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"He told me he wants to be in a relationship with you but have all the "I don't want Huey," Cindy stood and got in Jazmine's face with a . Oh and by the way, could you actually review the STORY if you answer the quizzes. Riley Freeman (brother)Edit. She is a huge daddy's girl and has admitted several times through Rosa Elizabeth Freeman that Huey is her best friend and most favorite person in the world. Huey and Cindy's relationship is much like Huey and Riley's, excpet minus the fighting. By: Uncle Dan No Relation He already knew Huey, his big brother as well as his ride was long gone to school by now. away thanking their lucky stars they didn't have a quiz like Mr. Vance the Algebra 2 teacher promised until he finally spotted her Jazmine, Huey's best friend since age ten had grown.

She knew that Huey isn't one to beat around the bush. Huey would tell you bluntly, even if it would hurt your feelings. Jazmine witnessed that firsthand. But what if… what if Huey was just using her? What if he didn't want a true relationship with her? What if they were just fuck buddies, friends with benefits, no strings attached? She felt her anxiety coming in. I said you can go over there tomorrow.

But…" he held up his index finger. If you're so adamant about Huey being the 'perfect boy'," he put air quotes around perfect boy. She was actually surprised that her father even made an effort to come to a happy medium, even though to Jazmine it was still punishment. Sarah's words must have really stuck with him. She finished her food, and then cleaned up the kitchen as she usually did.

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After that, she went to her room and called Huey to tell him the wonderful news. What if she surprised him? What if, instead of telling him ahead of time and watched the bored expressions on his face as he did history and algebra homework, she could not tell him and could maybe get an expression that didn't say 'I-hate-you-and-everyone-around-you'?

That expression was permanently etched into his face. And plus Huey didn't even like surprises. When he was turning 13, Jazmine made the awful mistake and, despite the objections from Riley and Granddad, threw him a surprise party. When she led him into his dining room, the person who yelled surprise closest to him, which unfortunately, was Tom, got a punch in the face, courtesy of a startled Huey. Which was why they weren't allowed to go to back to the haunted houses in the city of Baltimore.

Was this even going to work? Well, she wasn't really surprising him, just more like appearing with a nice tidbit of information that her dad wasn't locking in her dungeon one day out the week. This had to work, because she missed him, and she knew that even if he didn't want to admit it out loud, he missed her being around. The only thing Huey Freeman missed was peace and quiet.

He didn't get much before, but the one thing he could count on was that the mornings, because no true nigga woke up before 10, unless you were forced to go to school. And even then, you probably went to sleep in class, i. But she wasn't a nigga.

At least, not on the outside. She biologically was white, which meant she was an early riser. Well, it didn't guarantee that if you were white, you were an early riser, but that's beside the point. The fact is, when he comes downstairs, trying to get in a meditation and early morning yoga in before he had to get ready for school, she already was up, cooking breakfast and listening to loud-ass ghetto music.

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And get to mackin' to this bitch named Sadie Sadie? She used to be the homeboy's lady Oh, that bitch 80 degrees, when I tell that bitch please Raise up off these N-U-T's, cause you gets none of these, at ease Really?

It was too damn early to be listening to Gin and Juice! At least it was old hip-hop and not Lil Wayne or someone like that.

And as if on cue I gotta a whole lotta money, bitches count it for me Bottle keep poppin', that's why the bad hoes jockin' It's a party, it's a party, it's a party It's a party, it's a party, it's a party He was pretty sure none of what he just heard was English. Wanna piece of bacon?

Wanna piece of toast? I did some of yo wheat bread, just in case you wanted some," Cindy grabbed two slices of the wheat bread. He didn't get his meditations, but he did get a filling breakfast. He opened his door to his room, and in less than three seconds his brother shot out of bed.

She even made me toast. You being a dumbass actually got a good thing out of this. Toast ain't breakfast, anyways. Not without no pork, it ain't. Just get ready for school. I'm Young Reezy; I do what I pleases. Ain't no bitch ass brother gon' tell me—" Huey closed the door mid-sentence. It was almost 6: He figured that this day wasn't going to be the best anyways. She looked towards their door. There was no movement coming out. If there's one thing niggas can do right is be late!

I bet those jungle bunnies are still sleeping! Everybody knows that niggas don't wake up until 10! Take your seat, missy, we have to go. A gust of wind blew and Jazmine shivered. Nonetheless, she went over to the Freeman residence and knocked loudly on the door. When Huey opened the door, his scowl lightened on a little, but she's pretty sure she was the only one who would noticed that, so she smiled.

He lifted his eyebrows. It was just that I mean it's because I'll stop talking now. She always was embarrassing herself. You can calm down. I was just kidding. Those two don't go in the same sentence unless there's a 'never' or a 'doesn't' involved," she giggled. Huey sighed and Jazmine hugged him. I forgive you, though.

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I didn't miss the bus. It's really cold out here. Her pink tinted cheeks started to turn back to their original color. No thanks, but I rather get hypothermia than that. Why didn't you have a jacket anyways? She pulled the hoodie over her head. They went back downstairs and saw Riley and Granddad arguing… again.

All we ask it that you take us to school, it ain't that hard!

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Y'all little dumbasses shouldn't have missed the damn bus in the first place! He cocked his head to the side. She was sitting on the couch, arms folded into her chest. Sorry I don't look like I just woke up, like Huey does," Riley pointed out.

Freeman, can you please please please take us to school? She nodded quickly to seal the deal. Jazmine waited by her locker, as she usually did after fourth period. Today was an exceptionally slow day, all of her classes dragging for what seemed like an eternity. She opened her locker and traded her World History book for her French workbook. She looked into the mirror that's hangs on the door and made faces into them. She closed the door enough to see the person who was addressing her.

She grabbed the backpack that she left on the ground. So you know how you working on PowerPoint for history, right? Jazmine nodded in response. She turned to the direction of Huey, but saw that he disappeared in the crowd of high schoolers.

Rashad finished and stuck the note on her chest. Just as she opened her locker again, two objects flew inside. Jazmine gasped and looked inside to see Chinese throwing stars stuck to the back of her locker. She closed her locker and walked towards their class. Has the nigga never heard of Yahoo? There's email in the world, you know. Are you kidding me? I think he has a thing for you Jazmine; you better be careful.

I swear on everything that I have ever loved in my entire life that I will—" "Huey! Did she just call him… jealous? He walked in and sat behind her. Now that I'm actually your girlfriend, you see Rashad as a threat. Even though I don't see why. It's kinda cute, really," she shrugged. She turned back around to do her warm-up. He hated how hot his cheeks felt right now.

He also hated that, deep down inside of him, he did feel a little threatened by Rashad. Like he wants to talk? She turned around and saw his red face. He turned away from her and pulled out a marker from his backpack.

She saw as she wrote on her right arm in black marker. Property of Huey P. You really are paranoid. Dubois on it, then taped it to the hoodie he was wearing. Clarissa was the self-proclaimed "Baddest Bitch of Woodcrest," but really she was just a bitch. She was one of those girls at your school who probably fucked every dude in your class, but for some reason, went after the guy you were dating.

Or in Jazmine's case, Huey. He rolled her eyes. He only had to see her once a day, since this was his only regular class and Clarissa was kind of stupid. Even then, she still managed to piss him off. You got your paper or are you too dumb to finish it? A long time ago. But thanks for trying, though. Clarissa glanced down at Jazmine's right arm. She pulled it closer to her so she could read it. You guys go out or something? It isn't any of your damn business to know," Jazmine snapped.

She just wish that Clarissa can go bother someone else for once. Keep her around, Huey. She looks like a keeper," Clarissa scoffed. She flipped her long weave and walked away. Jazmine wanted to sock her in her eye, but instead counted to ten and cooled down. Jazmine got off the bus afterschool and followed Huey to his house. Huey turned around suspiciously. Jazmine lightly smacked him in the shoulder and gave him a look.

Besides, I need help with my French homework. Not all of us are blessed with a She pouted and went to his room. She headed straight towards his bed and put her French book in front of her. She laid her workbook next to it and stared at both of them. That should be enough entertainment for you. Huey, can you help me… please? He rolled his eyes. She clapped her hands in joy and wrote it down.

She lifted her head up and asked, "Huey, is it always this quiet on a Thursday? It was eerily quiet in his house for it to be a weekday. It probably hasn't been this quiet since… ever. Probably because we're the only ones here. They have a discount for seniors today and him being as cheap as he is probably went. I think he went to see that new Friday movie. You know how much he loves Friday. She was still scribbling in her workbook, but they looked more like doodles than actual work.

He needed to study for WHAP tonight. You think I want to…" she stopped to look around. Shown to be a highly skilled martial artistHuey often demonstrates on various occasions an ability with nunchakukatanaGun staffas well as hand to hand combat that far surpasses the expected capabilities of a ten-year-old.

Though he has won several fights against Riley, a pair of theater guards, Stinkmeaner on one occasion though with the help of his grand father and brotherMing on another occasion, a pair of guards in the Season 4 episode, "Freedomland," Ed Wuncler Jr.

And though Uncle Ruckus beat Huey the first time it is not shown who won the rematch; the beginning of the fight was the end of the episode. He also fought a few of Winston Jerome's men. Huey regularly beats Riley with ease in their fights despite the fact Riley often uses objects such as frying pans, or golf clubs in their fights showing Huey is very disciplined and skilled against armed opponents.

The man reappears in the Season 3 finale "It's Goin' Down" to warn Huey that government agents actually are on their way to Woodcrest to apprehend him, forcing him into a desperate attempt to flee the city. Huey seen praying in the season one finale. Huey does not consider himself to be religious and has mentioned so several times in the comics.

Nevertheless, he very passionately insists that Jesus Christ was black and US president Ronald Reagan is the Devil, although given his obvious intelligence he may mean Jesus as the man, rather than the demigod, and republican's greed and vile rather than the deity itself. As of the third season of the series, the only support he has explicitly given to this theory is that many individuals of African descent lived in the Middle East during the time of Christ, which further broadens his apparent sphere of knowledge.

Huey is shown to admire several historical figures. As mentioned before, Huey is named after Huey P. Newtonthe co-founder of the Black Panthers. While Huey is always portrayed as being a left-wing radical, his specific political ideologies are more logical and less radical than other characters portray them as.

On several occasions, such as " The Block is Hot ," he has demonstrated a following of revolutionary socialism. This is also backed up because Huey has posters of revolutionary socialists in his room. A belief in anarchism is also plausible, as several of his statements have paid respect to it, however this is not confirmed.

In " Or Die Trying However, a moderate belief in Black nationalism is common, since a desire for a greater unity between the black people of America is a recurring theme. Huey has also quoted Karl Marxsuggesting an understanding of communism. In " The Real " Huey claims to be the founder of 23 radical leftist organizations, including the Black Revolutionary Organization or B. In terms of public opinion, the national media within the Boondocks' universe often labels Huey as a " domestic terrorist " throughout various newscasts seen during the third season.

The only deep insight in Huey's spiritual beliefs is when he believed an innocent man on death row, whose release Huey had worked for, was about to be executed " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus ". Alone in a field, Huey dropped to his knees and sobbed as he offered up prayers to God ; almost simultaneously, a bizarre chain of events led to the man's sentence being postponed or commuted by the governor.

Upon learning of this, Huey says: Maybe there are forces in the universe we don't understand. But I still believe we make our own miracles. Being both disillusioned as well as possessing an extremely logical view of the world, Huey is rarely seen smiling in the episodes. He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging. In season one, Huey was seen smiling when he defeats his brother Riley and in " The Passion of Reverend Ruckus " when he asks Jazmine to come with him to prison though the smile is quickly replaced with anger toward Jazmine and twice in " The Block is Hot " when he set up his soap box and when he watched Jazmine speak with Ed Wuncler Sr.

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In season two, he is seen smiling three times. The second and third is in episode "Ballin'" when Riley finally insults the opposing team's star player enough to make her cry. After scoring multiple baskets, Huey is seen smiling at his brother along with Granddad. He is also seen smiling during the timeout that Tom called to congratulate the team on their playing.

Other than four instances, Huey has never been caught smiling. This isn't to say that Huey lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family ex. It is heavily implied that Huey is a vegetarian. He is rarely seen eating, but is never seen eating meat, and is shown to enjoy veggie burgers. In The Itis, it is revealed that he does not eat pork.

His dietary beliefs are shown to be influenced by Elijah Muhammad's How to Eat to Livewhich recommends vegetarianism and forbids pork. Huey is shown to disagree with the popular beliefs of Christmas. As Christmas has roots in a Pagan holiday, he has suggested Jesus Christ probably hates people for celebrating it. He frequently displays agnostic-atheistic leanings. Relationships analysis Riley Freeman Riley is Huey's younger brother, and regularly represents everything Huey loathes and generally disapproves of.

Huey is politically minded and critical while Riley remains uninterested, showing great affection for many things including gangsta rap, violence, and "bling," that Huey finds to be culturally poisonous. Despite their constant fighting and his disagreement with Riley's beliefs, Huey cares very much for his brother as he usually tries to steer him in the right direction, acts which Riley initially ignores, but results in Riley facing the consequences of his actions later on.

They also get into furious battles which Huey always wins, as his disciplined use of martial arts beats Riley's unskilled street fighting style. Robert Jebediah Freeman Robert Freeman is the paternal grandfather and legal guardian of Huey and Riley Freeman, who often disagrees with many of Huey's political ideas. While in the comic strip, Huey and his grandfather have a much more affable relationship, in the seriesthey are almost constantly at odds, in part due to his constant favoritism shown to Riley, who supports his grandfather's various crazy schemes.

Huey seems to offer Granddad advice in certain situations, such as during " Granddad's Fight ", "The S-Word", and " The Story of Thugnificent ," attempts that almost always fall flat. Huey often tries to dissuade Robert from his get rich quick schemes and under handed tendencies without much success.