Heroes peter and claire relationship with god

Peter, Claire, and Their Shifting Connection - The Shipper's Manifesto

heroes peter and claire relationship with god

While Claire doesn't make any appearance in Heroes Reborn Noah calls her to renew the relationship between the two, Afterwards, Angela raises Claire's daughter Malina while Hiro raises Nathan himself. Claire is a daddy's girl, and while their relationship is not perfect, it is one of to Claire's existence, she lied to Claire about her father and God only because Angela tried to keep Nathan and Claire from ever meeting, and. best describes Peter's and Claire's relationship/love and explain why you chose it. The Official FanForum "Heroes" Peter/Claire Supporters .. Claire: Oh , God, I can't believe I've been so stupid, my father took a bullet to.

He went all the way to Texas for her Their chemistry would melt our screens Even Greg sees the potential of them being together They make each other smile They saved each other She wanted to go back for him They have the hottest eye sex ever!

He saved the cheerleader They care for each other so much already! He told her life gets better after high school.

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After high school, she'll be legal! He's totally her hero They both died and came back to life She is alive thanks to him Claire is the one He saved her to save the world Peter was at the right place at the right time Claire got jealous when Peter was talking about Jackie They were concerned for each other They're freaks apart but special together They are each other's heroes P aire ears never tasted so sweet Together they can save the world Fangirls just don't miss chemistry like that of Paire!

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She wanted to talk to Peter Petrelli She wasn't supposed to remember him Before Peter hit the ground the one person he thought of was Claire He remembers her "sad little smile" Matt heard Claire thinking about Peter Because she went all the way to NY to see him Because milo thinks that "claire and peter have chemistry!

Because kristin from E even noticed the chemistry! Because Paire were voted no. Because Hayden said "anything is possible" about Paire. Because Greg said "there's something Because she wanted to go back for peter Because she was happy he was still alive Because he was so excited to see her Because he was relieved to know she was ok Because he was upset when he thought claire died Because he tried to persuade the cops to save her Because she wanted to talk to him alone Because he knew he had to save her Because they definitely have an attraction to each other Because they are connected to each other Because they talk and sit really close to each other… suspicious much?

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Because they have both died before. Because they look at each others lips when they talk, like they want to kiss. Because he would have died for her Because they always talk about each other Because he dreamt about claire.

heroes peter and claire relationship with god

Because she wanted to see Peter Because, can their body language be any more obvious?! Because "You're the only one that made me feel safe.

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Because "I just want to see him, I came all this way" Because she saved his life. Because "I guess we're even now" Because he wiped away her tears.

Because Peter doesn't want Claire to go. Because Claire brought Peter back to life twice Because they can heal each other Because Peter forgot to mention that they were related Later, Peter heads to Isaac's studio.

heroes peter and claire relationship with god

Peter receives Hiro's call, and tells Hiro that there is a message for him. Better Halves Peter delivers his message to Hiro and Ando.

He tells them, "Save the cheerleader, save the world.

heroes peter and claire relationship with god

Peter tells them about " Future Hiro " and that he was told to save the cheerleader. Peter tells the men from Tokyo to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader together, and then their conversation ends. Peter then fits Isaac's paintings together, realizing they're telling a story like a comic book.

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He points out that there is one painting missingwhich Isaac says Simone has. Homecoming During the Union Wells HomecomingSylar arrives to kill the cheerleader who has the special abilities.

heroes peter and claire relationship with god

However, upon entering the school, he sees a newspaper clipping about Jackie receiving an award for rescuing a man at the train wreck ; Sylar assumes that Jackie is the cheerleader he wants. When he tracks the girls down in the locker roomhe grabs Jackie by the throat and telekinetically opens her skull to obtain her brain. Jackie's last word to Claire is "run They climb up the bleachers outside of the school as Peter and Sylar fight. As Claire manages to escape, both men fall off the top of the bleachers and are severely injured.

When Claire arrives, Peter manages to mimic Claire's power to heal himself. As she runs off, Peter calls out to Claire and asks if, in saving her, he's saved the world.