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This page illustrates a CBR article on how marriage is. More information Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, aka Green Lantern and Star Sapphire. Dc Couples. "Peril In Plastic": Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris enjoy a romantic three weeks Later, Hal visits his friend Oliver Queen for some relationship advice, but they soon. Beiträge über Carol Ferris von stefanmesch. Stefan Mesch: The character of Hal Jordan was introduced in as a brash, womanizing .. Sally Pascale: Guy didn't come out of his coma for a couple of years – just in time to participate .. but I think the best advice, when you have to navigate the world of a super- hero.

I blush to confess this, but I actually DO have a whole lot of X-Men books and simply boxfuls of dreck from this particular point in time. Let us move on to a more appealing subject. Even today, this series is one of your favourites. Mostly because it went against the fashions of the time: Lots of banter, jokes… even some slapstick. DeMatteis [Link] came out, I was hooked immediately. It was that very first cover [Link]by Kevin Maguire [Link].

All of a sudden, instead of all the heavy hitters, although after the Detroit League, I hesitate to use that term no Superman, no Wonder Woman. Batman WAS there, but he spent most of his time being alternately surly and embarrassed. Martian Manhunter [Link] was there, and basically served as the team babysitter.

Black Canary [Link] was there too, in that ridiculous costume [Link]. It featured young, urban and minority members like Vixen Linka black supermodel that could talk to animals, Gypsy Linka young Roma who was… very good at stealing things Link or Vibe Linka ridiculous hispanic break-dancing hero who has, since then, found a certain ironic cult following Link.

DeMatteis could explore their own concept of a big, funny, bickering cast of less important characters: These heroes were definite second stringers. They did fight some pretty big villains, but it was in between the down-time at their headquarters. Having the UN involved [as political backing of their international operations] was a smart move. These characters are energetic, fallible, colorful and have big followings, even today. He says that their marriage was a model and an inspiration for his own marriage, and that he admired Big Barda until today long, fun personal essay here… but takes a while to load.

They hung out together, and did stupid things, and fun things, and fought and bickered like children sometimes, and played practical jokes on each other, but they were there when it counted, and they did their jobs.

They did their jobs well and they did their jobs efficiently, which is something that has been overlooked a bit since then. As much as I love a huge brawling storyline, it is also nice sometimes, to just have quieter issues, where everyone has a chance to take a breath. To this day, it remains one of my absolute favorite books. I eventually went through the mail-order companies to find back issues, and started getting all the Green Lantern books… and the rest is history.

Sincetest pilot Hal Jordan had been the Green Lantern of Space Sectorthe part of the galaxy that includes our solar system. But if Abin Sur had landed nearer to Michigan…. When I first came across Guy, I was a bit confused. I knew about Hal Jordan of course, but who the heck was this incredibly obnoxious red-head? And why, almost against my will, did I end up liking him so much? He was loud, rude, lewd, crude and a major jerk Link.

He insulted women, the handicapped, short people, tall people, fat and thin people and he did it with such vigor, that I found it to be a tiny bit…endearing Link. Hal was a bit staggered by this bit of news, and sought him out, and they became casual friends. Later, Guy goes on a trip with his students, and ends up falling off of a cliff in an earthquake AND being hit by a school bus!

This put him out of action for a while, so that they could introduce John Stewart as the other alternate Green Lantern. John Stewart Link is an architect and a former US marine sharpshooter. A few years earlier, an older black man had famously told Hal Jordan off Link because Jordan had gotten his power ring from the Guardians of the Universe, a race of immortal, powerful, blue-skin aliens.

John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Oa is the planet at the centre of the universe Link where the power rings come from. Four billion years ago, an alien race called Malthusians settled on Oa, achieved immortality and started to research the secrets of the universe. In fact, they are pretty piss poor examples of omnipotence, to put it bluntly. Yes, they were short and blue, and had no fashion sense, but gosh darn it, they were just a little bit adorable They had been around for umpteen billions of years, and had, after a few false starts [like the Manhunter robots]… created the Green Lantern Corps [Link].

They also seemed to actually be looking out for the best interests of the Universe, enforcing Law and Order throughout the cosmos, and all that jazz. So after the Manhunter robots massacred whole civilizations 3. Then, they set free the rings, and all rings scanned their respective sectors for fearless people, ready to use their willpower. Once a new recruit is found, the ring transports him or her back to Oa to receive a basic, military-like training.

Oa also has a giant power battery that powers the individual power batteries that in turn power the individual rings. So naturally, once Hal caught his own ring misbehaving, he flew back to Oa to have it checked.

Oh, and apparently it killed Guy, as well. In fact they consoled each other SO much, that Hal was going to marry her! Then Hal feels guilty and goes off to free him, but Guy ends up being tortured by Sinestro of all people, and ends up in a mysterious coma with mysterious brain damage. He was the Green Lantern of his home planet Korugar, but decided to rule the planet with despotism and fear. By the time he became a member of the JLI inhe had suffered some brain damage, right?

They are great stories, involving the entire corps.

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You really enjoy the larger mythology of this ancient, cosmic organization: The Earth is full of costumed heroes, who all run around fighting bad guys and doing their thing, but an intergalactic corps of peacekeepers is just a neat idea.

It makes the Universe seem a whole lot bigger for one thing. With all of the diffreent sectors of space, and all the infinite variety of aliens, all united in their ability to overcome fear, and wield willpower, the ability to tell stories is simply vast and amazing. Although their methods may occasionally be flawed…their motives are pure. The Green Lanterns also have some of the coolest-looking costumes around.

The simplicity of the Black and the Green is incredibly eye-catching. The variety of the body shapes, the sheer variety of the aliens, and the different planets and cultures and conflicts is just wonderful [Link].

I like the artwork. I like the stories. I like the fact that it is a serial form of entertainment, with cliffhangers, and years and years of convoluted continuity and different writers and different artists, all combining to create a messy and yet still compelling story. The Green Lanterns have been around for a VERY long time, they have their own history, and archives, and the Book of Oa [Link]and traditions, and rules and hierarchy.

And since it does have such a rich sense of history, it can be very easy to continue to mine that history for an almost infinite array of tales to be told. The first Green Lantern of Earth was not sent by the Guardians.

His name was Alan Scott Linkhe had his first adventure in Link and his own comic from to In a couple of years, BatmanThe Flash and Wonder Woman had their own comic book series, too. And through time-travel and multiple multiversal crises, Alan is still alive today, in his sixties and chairman of the modern-day Justice Society Link.

But here are all the original Mystery Men [the super-heroes who fought in the World War 2, Link]who through any number of bizarre circumstances, became a part of the present day Universe, and serve as someone that even the heroes look up to. In recent years, Alan also had some great moments as the leader of Checkmate toLinka modern-day, international spy agency who tries to keep super-heroes under control.

Some people find him to be boring. Some people are reading as closely as they should. Hal Jordan is NOT too perfect. Oliver Queen is one of my favourite heroes. They got into in a van and drove around the coutry, helping the helpless, and their adventures were socially relevant, political… but very preachy and one-dimensional: Ollie was very angry, liberal and left-wing.

And Hal was clueless, ignorant and patriotic. I liked that Hal was best friends with Barry Allen, the Flash [more about this friendship here, Link]. I liked that Hal was best friends with Ollie. But Hal really did have to put up with a lot from Ollie! When news reached Oa that Hal wanted to give up his ring and travel through small towns with Ollie, a Guardian decided to transform into a more human-like form and join them. The Guardians do not embrace individual names. And Hal became a lot less self-confident and a lot more whiney.

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To my mind, some of the best stories about Hal are the very early ones in the Silver Age. They are just so… insane! He has his own fan cllub of hysterical teeny-boppers all wanting to marry him! Originally Hal was a lot of fun. He flew with his legs open. He showed off his ass in practically every shot [absurdly extensive Link].

He hit his head. Heck, he got hit in the head with a yellow ceiling tile, and was blinded by mustard, and all kinds of silly things. On your own website, you often post these two kinds of pictures: He always leaps before he looks, and strangely hilarious things happen to him… yet he always manages to overcome the indignities thrown his way [Link]and come out smelling like the proverbial rose. And he drives Batman crazy. Granted, this is more of a recent development, but you could see echoes of it even back in the sunny old Justice League days: Batman plans and thinks Linkand plans some more.

Hal just… does it. By the seat of his pants. And manages more often than not, to get away with it. A lot of times, Hal acts like an ignorant, idolized super-hero fratboy: There are a lot of DC heroes that I respect as persons read this essay about Lois Lane as an inspirational character, for example.

Or is he an evil person trying to pretend he is nothing more than a harmless moron? His treatment of Carol Ferris [Link] is pretty outrageous for one thing. Hal never paid any attention, and kept chasng her around the disks in a way that would get him into a lot of trouble nowadays.

He also treated his family in a rather cavalier fashion: Back in the old days, he and his brothers, Jack and Jim [Link] and their wives would go and visit their rich Uncle Titus. And smirk when he did it. Carol Ferris inherited Ferris Air and employed Hal as a test pilot. But frequently, an evil Alien energy, the Star Saphire Linkwould latch onto Carol and transform her into a dangerous sexual predator Link.

Hal and Carol had several relationships… but they never stayed together too long. To his credit, he seems to date only one at a time, which is nice, but he has this pathological fear of commitment, and never lets anyone get too close. Nevertheless, Hal has a habit of using women, and then dumping them in a minute. Whenever I learn about specific heroes, their powers and their individual supporting casts, there is a moment when I feel overwhelmed: Every hero has an origin story, a specific home town, one or several love interests… For the longest time, Hal Jordan even had a non-superpowered sidekick, the youthful Inuit airplane mechanic Tom Kalmaku Link.

Carol now wields a less powerful violet power ring as a member of the Star Sapphires, which replicates her original powers as Star Sapphire to a degree as well. Despite being helplessly overwhelmed before, Carol's previous exposures to the Star Sapphire's power are assumed[ citation needed ] to have given her a certain tolerance to the violet ring's current influence. Evil's Might, set during the American women's suffrage movementCarol is a New York City suffragette and is swept up in a conflict for worker's safety, her hand in marriage, and control of green power rings that have surfaced in town.

Hal forces the Shark to crash his jet into Carol's jet, and both of them barely escape using the ejection system. Upon their return to America, Carol thinks Hal is not living up to his potential. Afterward, Carol is angry at Hal for taking a mission for the U.

Hal refuses; however, she goes anyway. During the battles, Carol sees Hal drop the missile through New Themyscira's invisible shield but he is killed in the process. Afterward, Carol returns to Coast Citywhere Thomas Kalmaku gives her a note saying that Hal was too afraid to say that he had always loved her.

Carol sees the engagement ring that he was going to propose to her with. She recognizes that Hal is concerned over the way things have gone since Superman's Regime escalated and waits for him to come back after he is called away by the Guardian Ganthet.

Hal, however, is ungrateful and uses his ring to knock Guy away and take Carol. This leads Ganthet to strip Hal of his ring, leaving him and Carol to plummet. Sinestro offers Hal a yellow ring for a replacement, and Hal reluctantly takes it to save Carol. The Spectrum War, in which the universe was destroyed by Nekron, Carol is one of the few survivors after Ganthet sacrifices himself to initiate the 'Last Light' protocol, sending himself, the last ring-wielders, and the last six rings of the other six corps into the new Star Trek universe.

Although Leonard McCoy —the chosen wielder of the Indigo ring—is able to confirm that Walker will recover, Carol reveals to Hal that Nekron has been drawn into their new universe as well.

Carol appears in issue 11 of the Young Justice tie-in comic book series. While her identity is never stated, the show's creators have confirmed that she's indeed Carol Ferris.

Her power come from her mask's stone which gives her Green Lantern-like abilities that enable her to form shields, create energy constructs, fire power blasts, create a full-body field that enables her to fly, and travel through deep space. She is initially repelled by the idea of working with "common criminals" but seems to warm to the amount of money that Luthor promises each of them something that keeps her from quitting after their initial plan fails.

When Aresia reveals the group's agenda, she is initially shocked by the revelation, but ultimately joins enthusiastically. While aligned with this team, she successfully tricks Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl into believing that she still wants to live in a world with men, luring them into a trap that subdues both them and Hippolyta.

Later on, she and Aresia, along with Tsukuriflee with Hippolyta aboard Aresia's plane. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl pursue them, and she is knocked out of the fight when Wonder Woman wrenches one of the plane's laser cannons free from its housing and hurls it at her from behind; plunging her into the sea. She joins Grodd 's Secret Society.

During the mutiny led by Grodd, she sides with Luthor, and thus is among the survivors who arrive on Earth in time to warn of Darkseid 's impending invasion.

During the battle, she is struck unconscious by a beam from an Apokoliptan cannon, but is saved from falling to her death by Shining Knight.

She is last seen fleeing the Metro Tower along with the other surviving members of the Secret Society. Although she appears in both her human and Star Sapphire forms, she is unaware of her transformations. Carol is transformed into Star Sapphire after the Zamarons abduct and implant their queen's spirit within her and bestow a violet power ring upon her.

Whenever Carol places the ring on her finger, she loses control of her body when she transforms into Star Sapphire with her power being fueled by Carol's recent frustration with her lover Hal Jordan's erratic behavior. Star Sapphire ultimately attempts to open a portal that allows an army of Zamarons to invade Earth but the invasion is repelled by Jordan and Batman.


After the Zamarons are sent back to their homeworld, Carol eventually regains control and casts the Star Sapphire out of her body while apparently losing all of her memories of her time under the ring's influence. The Animated Seriesvoiced by Jennifer Hale. There she discovers that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern. Carol is furious when she believes he is with another girl while she thought he was dead and attacks him. In the end, Hal gets through to her and she relinquishes the ring and its power another Star Sapphire states she is the first to do so.

The Zamarons allow her to go home and she reluctantly parts from Hal after telling him to do what he needs to do and come back to her. They are briefly reunited in the episode "Homecoming", when the Star Sapphires have managed to send Hal to her as a shortcut to Oa.

He is amnesiac at first; once she restores his memory, he goes to Oa. The episode ends with her looking at him returning in the sky. In the next episode, she decides to end their relationship due to the difficulties caused by his duties.

In the episode "Love is a Battlefield", she had to fight Atrocitus to prove love is a great emotion. At the end of the episode, she renews her relationship with Hal. In addition, she decides to keep the ring this time just in case. Carol Ferris appears in the Young Justice: Invasion episode "Depths", voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

She oversees the launch of a satellite designed by Ferris Aircraft to open up relations between Earth and Mars. The shuttle is destroyed by Black Manta after Aqualad led a failed attempt to stop it from launching.

In the Arrow episode "Darkness at the Edge of Town" during a flashback, the civilian aircraft is from Ferris Airline which is owned by the Ferris Family.

In the pilot episode of the Arrow spin-off, The FlashS. Later in the episode "Who is Harrison Wells? On the welcome sign to the city, a picture of an airplane is depicted, and the sign reads "Home of Ferris Airlines. She appears as a student at Super Hero High. The New Frontiervoiced by Brooke Shields. This version does not have any superpowers although a Star Sapphire is shown in full costume at the end of the film during U.

She begins a romance with Hal Jordan right after he becomes one of her company's new pilots. First Flightvoiced again by Olivia d'Abo. This version is still Hal Jordan's employer and also has a relationship with him before he becomes Green Lantern. Doomvoiced again by Olivia d'Abo. She lures Jordan into a mine by taking the workers hostage using a group of radicals called the "Identity Brotherhood".

Though Hal manages to rescue all the workers, Carol is killed by the leader of the radicals using a suicide bomb. As Hal mourns her dead body, the real Carol stands next to him, berating him for failing to save the woman and saying that he has only hurt her, drove Carol into becoming Star Sapphire transforming into Star Sapphire as she is saying it. This convinces Hal to renounce his Green Lantern role and drop his ring as he pines over the dead woman. Batman eventually arrives, explaining that Star Sapphire tried to break his will using an altered form of the Scarecrow 's fear toxin, as fear is the ultimate enemy of will.

Hal quickly retrieves his power ring, becoming the Green Lantern once more. She joins Savage in his ultimate goal of world domination. When Hal exclaims his anger over what Carol did to him, she coldly replies that Hal had broken her heart and that she will never stop trying to hurt him back.

Despite capturing him, he manages to break free and knock Star Sapphire out, catching her before she hits the ground. Hal takes away Carol's Star Sapphire gem which reverts her back to normal and admits that he does keep hurting her. Of all the Legion members, Carol's is the only plan that does not appear intended to kill her target, instead meant to break Hal's will.

She is also the last of the villains hired by Savage to be defeated. Throne of Atlantisa Ferris Aircraft base is seen. Hal Jordan is also seen flirting with a woman who somewhat resembles Carol. This incarnation is a childhood friend of both Hector Hammond and Hal Jordan. She also displayed a history of romantic relationship with Hal. Dawn of Justiceplayed by Christina Wren. Carrie Farris is a nod and allusion to Carol Ferris. Carol Ferris is referenced in Injustice: Transported to a parallel universe, Hal Jordan searches for a Green Lantern power battery to recharge his ring, which is located in Carol's office.

Carol Ferris is also referenced in Batman: A Ferris Aircraft billboard can be seen in Gotham City. Beyond Gothamwith Olivia d'Abo reprising her role. Carol Ferris appears as Star Sapphire as a playable character in the multiplayer battle arena game Infinite Crisis. After Hal's decision to join Superman's authoritarian regime, Carol apparently ended their relationship, to which Hal still regrets.

In the story mode, Carol is possibly killed when Superman fails to restore Coast City from Brainiac's ship. However, should the player complete the game with Superman's ending, it is revealed that Coast City among others was eventually restored, after all, which would presumably mean that Carol was restored along with it.

She is classified as a villain.