Irie and kotoko relationship questions

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irie and kotoko relationship questions

Why do some people not agree with the Kotoko and Irie pairing in the anime " Itazura na Kiss"? She is basically in an abusive relationship at the end. I hope no. Irie and Kotoko are very 'lovey dovey' in this episode. Kotoko questions him about the young nurse, Irie-kun mentions the young . Things start to get ugly when Mary decides to interfere with Kotoko and Naoki's relationship. Nov 21, Explore Tu Thanb's board "relationship goals" on Pinterest. Naoki lleva a Kotoko devuelta a casa luego de la reunión entre los estudiantes de.

Mama ignored his comments and continued, "In the beginning, I think it is due to us being separated for so long, she needs time to adapt to it. But months had gone by and there's no progress in their relationship at all! Has Kotoko-chan really change? Or she has a new boyfriend? How could she give up like that? She must create more chances for them, Mama thought determinedly. Seconds later, Mama clapped excitedly and stood up. He grabbed his bag from the sofa and went upstairs. Midway, Mama said while waiting for Kotoko to pick up her phone, "Don't think I forget about Konomi and you!

I'll interrogate you later about it. I'm not going to repeat the mistake of letting my prospective daughter-in-law run away! To her, all looks the same - green and leafy. Which one did Aunty Irie ask her to buy? Kotoko regretted not stopping what she was doing to record down what Aunty Irie said.

Is it all right if she just get any random one? As long as it is vegetables, it should be fine, right? She would feel guilty if dinner was delayed because of her. Thanks," Kotoko said gratefully and followed him behind.

Kotoko slowly looked up, trying to search for any signs but to no avail. Doesn't she know him well enough to know that? Why does it sound like she understood him well? Kotoko shook that weird ideas away and lied, "Yes, you are right, how forgetful of me.

Yes, he asked that question to test her reaction.

As expected, she lied. He really hated this feeling of being shut out by her. His logic knew it was not her fault but his heart could not accept it.

irie and kotoko relationship questions

Kotoko was no longer like in those days when she was like an open book, where she could not hide anything from him. Even if she tried, with the aid of some manipulation and threat, he could find out whatever she attempted to hide. Everything changed because of amnesia, because of an accident. Those memories were erased by her because of it. Noticing Irie-kun not beside her, Kotoko walked back and with a titled head, she asked, bewildered by his actions as he stood there, not moving, "Irie-kun?

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What are we buying next? Aizawa again or Uncle Aihara. How many times have I repeated that for Tanaka-san, his meals are vegetarian and there is even a green label to indicate it," Shimizu, her direct supervisor, lectured.

And remembering such details are one of the ways. A few days ago, there is a complaint from one of the patient, Mr Kimura, on how a five minutes journey turned out to be thirty minutes, with the help of Motoki too, thus causing him to be late for his appointment.

irie and kotoko relationship questions

I even double confirmed with other staff on the route before bringing the patients," Kotoko answered nervously. If lucky, they might meet during lunch time or common shift.

There was also the after working hours which was a secret. Kotoko broke the silence, feeling uncomfortable and weird, especially when it was quite a distance away before she reached her ward.

He was a genius. Some people are born luckier. I think maybe you need to retake in order not to endanger those patients and people around you. I can imagine the tough times they went through during your days there.

They miss the joy and liveliness I provide. As if she could not read his doubt in her words or maybe mocking her for her forgetfulness. Kotoko was surprised at the crowd gathered around when she returned to the nurse station. She turned to Tomoko and quizzed, confused, "Is it just me or there are a sudden surge of nurses? Kotoko tilted her head in bewilderment. Also, he will never ask to join someone at a table. And as for lunching with me, maybe the canteen was full and my area happen to have space.

Aizawa sensei was with me, maybe he has something to discuss with him? All of you are thinking too much, way unnecessarily. There are so many more women hundred times prettier than me, more intelligent and talented. We must be overthinking it," one of the nurses in shoulder wavy length hair agreed.

There might be exaggeration along the way as the rumours spread. Kotoko heaved a sigh of relief while inside was cursing Irie-kun for the trouble he caused her. She should just move out quickly.

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Meanwhile, Kotoko hissed at Tomoko and the others, who were supposedly her friends. Kotoko forced a smile and said her thanks. Due to this incident, at night, after dinner, Kotoko glared angrily at Naoki as he sat relaxingly on the sofa, watching the news.

Somehow, she had this feeling he did it on purpose. So is that a yes or no? I'm going to call Aya and complain to her.

How she misses those school days where life was so much simpler and peaceful. They only think about passing the exams, choose between university or career and activities to do after school or during their free time.

Now, with the Irie family, her dad and Konomi, they arrived at Tonan High School sports day where the classes compete in various sports events and aimed for first place. The crowd, the cheering and the liveliness, it sure brought back memories. It was the relay race.

Kotoko stood frozen as snippets of images flashed in her mind when she saw Yuki ran. She remembered participating in it, determined to win, to beat class A. And while watching, amidst the hustle and pushing, she fell down and was injured.

And a guy carried her to the infirmary. She remembered how happy she was at that time. Last day of honeymoon Kotoko suggests to Naoki that they could spend the last day alone together, and he agrees.

When Mary realises that, she pretends to be sick in her room, which results with Takumi calling Naoki for help. As Naoki is examining Mary, he touches her belly, and Kotoko, filled with jealousy yells at him not to touch her. Naoki gets mad, and replies that she'll have to hold her jealousy down if she wants to be doctors wife, which makes Kotoko run out in tears.

Takumi goes to get medications, Mary reveals her true intentions and confesses to Naoki, who immediately rejects her. When Takumi got back he heard her saying that she will separate them, and slaps her, which makes her starting to respect him, and they promise each other they will be happy together. Meanwhile, Naoki finds Kotoko, who was lost.

They spend the last night happily together, the episode ends showing them kissing in bed.

irie and kotoko relationship questions

Feeling sympathetic towards Chris, Kotoko decides to help her in her quest to win Kinnosuke's heart by preparing him a birthday party. But things, naturally, went wrong, and Kinnosuke hurts Chris feelings. Later, he finally confesses that he has feelings for her, and runs to the airport - and just as it seemed Chris is gone, she comes back, saying she just couldn't leave, and kissing Kinnosuke by surprise, which he pretty much liked.

When Kotoko gets back home, Oba goes all over her, announcing that Kotoko is probably pregnant, because she felt nausea in the morning.

When Naoki hears that, he takes her to the doctor, where they realize it was false alarm. Then he reminds Kotoko on her test, and she realizes that she forgot to look at the results. It turns out that she made it, and also with highest score of all others. Then Naoki, as promised, takes her on a date. Kikyou Motoki a transgender nurseShinagawa Marina, Kamogari Keita a male nurse who later harbours feelings for Kotokoand the lovable Ogura Tomoko.

She then finds out that Marina, Motoki, and Tomoko all love Naoki, and all hate his wife who happens to be Kotoko. Unable to bring herself to say she is Naoki's wife she plays along with their plan to find out who Naoki's wife is.

Later on they go to Naoki and Kotoko's house and try to find out who it is. Kotoko frustrated with keeping the secret is about to tell them that she is Naoki's wife, however all three of them see Naoki walking up to the house with Mastumoto Yuuko and of course believe she is Naoki's wife. Astounded by her beauty and class Marina, Motoki, and Tomoko give up on Naoki, leaving Kotoko unhappy about the fact that they think Yuuko is Naoki's wife.

The next day however Naoki comes into her classroom and tells her about some shopping requests. When he leaves, everyone is speechless and Kotoko begins apologize for deceiving them. However finding out that Kotoko is Naoki's wife, they are filled with joy and now have their hopes up again. Kotoko feels quite insulted by this. After yelling at Keita, due to being drunk, she falls asleep. Naoki is about to take her home, but Keita, furious about Naoki not caring about Kotoko's needs, yells at him.

The next day when Keita sees Kotoko working as hard as she can, he lets her use his arm to practice on blood pressure. While Kotoko is getting ready, Keita begins to blush showing he has feelings for her. At the end of the episode Naoki sees Keita and Kotoko together laughing and begins to get jealous. But she faints during a practice autopsy which results in Keita saving her. When he lays Kotoko down on the bed, he suddenly felt the urge to kiss her, Naoki sees this and decides to confront Keita.

Keita however strongly believes that Naoki treats Kotoko with no respect and ignores Naoki's words. Then the story shows Irie staring passionately at the unconscious Kotoko, but a nurse came in with the request of Dr. Kotoko wakes up shortly after and returns to home with Keita, and meets Irie's mother halfway. Naoki's mother seems to notice that Keita is much more chivalrous to Kotoko than the cold-hearted Naoki and decides to find out more about Keita.

After sneaking into the college and gaining information from other students, Keita is just a nice guy and even Naoki's mother believes that anyone would choose Keita over Naoki. The end of the episode shows Keita concerned about Kotoko going back to Naoki, and asking her to leave Naoki for her own good, as he believes Naoki does not love her.

During lunch one day, Chris gets burned by oil, and Kinnosuke, refusing to hand her over to anyone else, admits his feelings and devotion and proposes to Chris. Chris, after some persuasion due to insecurity, accepts. When Kotoko gets very fed-up of his behaviour she gets very upset and starts throwing books at him and saying that Keita was right Irie doesn't care about her and that Keita thinks about her more than Irie does and that Keita was serious, Irie slaps Kotoko, Kotoko yells that she's had enough and runs away, she ends up at Tomoko's house.

Kotoko's dad talks to Irie about how things had been between him and Kotoko's late mother. The next day in the lunch room Keita talks to Kotoko asking her to live with him now that she's run away from home, when Kotoko declines Keita confesses that he is in love with Kotoko, and she should not go back to someone who does not love her, Kotoko tries to defend Irie but Keita questions if Irie came after her, and just as Kotoko is feeling like Keita is right, Irie runs in claiming Keita is wrong and that he was only being the way he was because he was feeling jealous of Keita, explaining that he Irie has never felt jealous or sad before so he didn't know what to do, he confesses that he can work through it all with Kotoko by his side, Kotoko still teary, questions Irie if it's ok for her to be by his side, Irie smiles at her saying that's what he wants, Kotoko runs to him and hugs him, the whole school breaks into cheers and congratulates them.

And Keita walks out admitting defeat. Later, Irie is seen kissing Kotoko in their bedroom. Then Kotoko is selected as the representative for her class and has to recite the Nightingale Pledge because she is Irie's wife and because nobody except Moto volunteered but since the head nurse knows that Moto is a male and the tradition was to have female nurses to recite the Pledge, he wasn't selected. Afterward, Kotoko practices memorizing the Pledge but has trouble when Moto walks by reciting the entire Pledge perfectly.

At that moment, Kotoko realizes that Moto really did want to be a female nurse because of an old movie he saw so she schemes a plan with him. Towards the end of the ceremony, Moto shows up wearing a female nurse uniform. The head nurse tells him to go get changed but Kotoko and the rest of the class objected so the nurse ended up capping Moto.

Kotoko recites the Pledge perfectly and afterward, she stays behind in the cathedral and Irie shows up, shocking Kotoko. Irie apologizes to Kotoko because he didn't make it in time for the ceremony, Kotoko tells him it's ok and they hug. Four years later, Kotoko is a full fledged nurse but still acts like a novice since she runs in the halls and isn't perfunctory.

Her patient is an "old hag" because she makes Kotoko run errands. The patient also secretly took pictures of Irie and when Kotoko took a picture of Irie that her patient took, the patient tells the head nurse that Kotoko was stealing.

The head nurse chastises her and sends her off. As Kotoko walks by Keita and his patient Kotoko realizes that Keita's patient is in love with him even though he denies it. When she joins Moto and the other nurses, they tell Kotoko that Nobuhiro, a movie star, was in the waiting area. They drag Kotoko to find Nobuhiro and when they were standing in front of the TV a guy tells them to move and then they realize that the guy was Nobuhiro.

They beg for his autograph but Nobuhiro tells them to stop bothering him. Kotoko stands up to him and Nobuhiro hugs her and says, "I miss you. However, he has changed very much due to his loneliness from growing up in the hospital. Kotoko manages to talk to Non and makes him realize how many people care for him.

Irie and Kotoko are very 'lovey dovey' in this episode.

Irie and Kotoko pull an all-nighter at the hospital as a lot of emergencies came in, Kotoko stayed even though she seemed to have a fever. When Kotoko returns home in the morning, Oba-chan looks worried over her appearance and asks her if she's alright, Kotoko thinks she's running a slight fever, but Irie asks everyone to wait a moment, he asks Kotoko if she's pregnant, Oba-chan and Yuuki both get a shock and yell 'what!

The episode is left at a cliffhanger. Oba-san throws a party, Kotoko and Irie's fathers both look up baby names, even Yuuki is excited though he tries not to show it, but is later seen with toys for the baby.

After the party, Kotoko and Irie enter their bedroom, Kotoko is a bit worried and questions Irie on what he thinks about her being pregnant, if he's happy about it or not. Irie calls her an idiot and hugs her saying he is very happy. Going into work, Kotoko's friends put her into doubt about Irie's loyalty to her.

As Kotoko spies on him with Oba-san spying on both Kotoko and Irie she sees him talking and laughing along with a young nurse. Kotoko then sees Irie talking to Yuuko Matsumoto who it seems has been admitted to hospital. Later, while walking home, Kotoko questions him about the young nurse, Irie mentions the young nurse is cute, Kotoko seems to feel down after hearing that.

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The next day Kotoko spies on Irie and the young nurse as they visit Yuuko Matsumoto, who sees Kotoko standing outside, Kotoko covers up by saying she was worried about Yuuko. Irie talks to the young nurse using 'chan' after her name, Kotoko gets all jealous, but her jealousy is cut short as Sudo-senpai rushes into Yuuko's room and bumps into Kotoko on the way in, therefore ending her jealousy trance.

Later when their shift is over, Irie reassures Kotoko's doubts of him, and catches her as she's about to fall down the stairs. As they stand there, Kotoko's friends spy on them. As Kin announces that he is going to marry Chris, two men in black walk into the restaurant, it seems Chris' mother is here, she grabs Kin's face and takes time to examine him, then tells Chris that Kin is a very handsome man, also saying that Kin should come to England to marries Chris, but Kin disagrees.

Back at the hospital, Matsumoto Yuuko is giving Sudu-san and Kotoko a hard time, as she tries to go back to work. When Sudo gets angry at her for not thinking of her own health he slaps her, causing Yuuko to punch him in the face as she walks out in an angry fit with Kotoko chasing after her, when Yuuko tells Kotoko to leave her alone as she's going back to work, Kotoko questions her and asks if Yuuko is going to work still dressed in her pyjamas.

As they return to Yuuko's room they overhear Sudo-san talking to Irie about Yuuko. Yuuko then returns to her bed saying she will be staying until she gets better. Kotoko and Irie-kun return home, Oba-san calls Irie over and tells him that she is very upset with him, showing him all the photos she took of him talking to other nurses.

Kotoko and Irie enter their bedroom and Kotoko says that Oba was just worried, but Kotoko stops talking mid-sentence, Irie asks what's wrong. Kotoko answered him that it seems that the baby in her womb is moving. She later on goes to see Kin and finds out that Chris is 3 months pregnant. Kotoko, after coming back home, tells Irie about the news. She later doesn't feel good and thinks it is because of the iron tablets she's been taking to replenish her blood.

She doesn't tell Irie about this because she doesn't want to disturb him while he's writing his thesis. The next day, Kotoko and her friends are discussing when Kotoko is going to take maternal leave. She refuses quickly, stating that she wants to work as much as possible and goes to see Irie. Later on, her friends from work go home and leave Kotoko to walk home with Irie but he informs her that he will be working late that evening as he wants to do more of his thesis. Kotoko is on the subway where she thinks that she feels a bit light-headed.

As she is walking up the steps from the subway she collapses at the top not feeling well, she is spotted and then an ambulance is called, Kotoko is unconscious.