Guts and casca relationship with god

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guts and casca relationship with god

Guts did in fact almost rape and kill her while he was possessed, on the other hand he's . Similar to the relationship Casca originally had with Griffith. Like I know he's already God tier when it comes to his Sword, but it's the. It's one of the most short-lived romances on the list, but by God it is so heartfelt! . Their relationship is one of the reasons I loved the Berserk anime and continue. Has waged war against the apostles and God Hand for a millennium; Encroaches on the Eclipse of the fifth God Hand angel Femto, saving Guts and Casca; With his He has also known and apparently had a close relationship with the witch.

Having said that, there are many scenes of her in a naked state where she's being assaulted or is going through emotional trauma, in which the audience is supposed to be feeling sympathy for her and horror at her predicament instead of objectifying her body. Casca's Fatal Flaw was the combination of her loyalty toward Griffith, her dutiful and self-sacrificing nature, and the conflict that those first two created with the fact that her true romantic feelings were towards Guts.

Even though she was forced to realize how physically disabled Griffith was by his torture, and knew how much Guts' departure had devastated him, she either ignored or failed to see the warning signs of how Griffith's feelings of despair, jealousy, and spite were metastasizing into something dangerous. Griffith had always been the savior from her childhood, and even though she later learned of his human weakness she never could have imagined him turning on her and Guts.

When Griffith made an unwanted advance on her while she was changing his bandages—essentially Attempted Rape if not for his physical disability—she was devastated but couldn't admit to herself or to Guts that that's what had just happened. Instead of reacting with anger, she gave Griffith what he wanted least: Casca decided to stay with Griffith, but Griffith would always know that she did it out of pity and would never love him the way that she loved Guts.

Worse, she told Guts to leave when she knew that he was the person that Griffith most cared about, because she didn't want Guts to give up his dream for the sake of her and Griffith, and felt intense guilt for not staying at Guts' side like they'd promised as lovers. In order not to have made that mistake, she would have had to not be Casca anymore, since her tragic mistake was something she did out of her noble but flawed sense of self-denial and obligation.

Our dear Casca, proper young ladies do not use their elbows to punch their male escorts in the face, no matter how much they're gawking at you. Doesn't only happen to Guts during the Eclipse, but Femto humiliates Casca to a very savage degree by turning her around to rape her from behind so that she now has to face Guts while having all of this done to her.

One could argue that being forced to stare at the man she loved while being humiliated in such a cruel and dehumanizing way is what pushed Casca over her psychological threshold. The fact that she was forced to watch Guts being physically tortured as well probably didn't help; by this point Guts had already lost his arm and was in the process of having his eye clawed out. She was this to Guts during his raging revenge years, but more of on the emotionally forgotten level.

Her combat style involves speed and acrobatics to keep her out of harm's way, as she is lightly armored in cuirass and leather as opposed to Guts' and Pippin's heavier armor or Griffith's three-quarter plate. Friend to All Living Things: Played with in the movie. She seems rather affectionate toward the horses. She even gut punched Guts twice for inadvertently killing her horse by chopping off its leg during their first encounter.

She's also seen playing with animals a lot more after she became insane. From Dress to Dressing: When she catches up to Guts outside Promrose hall, where he was looking for Griffith, Casca notices his arm is wounded and borrows his dagger so she can cut a bandage out of her sleeve.

Casca had acted very hostile toward Guts up to this point, making this the first indication that she's kinder than she lets on. For extra symbolism, she ties it around his upper arm, where a knight would traditionally display his lady's favor. Casca has gotten a lot of Clothing Damage from enemies who had wanted to rape her But it's been shown that she still won't back down given the conditions.

One instance was when Guts saved Casca from Wyald after he ripped her clothes off, but she still assumed fighting position after the fact and was actually told by Guts to get out of there. Another one came when some bandits attempted to rape her and stripped her, but she killed them all single-handed.

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A more comical moment came when Casca began fighting Guts outside of the cave that they were sequestered in, even after the cape she was using to cover her self slipped off of her.

Too many to list. As tragic as her condition is, her madness is Played for Laughs at times, as she can frequently be seen playing with or nibbling on things that interest her in the background, like pearls, sausage linksa torturer's mask, and Puck. Used on her briefly during she and Guts' love scene in the anime, soft romantic music and all.

Go Mad from the Revelation: As a result of the horrible events of the Eclipse, her mind is now reduced to little more than a two-year old child's. Go Out with a Smile: Used during the Eclipse in the third film.

Similar to Famous Last Words in that Casca didn't die, but she manages to muster up one last smile for Guts as she tells him not to watch Femto rape her. The main source of her hostility toward Guts at first is that she thinks he doesn't deserve Griffith's preferential treatment, especially when she never got that kind of acknowledgement even after years of loyal service.

At the same time, she feels jealous toward Princess Charlotte for being the object of Griffith's wooing. In the first case, she stops resenting Guts after the hundred man fight. Regarding the second, she acknowledges and feels bad about her jealousy after getting to know Charlotte better, saying that it's hard to hate someone who's so kind and considerate toward her.

She looked so purty with that flower-headband in her hair at Griffith's gala. The whole reason why Guts formed the group in the first place was so he could have more people to watch over her and to get her safely to Elfheim. A year's worth of evading capture and trying to keep the Hawks alive while also coming to terms with the fact that she had no place by Griffith's side began to eat away at Casca's sense of self-worth, and she almost attempted suicide because of it.

Casca is perfectly capable of commanding an army by herself. She has proven it time and time again. But due to seeing herself as Never a Self-Made Womanshe has essentially zero self-esteem. And she doesn't even realize it If we looked at this from a Joseph Campbell perspective, Casca is this to Guts, as she is the one that he loves the most and is the drive of his adventure.

Due to the nature of her predicament, he can't be with her until he has completed his current quest getting to Elfheim to find a cure for her insanitybut she is at his side throughout his journey. And although they might not have the best relationship right now, Casca's presence serves as a reminder to Guts of what he has to gain if he completes his quest and what he doesn't want to lose. Though Casca is a human character with her share of flaws, whenever Guts envisions her, it's an image of Casca at her pinnacle, back when she was commander of the Band of the Hawk.

According to Judeau, she took Griffith's word as gospel and was prepared to sacrifice her life for his dream. To this very day she is picking crow out of her teeth. How Dare You Die on Me! In the Eclipse she urges mortally wounded Judeau to hang on, saying he can't give up when they promised they'd fight to the very end.

He already knows it's too late, and barely has time for some last words before he dies. When you really look at it, the trauma that Casca sustained has reduced her to even less than a child-like state. Casca has no logical drive and relies mainly on her instincts to protect her. Sometimes, when things get really bad, she'll have flashbacks of the Eclipse, and it can go in either direction.

Sadly, some fans and characters like Farnese hold her current behavior around Guts against her without fully understanding her situation. During the ball, Guts makes the suggestion that Casca ask Griffith to dance with her, but she shyly declines, insisting that she would step on his feet. Averted in the new movie, where they share a beautifully-animated dance scene. I Just Want to Be Loved: For a long time, everything Casca did for Griffith was with the hope that he would come to appreciate her and love her for her efforts.

However, Casca eventually came to realize and accept that she would never get the kind of love she wished for from Griffith.

guts and casca relationship with god

At the end of volume 9, Casca resolved within herself that her purpose was to love Guts and to be within his heart, and that he too would love her in return. Played straight during her love scene with Guts, when it's made clear she was experiencing intense pleasure. Played for Fan Disservice during the Eclipse, where it's unclear whether she's crying out from this or in pain. Played straight and then inverted. As a child, she kept her hair long.

But after joining the Band of the Hawk, she chose to cut it short—a pragmatic move, considering how enemies could easily grab her long locks and subdue her. As the series goes on, we see her hair subtly grow longer again by the time she and Guts affirm their relationship as lovers.

Once the Eclipse happens, it eventually reaches all the way down to her shoulders, reflecting how she's gone back to a childlike mental state. At first glance thigh-high leather boots don't seem too inconvenient to wear Basically, they're mostly there to make Casca look good. However, such boots were indeed used back in the days, especially for horseriding. Casca's post-Eclipse behavior has become an issue for Guts, who is still sexually attracted to Casca and he really wants her emotional and physical love.

Guts has had to restrain himself whenever he saw Casca partially or entirely nude. But one time, it went too far. Another deconstructed trope used to tell us just how severe her trauma was after the Eclipse. Casca showed some signs of sleep deprivation after the Eclipse, namely the dark bags under her eyes. Even two years later, Erika remarked that Casca had trouble sleeping though her confinement could have also played a role and that was why she took Casca out of the elf mine in the first place.

This is the realistic insomniac examplesince many rape survivors have trouble sleeping after their attack. Played straight at the beginning of Griffith's rescue. Casca is clearly sleep deprived and falls asleep in her dinner. Believing herself to be of no use to the Hawks any longer, Casca tried to end it all by taking a step off of a cliff. Guts was there to save her, though. Casca was forced by Griffith to lay with Guts for two days after he fell ill, which leads to a great deal of resentment on her part for much of the series.

guts and casca relationship with god

I Owe You My Life: Explains Casca's radical commitment to Griffith, since he saved her from a life of servitude and prostitution and gave her a new one, transforming her into a woman who could fend for herself and didn't need a man to define her. A downplayed case before the Eclipse, being a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. She acts tough, has short hair, and wears male clothing, but she also uses a lighter sword and armor with subtle touches of femininity in their design, enabling her to fight more gracefully than her male comrades using nimble flips and somersaults.

Law of Inverse Fertility: She didn't even think about the possibility of getting knocked up when she had sex with Guts just once. The pregnancy was not coincidental at all and influenced the fate of the universe.

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Like an Old Married Couple: She and Guts begin acting like this toward one another throughout the Griffith rescue operation. She tries to scream a Big "NO! She becomes this to Guts after he told her of his traumatic childhood. She becomes Guts' full-blown Morality Chain post-Eclipse. She had shades of this when it came to her relationship with Griffith as well. Hard to believe that Casca was this in the Retribution arc.

Throughout the entire storyline, Guts is running all over the place trying to rescue her, but each time he almost reaches her, she either wanders off or somebody takes her. Guts is finally reunited with Casca at the end of the arc. She is this to Guts big time.

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Casca did not die but was "lost" via a brutal Stuffed into the Fridge scenario that ended with her being psychologically gone, unable to remember Guts or have an actual loving relationship with him. Though Casca serves as Guts' primary source of anguish and vengeance, she is also his one sign of hope since Guts' central drive in the story since the Retribution Arc has been to protect Casca and find a cure for her insanity. When she and Guts have a Relationship Upgrade after their encounter with Adon, she gets these more and more around Guts They reach their full luminance in volumes 9 and The movies reveal that Casca has a rather bashful side in general, as she is blushing when the Hawks are on parade through the streets of Wyndam and the women and children are congratulating her for their victory at Doldrey.

It goes to show that despite her demeanor, Casca likes being appreciated. Tropes M-R Madwoman in the Attic: For her own safety, Casca is locked in a mine that was once inhabited by elves in order to protect her from those who want to harm her while Guts is off seeking Revenge.

Many, many panels seem to be focused on Casca's backside, clothed or bare. Like you haven't noticed. Although her insanity causes her to act like a child herself, Casca does act fiercely protective of the Child, first acting out against his own father when Guts tried to off him. As mentioned in her backstory, Casca was the youngest of six siblings.

Her family upbringing actually serves as a deconstruction for a couple of reasons. From an economic standpoint, her childhood wasn't great, since her family lived in poverty and neighboring villagers often died of starvation due to her province's bouts of famine.

Casca herself said it was surprising that no one in her family died of starvation, but it begs to question how long her parents could have continued to feed their brood. Being the youngest child - and also a girl - this most likely prompted her parents to sell her to a passing nobleman as a " servant. Her sword technique is made even deadlier by her impressive speed and acrobatic prowess.

Even in her current state she's very dangerous if she has a blade in hand. Unfortunately, she's just as much a danger to herself and her allies as she is to her opponents. Given her current state AND the fact that she probably never had to take care of kids in her pre-Eclipse life, Casca carries herself very well when taking care of the Child.

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She even mimics Farnese's feeding routine in order to feed the little boy. In Portuguese, "casca" means "shell," either referencing how she shelled her fragile side away behind an icy personahow she might have purposefully hid her true self after the trauma she sustained from the Eclipse, or generally how her present form is but a hollow shell of her former self. In Spanish, disturbingly enough, "casca" is the imperative mood of a verb meaning both "cracking" and "kicking the bucket.

When accessing Casca's dreams, Schierke and Farnese are treated to a comical, cartoony landscape Casca's true mental world is a desolate wasteland resembling the Eclipse, where Guts — in the form of a maimed hound — drags a massive coffin containing a shattered doll bearing Casca's likeness.

Living inside the ruins of the doll is a tiny childish sprite, even smaller than Puck and Ivalera, representing the last remnants of Casca's psyche. Schierke and Farnese help piece together the fragments of the doll, viewing Casca's important memories leading up to the Eclipse, fighting the manifestations of her psychological traumas. Casca's long locks are often disheveled - since she can't exactly take care of it herself - but it only adds to her post-Eclipse beauty.

This was not unfamiliar to Casca before the Eclipse, as she clearly combed her hair for the ball. Understandable for an Action Girl 's short hair to get messy with the job.

In the third film Casca sheds tears when she and Guts climax. She's much more modest than Charlotte was in the previous film.

guts and casca relationship with god

That's only in the Japanese dub, to be honest. In the English dub, Casca is much more vocal in that you can actually hear her sigh in pleasure with Guts when they climax, which serves to make the scene a lot more emotional, though still keeping it on a toned-down level when compared to Charlotte.

Like other anime tsunderes, Casca can be quite temperamental. A clear example is when Guts manages to rescue her from drowning in a river during a battle against Chuder forces—she goes from wanting to kill him to recounting her induction into the Hawks to breaking down in tears in admission of her jealousy of him winning Griffith's "affections".

Arguably, this can be considered a more natural rendition of the typical Mood-Swinger tropes associated with tsunderes, as Casca spent her adolescent years with the Hawks —she kept her femininity under wraps to better serve Griffith as his soldier. And is it any surprise that the only one she ends up so emotional around is Guts, the guy who throws all her feelings out of whack just by being around her?

A Mother to Her Men: Plays this straight after she became the head of the Hawks after Griffith's arrest. Her main goal was keeping the Hawks alive and to save Griffith from prison. Casca is the most prominent attractive female character throughout the Golden Age Arc, and continues to be to a large extent afterwards. Although sensibly dressed, her outfit with tall boots does show off her legs, and through various situations and contrivances she is depicted naked a lot. Granted, a lot of those are rape attempts played for Fan Disservicebut the same cannot be said for her love scene with Guts or the more playful scenes of her bathing with Farnese in later chapters.

Too much muscle scenario. Casca was embarrassed by the gown that she was wearing at Griffith's gala and was afraid that she was seen as unattractive because of her muscle gain. However, seeing the reaction of the many guys present at the ball - especially Guts himself - this was definitely NOT true. He harbors a particular grudge against the God Hand.

Slan refers to the knight as "Your Majesty" when he appears in Qliphoth. On the night of Guts ' departure from the Band of the Falconthe Skull Knight approaches him for the first time to leave him with a prophecy. While nearing Guts' campfire, his aura alone throws Guts off kilter initially, resulting in the former Falcon becoming anxious and uneasy. He begins to speak of a perilous event, coined "the Eclipse ", that will take place in a year's time, stating that Guts and his companions will be swept away in a torrent of madness and death.

Further cautioning the "struggler", the Skull Knight tells Guts to fight and survive in spite of his impending doom before leaving the campsite and vanishing into the night.

guts and casca relationship with god

As the Eclipse nears a year later, the Skull Knight resurges to aid Rickert when his party of Falcons are ambushed by the Slug Baron and Rosineamong other apostles. Just as the Slug Baron prepares to engulf Rickert, the Skull Knight intervenes and demands that the apostles cease their slaughter. Surely enough, the threatened apostles withdraw from the scene, and with their departure the Skull Knight, too, retreats into the night.

Accepting that his encounter with Zodd was within the current of causalitythe Skull Knight engages in combat with Zodd, handily besting his rival and then breaking into the nearby temporal junction point.

Upon entering the Eclipse, the Skull Knight immediately attacks Voidwho diverts the attack back at his assailant via a dimensional portal. After blocking his own strike and having a short stare down with his archenemy, the Skull Knight sets his sights on rescuing Guts and Cascaquickly dispatching the apostles in his wake.

In his approach, however, he is targeted by Femtowho uses his newfound abilities to form a compaction ball of demons around the former. Completely undeterred by the angel's attack, the Skull Knight acquires Guts and Casca and leaves the temporary Interstice. A blood-lusted Zodd returns to resume their battle, but the Skull Knight asks that he delay their confrontation.

Seeing that Guts in fact survived the Eclipse and proved his prediction wrong, Zodd leaves the scene rather intrigued by the turn of events. With Guts and Casca's wounds seen to, the Skull Knight takes Rickert and the branded survivors to a nearby elfin safe haven. When the spirits finally cease their assault, the knight informs Guts that the specters haven't been defeated, but have merely found another "torch" in the Interstice to prey upon, alluding to Casca's endangerment.

As the sun rises and the child fades into the astral realm, the knight advises Guts to follow the guidance of his brand and heed the darkness he will inevitably confront, so as to not be enveloped by it, afterwards bidding the struggler good luck and taking his leave. Realizing Guts hadn't fallen to evil, the Skull Knight begins to wonder just how long the swordsman will be able to continue on his path of carnage.

Upon arriving at Rosine's tree, he dismounts his horse and reaches into a small gap between the tree's roots, extracting Rosine's beherit and subsequently ingesting it. He states the Incarnation Ceremony cannot be stopped, as it has been preordained by fate. Guts becomes skeptical of causality's supposed ultimate nature, however, pointing out how both the Skull Knight and Zodd predicted his own death during the Eclipse, yet he still survived.

The Skull Knight, impressed by Guts' resolve, reasons that the Incarnation Ceremony could differ from the Eclipse and that Guts might indeed be a "jumping fish" in the river that is causality. Just before leaving, he leaves Guts with a parting message: Your lover will be left alone. It won't be as simple as catching two birds. In the nick of time, just as the Tower of Conviction partially collapses, the Skull Knight saves Luca from falling to her death and takes her to the Tower of Conviction's burial grounds.