order from Juliet and she could not disobey someone who was higher up than her.

Juliet then decides that she can think for herself. For the very first time she lies to the nurse, saying that she is going to confess her sins to Friar Lawrence.

juliet and lord capulet relationship quotes

At this point, Juliet must walk and open the large doors. She should then look over at the nurse and angrily, yet sadly deliver her lines.

Overall, looking at the text as a whole we can see a dramatic change in Juliet as a person, and her relationship with Romeo throughout the play where we get to the pivotal scene of Act 3 Scene 5.

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At first we see Juliet as a very young, immature little girl who is having her future planned out for her, showing little sign of trying to disagree.

At the end of Act 3 Scene 5 we see that Juliet has become a completely independent young woman, as she goes against the grain of everything people are trying to tell her to do. She also begins to lie to the nurse who she has always trusted before. This power is very important in determining the outcome of the play. He expects his wife Lady Capuletdaughter Juliet and his servants to do exactly as he tells them.

Shakespeare wrote in the Elizabethan age, so naturally he based most of his plays on the morals and social standards of the time. During the Elizabethan period noble women were expected to be married off to rich, socially acceptable men. Men were considered the bread winners of the family and women inferior to them. It was thought unconventional for women to make important decisions for themselves, they were incapable and therefore men where to make their decisions for them, not just regarding their marriage.

Women could refuse to marry but would be disowned by their families; it was a ilent threat that was hidden underneath every happy Elizabethan family. Women had either little or no work opportunities outside their family and without a male supporter they became penniless street vagrants. The modern society we live in has changed so because of the prejudice against how women where controlled mercilessly by men.

Yet when he hears of her refusal he becomes angry and insulting. Shakespeare develops tension in this scene with the arrival of Lord Capulet and through her arranged marriage.

Shakespeare uses many language techniques including pathetic fallacy and the use of metaphors, these enhance the tension. Also Capulet alters from a caring to an enraged father as his style of language and tone change. He starts by comforting Juliet as she cries. I think he is distancing himself from Juliet as she done something inexcusable in his eyes, in his words that follow he explodes in rage.

Also Capulet is shown as very childish and petty when he mimics Juliet. I personally think Capulet should have asked Juliet why she did not want to marry, rather than trying to bully her into it by threatening and raging at her. Also in this scene a lot of irony is created; Juliet has no other option but to marry Paris or else she will be homeless. You are to blame, my lord, to rate her so. Capulet had to show his authority as he thought Juliet was disobeying him and being ungrateful.

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Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee. When her mother leaves Juliet turns to the Nurse with her problems, hoping to find comfort. This shows that Juliet thinks more of the Nurse than her mother, the audience already knows this as Juliet confided in the Nurse when she was considering marrying Romeo not her mother.

But, the Nurse agrees with her father, urging Juliet to marry Paris.

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This scene ends dramatically as Juliet has a dilemma; marry Paris and remain Verona or find Romeo and never see her family again. In Act 3 Scene 5 the audience gets to learn a great deal about the characters, Lord Capulet is shown as a demanding father, who cannot deal with disobedience. Shakespeare portrays Lady Capulet as caring but also loyal. You also see a different side to the Nurse; she is very protective of Juliet but yet, she is not afraid to disappoint her. Shakespeare would have wanted the audience to feel remorse for Juliet in this scene.

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Capulet is delighted, he pushes the wedding to the next day. This makes this situation extremely worse for Juliet, she now has only one day to decide what she is going to do. Finally, in Act 4 Scene 5 the Nurse discovers Juliet, thinking she is dead, awakens the house with her exclamations. LadyCapulet reveals some previously unseen emotions about her daughter in this scene.