Hetalia america and england relationship

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hetalia america and england relationship

Their Special Relationship. Summary: America and England has this Special Relationship, right? Yeah, France doesn't like it. FrUK. Warnings. The relationship between Alfred and Arthur (America and England) explained. Spamano, Dennor Smut, Usuk, Norway Hetalia, Doujinshi, Kiss, Yuri. A Special Relationship~ America X England **Axis Powers Hetalia. K likes. " England and America are two countries separated by a common language. ".

Dammit England this is all your faul" "Aflred," England stressed, pointedly reminding him to use their human names in front of the officer. Generally America had no problem remembering, but if his mind was even half as muddled as England's was, it was no wonder he slipped.

The officer cleared his throat. He glanced at the clipboard he held.


England's cheeks grew crimson, the officer's statement confirming what that one sore spot was telling him already. His cheeks had grown red as a stoplight and when he opened his mouth, only spluttering noises came out. They'd gotten completely plastered, ripped each other's clothes off, and had sex in the middle of London.

England's sweatervest was likely lying discarded in some alleyway, and now that he thought about it, America recalled that he had been wearing a belt when the two went out the night before.

hetalia america and england relationship

It was missing as well. Public sex, with another nation.


He didn't think he'd have the nerve to face his boss for months. He wonders if England will let him live his dream until the day of judgment, to which England replies he'll go along with him if 'it's only for a little while'. Both are shocked when the year turns out to be another super ordinary year. Baby America, Teenage France and England Finland tells France and England about a small boy he and Sweden found after they were chased out of their would-be holiday home by Netherlands.

The three of them talk and come to the conclusion the small boy may be 'one of them' a nation. France and England immediately start fighting over who gets to be this new nation's 'older brother'.

Finland shows the small nation, Americato France and England and they start fighting again, this time on who shares characteristics with America, England arguing they have the same hair while France arguing they have the same shoulders. When Finland asks if America looks like him both of them having an innocent faceFrance and England waste no time in teaming up and squashing Finland's hope.

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Later, France and England still argue about who gets the 'older brother' title. Their argument goes from bantering on the back of a hay wagon, to justifying their cases with advise from their leaders, to brawling at Austria 's house where he tells them to get out and finally to an all out fight on the 'French-English Quarrel Reserve'. World War II England and France were both part of the Allied Forces, but even though they were meant to be working together, they always disagreed with each other and used any excuses to fight each other.

In the 'France nii-chan and the Information Manipulation Activities' strip, France and England team up to spread rumours about Germany. Although France doesn't want to spread rumours about Italy, England tries to convince Italy that Germany was talking about him behind his back. His plan failed when Italy went and directly asked Germany what he thought about him. France and England then share a word on how 'annoyingly chummy' the two seemed and ended up in a bar together. France and England ask Poland if he has made preparations for an incoming fight against Germany.

After Poland's 'preparations' are revealed to be a pony, France tells England he can feel his confidence draining. England, for once, agrees with him.

He starts getting worried when England doesn't even respond to his taunting. When England manages to say 'You should go over there', France thinks he has returned to normal, but when England finishes with 'you might catch it', France becomes even more scared. In modern times he claims to be a gentleman; however, he is cynical, sharp-tongued, prone to rough speech, and yearns for the golden years. He often uses British vocabulary, such as 'bloody' and 'git'.

He is noted for being horrible at cooking which has caused Americahis former charge, to have "bad" taste in food. England is also, apparently, the "king of losing things" [5]and France has described him as "somehow extremely useless when it comes to matters not pertaining to himself or America".

He can be described as "spacey" because of his strong belief in magic, spirits, fairies, and other fantasy creatures. He has the ability to perform magic, such as spells and curses, and can also summon demons and other magical creatures. He is able to communicate with supernatural beings and is not limited to creatures from his homeland, being able to interact with youkai and spirits from Japanese folklore.

He also happens to have fantasy friends, such as a flying bunny, unicorns, fairies, gnomes, and Captain Hook, but oddly enough he did not believe in Santa Claus until Finland came and brought them presents.

Despite this, England often ridicules America's belief in aliens and Tony. According to the author's notes, England's interests include embroidery, craftsmanship, literature, rock music, and giving scathing criticisms to America's movies.

He appears to be sharp-witted and surprisingly creative, although he seems to have rather bad luck. According to the author, he is rarely afraid of anything, and is rather interested in ghost stories, especially if he can use them to startle America.

hetalia america and england relationship

He also seems to be very stubborn and strong-willed and does not easily succumb to stress or pressure. He is shown to be startlingly mature at times and is very friendly with young or cute people and magical creatures. He also has a quite strong sense of responsibility and has been seen scolding France and America when they don't take things seriously.

In some recent notes, the author has stated that England has a very rich and unlimited personality and that he can't decide whether England is a serious person or not. Because of his status as an island nation, England is pretty distant and prefers to work alone. Perhaps because of this, he does not know how to express himself, leading to others often misunderstanding him.

He is also depicted as being self-deprecating or tsundere. For example, despite his generally harsh behavior, he is definitely stated to have a softer side and seems to genuinely care for other nations. This is illustrated by the fact that he likes giving them advice, yet specifically mentions that he "does not do it because he's worried about them".

Despite all this, he highly values his country's pride, and sometimes comes over as very arrogant. Despite his cynical, realistic view of the world, he is said to be a "quite a romanticist before he goes to sleep. Also, every year when the Fourth of July comes around, his condition collapses. In a blog post, England is depicted as not being able to swim to illustrate how British characters can't swim in movies.

America America was discovered as a small child by Finland and Sweden. Finland told England and France about his existence, and they proceeded to fight over who would be the child's older brother, though America chose England after the latter began to cry because he could not offer anything that compared to France's cooking. England cared for America as his "little brother" and visited America's home whenever he found the time, though he always needed to return to Europe after his visits. Only America was capable of liking or tolerating England's terrible cooking, resulting in England being delighted and America adopting the same "tastelessness.

One day, when England came for a visit, he was surprised to find out that America had grown from a child into a teen and had become increasingly independent, no longer needing to rely on England. Soon after, the Revolutionary War broke out and America fought England for his freedom and right to be his own nation. Near the end of the war, England, unable to shoot America when he had the opportunity, surrendered and allowed him to be independent.

While England cried in front of him, America stated: The Revolutionary War caused a rift between the two and they constantly bicker and have disagreements. However, they are hinted as to truly care for each other. Canada England gained Canada as his territory after a battle with France and for years afterwards, Canada would be very loyal to him. France Despite the fact that both are members of the Allied forces, England and France have a deep-rooted historical rivalry.

While they often have petty disagreements, they appear to respect each other and are quick to team up if a third party enters their argument. France once tried to marry England to save his country, even though neither of them really wanted it.