How did gajeel and levy meet

Iron Secrets Chapter 3: Gajeel Meets Levy, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction

how did gajeel and levy meet

Chapter 3: Gajeel Meets Levy. "C'mon, let's have some fun," Were they still friends? Why did one of them harm me and one of them save me?. "How did you meet mom? A little one shot of Gajeel and Levy it came across my mind and couldn't help but right it How I first meet her?. In episode 13 of Fairy Tail () Gajeel implies that he was a mentor to Rogue. The fact that he knew the name Reyos proves that Gajeel.

5 Reasons Why Gajeel and Levy Need to be Together

Thanking Natsu for patting her back as she was coughing, she faced back towards the blonde boy. Letting out a deep breath, she began telling the story. I was caught in his little love spell and it was your dad that broke the magic.

how did gajeel and levy meet

And later, he rescued me from Bora's ship and brought me to Fairy Tail. Ice is so much cooler. Then Gray-sama got down on one knee and-" "Wrong, wrong, totally wrong! Your mother and I were on opposite sides of the fight and we met for the first time during our battle.

What do you think, son?

Did this really happen, or was this taken straight out of a movie? Anyway, having both ice and water magic in me is useful. My fire could melt all that down in one shot!

how did gajeel and levy meet

You know you couldn't! You should be more respectful towards your seniors. You're the same age as me! Older by five months! Gina looked up at her sky blue-haired mother.

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She won't know what it is. You know how kids are these days! She won't know because she inherited half your brain! Lucy could feel the tension in the air get thicker and thicker until it was to the point that it could be tangible to the touch. When he didn't budge, she pulled with even more force. Not here, when we're having a picnic! Levy grinned as she thought for a moment, then smiled nervously, recalling the horrifying, yet ironic set of events that had led to her relationship with Gajeel.

He, um, destroyed the old guild building, and as another way to piss the old Master off, he attacked me and my team and hung us up on a tree for all to see. Jellal cleared his throat, prepared to answer when Erza cut him short.

Her son didn't say anything for a moment, then turned towards his father. He was the only father she had, thanks to his sperms, she was able to be here. Once she asked him; how babies are made, and what do you think he said?

Well he explained her the real way.

Not like 'Normal' parents would, he did it the Gajeel - style. That's why she knew she was a part of him and her. He doesn't know either why a bookworm like Levy would love a tsundere like him.

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I wouldn't fall in love with somebody who destroyed the guild. And again he used bad language in front of his daughter, even though Levy has forbidden to swear in front of her. Since she was scared that their daughter would start and copy her father language. That's my dad after all Why does she have to be so much Levy?

how did gajeel and levy meet

But his little shrimp on his lap sighed and shook her head slightly. Of course he wouldn't kidnap Bunny Girl again, after all she was one of his so called 'nakamas' and Levy's best friend too. Well Levy forced him to start smiling more often after she was born. So yeah he smiled, because he was happy to have an daughter, even when he was surprised when Levy told him about her little pregnancy. He laughed and stood with her and walked back home. She sure got to know a part of the history of her parents.

how did gajeel and levy meet

Their first meeting after all. And tomorrow when his bookworm comes back home, it's his turn to take a mission, maybe he is going to let Konami join the mission. Since he was training her dragon slaying magic. After for ever taking discussions Levy finally agreed too. I hope you liked my little one shot about Gajeel and his little daughter and Levy.