Jacob and laban relationship counseling

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jacob and laban relationship counseling

Marriage is a part of God's created order as revealed in Genesis 1 and 2. While counsel and advice given from parents should never be ignored, . Similarly, Jacob is tricked by Laban into marrying Leah, when he wants to. [15] Then Laban said to Jacob, “Because you are my kinsman [relative], should you The Bible shows us marriage and the family, with all of its joys and all of its . Now as soon as Jacob saw Rachel the daughter of Laban his King, Handbook of Counseling Military Couples (New York: Routledge Taylor.

Narrative[ edit ] Laban first appears in the Hebrew Bible in Genesis Twenty years later, Laban's nephew Jacob was born to Isaac and Rebekah.

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When grown, Jacob comes to work for Laban. The biblical narrative provides a framework for dating these events: Jacob begat Joseph 14 years after his flight to Laban; Joseph entered Pharaoh's service at age 30; and from that point, after seven years of plenty and two years of famine, Jacob met Pharaoh and stated his age as Subtracting yields an age of 77 Jacob at his flight to Laban.

Laban was more than 30 years older than Jacob, and employed him for 20 years. Laban promised his younger daughter Rachel to Jacob in return for seven years' service, only to trick him into marrying his elder daughter Leah instead.

Jacob then served another seven years in exchange for the right to marry his choice, Rachel, as well Genesis Laban's flocks and fortunes increased under Jacob's skilled care, but there was much further trickery between them.

Six years after his promised service has ended, Jacob, having prospered largely by proving more cunning than his father-in-law, finally left. Laban pursued him, but they eventually parted on good terms Genesis Laban can be seen as symbolizing those whose concern for the welfare of their immediate family, nominally a virtue, is taken to the point where it has lasting negative ramifications.

Quite the opposite happened. What was it that allowed Jacob to continually love Rachel all of their days together? His father Isaac advised him to take a wife from the family of Laban. Jacob traveled three weeks to reach the land where Laban lived. Jacob was smitten from the get-go. Any modern day father might be shocked but appreciative if a prospective suitor asked for permission to marry his daughter. Jacob could be nominated for giving the best proposal of all time.

He was anxious to claim what had been promised to him. Laban planned a big wedding party for the whole town.

Laban (Bible)

Everyone ate, drank, and became merry. The celebration proceeded smoothly until Laban contrived a bait and switch trick. Why have you deceived me? Jacob had been dreaming of this moment for seven years, and he was passionately in love with Rachel.

Was it that dark? Was he inebriated from celebrating his marriage? Was he that anxious? This man drives a hard bargain! Now read this carefully, because this is the best part of the love story.

jacob and laban relationship counseling

Can anyone top fourteen years of labor for the privilege of marriage? We know this because when Rachel died, Jacob set up a pillar for her. Jacob only set up four pillars in his life: Jacob was faithful to his marriage promise to Rachel. Leah suffered the humiliation of unreciprocated love. Are you married to someone you have decided not to love?

Another Love Story The light chestnut horse approached the jump with confidence. Buck was a fearless American Thoroughbred with years of training in both cross-country and stadium events, and his rider was an experienced competitor.

It was the worst immobilizing spine injury possible. He was told by doctors that he had sustained a neck-down paralyzing injury.

jacob and laban relationship counseling

When the horrible realization was fully absorbed, he wanted to die and save everyone a lot of trouble. His wife, Dana, came into the room. Christopher mouthed his first lucid words to her: I will support whatever you want to do, because this is your life, and your decision.

Women in the Scriptures: Counseling Together in a Marriage: An Example from Jacob, Leah and Rachel

And I love you. Wedding Vows Have you ever experienced the challenge of keeping your wedding vows? Being imperfect humans, we regretfully catch ourselves doing and saying things to each other that are hurtful. Regrets have a way of building up over a period of time. Our vows are not only promises to our partner, they are also promises to God. They are pledges made to God about our commitment. The Bible is quite clear that vows must be fulfilled.

jacob and laban relationship counseling

For many couples, living out their wedding vows and commitment to each other becomes challenging. That was the case for Matt.

As he opened the front door he speculated on who would be there to meet him. Would she be there, or would it be Susan in a rage, or Cathy withdrawn and silent, or Linda obsessing over every little imperfection in the house?

Matt took a deep breath and entered tenuously, hoping today would be different. Kelly had been battling multiple personality disorder for years. When they looked at Kelly, family and friends saw a woman who had progressively lost her sense of reality and drifted into a dark, bottomless pit of oblivion. Matt saw the radiant bride he had married. Every day Matt reminded Kelly that God loved her and had a purpose for her life.

He held stubbornly to the hope that some day she would again embrace life with energy and purpose. Later that evening, after putting the children to bed, Matt still faced the same scene that had played out every night for two years. Kelly was catatonic, passed out on the living room sofa, from the battle that raged within her. Matt repeated his usual pattern.

Lovingly and gently he picked her up, carried her to bed, and cuddled beside her. He would wrap his body securely around hers like a spoon. In the morning he rose, made breakfast for his children and wife, and left for the construction site before anyone else was awake.

As long as I lover her, the situation is not hopeless. Today, she speaks to women about overcoming shame, guilt, and regret from difficult circumstances in their past.

Matt is a godly man who refused to see his wife through the clouded eyes of the world. He focused on the beautiful woman God created.

jacob and laban relationship counseling

Matt was committed to a marriage that would go the distance. What allowed Matt to love Kelly through her darkest days? Was it his deep love for her? It was his commitment to his marriage vows made not only to Kelly but also to God, to love her in sickness and in health, for better or worse. Matt was committed to keeping his vow, even if Kelly was incapable of responding to his love. Matt was determined to love her no matter what she did or how she responded because Matt was a man of passionate love and commitment.

The secret of a lifelong, loving marriage is… Commitment to your wedding vows. It passed on an inheritance, typically to the oldest son. By stealing the blessing Jacob believed he was obtaining an inheritance of vast lands and power. God saw what Jacob did and was not pleased. Deceit is always a sin because it prevents full disclosure of the truth. Anything that hides even a portion of the truth is deception, which separates us from God.

It is His nature to always tell the whole truth. The truth is the way that leads to life. The Source of Success In exile, Jacob headed east. Therefore, do not deceive anyone, because I am the one who will bestow what I have promised. I am the God of success and I will make it happen. My Vow of Honesty When I was 12 years old my father caught me in a lie. I promised never to lie to him again. Then as an adult, I found myself lying to my employer, saying I was sick or at the law library to do some research, when I was actually going to a bar to get drunk.

jacob and laban relationship counseling

When I married I was determined to be truthful, but my thought process had not changed. I still believed it was better to lie and avoid immediate consequences than tell the truth and trust God to help me work through the consequences of my sin.

I believe Jacob was like me, wanting to trust God with the truth, but being afraid God could not or would not help because he disappointed Him by lying. Jacob was stuck working for Laban beyond the agreed fourteen years, and Laban was not giving him anything for it—he was cheating Jacob out of his wages.