Izaya and namie relationship marketing

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izaya and namie relationship marketing

Izaya & Namie Shizaya, Izaya Orihara, Durarara, Cute Anime Couples, . Izaya and Namie Durarara, Izaya Orihara, Shizaya, Japanese Video Games, All Anime. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Izaya O., Shizuo H., Shinra K., Namie Y. Izaya was locked up in his room and he managed to successfully isolate their new found "relationship" and, Shizuo; he was sending so many texts [I will get you some black market lungs even if I had to rip them. durarara izaya and namie | Izanami - Izamie - Namie Yagiri x Izaya Orihara - Durarara . Pretty much Celty, Shizuo, and Izaya's relationship. Shizuo: "One.

He started to seriously consider the fact that maybe something was indeed wrong with Shizu-chan. So, he contacted the demented doctor; if someone would know anything; it would be Shinra. And, even if Izaya was ready to break his pride yet again, he still was very much uncomfortable with calling him, as he realized that Shinra knew everything; so the informant sent a text. After all, how he could not be uncomfortable as Shinra was the one who got Shizuo to fuck him.

Izaya was a bit impressed with that one. The shear manipulation that Shinra has pulled almost topped everything that Izaya did.

The Cursed Blood Chapter 7, a durarara!!/デュラララ!! fanfic | FanFiction

He never have managed to make the monster do something like that. He barely managed to save the idiot's life. And even that wouldn't be possible if Shizuo wasn't paralyzed and glued to a bed. He sighted and looked at the phone. It read "one new message".

izaya and namie relationship marketing

He was fucking scared to even ask, but he needed to know who hurt the other in order to retaliate. His lungs aren't ok and his immune system is all messed up. I needed to put him in a medical induced coma. He smiled at the thought of Izaya caring. But he couldn't say that to his face, his hands were still broken after his "talk" to Shizuo, and "the talk" with Izaya seamed as even worse idea.

izaya and namie relationship marketing

He clicked the button for automated typing and started to dictate to his phone. My hands are broken, and I can't operate on him; he needs to go to a real hospital and to have transplantation there.

I have already put him on a donor waiting list. Leave it to the idiot to smoke as a chimney for ten straight days. Then, he was angry at himself; it was his fault; if he had answered only one of those texts Shizuo wouldn't be in this mess. Finally, he was angry at Shinra. He chose to have his arms broken now at all times. His anger was slowly being replaced with fear. He was shaking and he was afraid that Shizuo won't be cured. One thought of Shizuo being dead and he was even more terrified then few weeks ago when this entire shit started.

If he got transplantation, he could live a long life; as long as he stops smocking. So, he needed to manipulate someone into being donor and giving away only one lung wing; it was easier then making people donating all of theirs organs after committing some near fatal car accident, and then manipulating hospital staff to give lungs to Shizuo He was with Psyche.

Shizuo quickly turned to see Psyche trailing behind him and flinch nervously. Psyche smiled back and rushed to his side, linking their arms together. Shizuo couldn't help but think that this 'man' really acted pretty girly or childish.

He wondered if it was because he was so innocent, still uncorrupt and sheltered. A really rare thing especially since he lived with one of the most twisted man that Shizuo knew alive. Shizuo walked over to the crepe cart and ordered his favorite, caramel chocolate strawberry crepe. I shouldn't have you always buy me things, Shizuo-san. Psyche was very indecisive.

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He really did not know how to 'choose' or knew what it meant to be 'free'. Shizuo decided to take it upon himself to thwart Izaya's plan and let Psyche have a taste of 'freedom. He was allowed to mix and match from 30 different ingredients. This really was hard. Psyche stood there, frowning, scowling, and pouting, doing his very best to choose what he wanted.

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Only if you really wanted to eat it this way," Shizuo said sternly. You need to learn how to choose, Psyche," Shizuo said softly this time.

izaya and namie relationship marketing

He trembled a bit. The crepe cart guy stood there nervously as well.

izaya and namie relationship marketing

It was just a crepe geez! No need to get all drama about it, he grumbled inwardly. Finally the man pointed at a random selection of ingredients.

In the end, Psyche got a vanilla ice cream crepe with strawberries and bananas with a lot of Shizuo's 'suggestions'.

izaya and namie relationship marketing

Shizuo decided maybe it was a bit too early and dangerous to have Psyche decide everything for himself. They sat down on one of the park benches and watched the clouds drift above them.

They didn't really need to speak to each other. Through silence, they enjoyed each other's company. He's kinda like Celty…. He looked over and saw that he was busy scribbling down some music notes while the ice cream in his crepe was dripping down his hand. Then he cringed his face from the brain freeze. Shizuo chuckled at the younger man. He started licking his fingers to clean them, his pink tongue flicking out to suck on the digits.

It really should not look this perverted, Shizuo thought as his ears turned bright pink, matching Psyche's headset. While Psyche was hanging out with Shizuo, Izaya was preoccupied with something other then work. The great informant of Tokyo groaned inwardly and sent glaring daggers at his assistant for scheduling a meeting with a certain pair of otaku duo.

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Izaya and Namie

It's about a guy buying a guy! Izaya-san should buy a girl and fill up his harem! It's a man's romance to have a harem filled with beautiful Lolita girls! Besides, Izaya-san's an informant, not a certain debt collector. Do you think all debt collectors are short tempered? He refused to show them that, well….