Idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

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idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe quotes by. Tue, 16 story centers on Ruth. Jamison and. Idgie. Threadgoode, two best about the relationships of. Fried Green Tomatoes is a comedy-drama film based on the novel Fried Green Tomatoes Ninny's story begins with tomboy Idgie Threadgoode, the youngest of the Ruth Jamison, intervenes at the request of the concerned Threadgoode family. Idgie .. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Fried Green Tomatoes. The book's plot revolved heavily around the love story between two women: Ruth Jamison And Idgie Threadgoode.

Instead, Flagg describes a relationship between Idgie and Ruth that is more of a homosocial one.

Secretly Gay Movies: “Fried Green Tomatoes”

As women like to say to men, just because you are a couple, does not mean you must have sex. The way that they speak and act towards each other throughout that scene is very characteristic of the way many lovers, both heterosexual and homosexual, speak and act towards each other.

Idgie goes as far as to say that she would kill for Ruth and that she would die for Ruth, all because she loves her. You love me…you know you do.

You know you do! Idgie had already lost the first love in life, her brother Buddy Threadgoode, and she was not about ready to lose Ruth.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

One can understand being upset at having a friend leave, but to get as upset as Idgie gets, shows that they are much more than friends. Idgie loves Ruth more than anything in the world.

So much in fact, that she travels all the way to Georgia once a month just to see her; not talk to her, just to see if she is all right. Then, one day, she finally gets the courage to talk to Ruth and she lets Ruth know how she feels.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café: Summary & Lesbianism

During those four years that they were apart, all Ruth does is pray that she could have Idgie back. Idgie loves Ruth more than anything in the world, and Ruth feels the same way about Idgie.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

That was when Idgie and Ruth officially becomes a couple, not just friends anymore. They would be together until Ruth dies and they would suffer through the same struggles as any other couple, but they are not like every other couple.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

So, the question begs to be asked, how could Whistle Stop, a small town in Alabama, be so accepting of something so different than the norm; a lesbian couple? It could be that they were not like any other towns back in those days.

After all, they were much more accepting of and caring towards the blacks in the town; which was also unheard of in that time.

Idgie and Ruth Love Story Fried Green Tomatoes (FGT)

However, it is not that, it is the fact that everyone in the community considers Idgie a man. She plays cards like a man, drinks like a man, and even dresses like a man. All of the actors in the show are men, except of course Idgie, and they still call it a womanless wedding. It shows that they truly felt Idgie was a guy just like the rest of them.

Scouting for a location, she found Juliette, Georgiaa town that was, according to Avnet, nearly deserted.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

It was redesigned as a cafe, with a horseshoe shaped counter to allow for optimal camera angles. However, after the latter backed out at the last minute, Masterson volunteered to do it herself.

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The footage of her covered in a swarm of live bees is seen in the final version of the film. At the time of the film's debut, it was criticized by reviewers and activists for what was seen as "glossing over" the lesbian relationship. Ninny clearly states that "I was practically adopted by the Threadgoodes; I married her [Idgie's] brother, Cleo" and nothing in the book or film suggests incest.

If Idgie had married anyone, it would have been Ruth, however impossible and illegal that may have been at the time.

idgie threadgoode and ruth jamison relationship quotes

Release[ edit ] The film was given a limited release in the US on December 27,opening in five theaters. It ran for 19 weeks in total, with its widest release having been 1, theaters. Both also received Golden Globe nominations for their work, and the film got a Best Picture Comedy or Musical nomination.