Guinevere and lancelot relationship quiz

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guinevere and lancelot relationship quiz

Merlin and Arthur tried to break the spell Guinevere was under, that occurred while . by resurrecting Lancelot and having him in a relationship with Guinevere . Lancelot: Or, the Knight of the Cart Quiz 1. Buy Study Guide . because he realizes the sentinel's relationship to Guinevere. 25 What are the. "The flower of chivalry"-the greatest of all knights and Arthur's closest friend; has a love affair with Guinevere, which gives him extreme depression over his.

Emrys Merlin is confused when he hears Mordred calling him Emrys. He asks why Mordred calls him this and he says it is what he is known as among his people.

Emrys is a Welsh name that refers to Ambrose, a saint and bishop of Milan.

guinevere and lancelot relationship quiz

Merlin click to play it. Question by author Glowingstar Nimue Nimue is his love, he fights to save her from Mab. She has already killed his whole family and he wants to at least have someone who will love him. Mab is using her like bait to get Merlin to come back to her.

In the end, they stay and live happily together in a forest house, like the one he lived in as a boy.

Who performed the spell that accomplished this? Season 5 click to play it. Merlin Merlin and Arthur tried to break the spell Guinevere was under, that occurred while she was trapped in the Dark Tower.

To do this, Merlin journeyed to the Dochraid who told him that she must go to the Cauldron of Arianrhod and enter its water. Since a spell needed to be cast, Merlin was the one who performed it. To keep his magic a secret from Arthur, Merlin disguised himself as a woman, Dolma. Normally, Merlin used an old man disguise Dragoonbut since Arthur's father was believed to be killed by Dragoon, Merlin needed a new disguise upon meeting Arthur. Morgana, Arthur, Guinevere Morgana was the first to learn Merlin had magic.

Arthur was the next to find out in the finale, "The Diamond of the Day". Arthur had been wounded and Merlin was in the process of taking Arthur to the island of Avalon where Merlin revealed he had magic. Finally, Guinevere was able to deduce Merlin had magic based on comments that Gaius made.

For example, Emrys was a sorcerer and was someone who both she and Gaius knew. Who learned Emrys's true identity?

Alator who did not reveal it to Morgana After a confrontation with Emrys, Morgana was desperate to know who Emrys was, so she hired Alator to figure it out. Alator kidnapped Gaius and mentally tortured him until he revealed who Emrys was. Gaius unwillingly told Alator that Emrys was Merlin. Even though Alator told Morgana that he knew who Emrys was, he wasn't going to let Morgana know.

He used a spell to knock her unconscious allowing Gaius and the others everyone who came to rescue Gaius a chance to escape. Alator told Merlin before the latter departed that he knew what Merlin had gone through, keeping magic a secret while trying to fulfill his destiny, since Alator was in somewhat of a similar situation.

A deer She was going to be hunted and killed by Arthur. Who discovered the magic and whose magic was it? Gwen learned that Morgana had magic. Gwen became suspicious of Morgana, believing that she could not be trusted.

guinevere and lancelot relationship quiz

One night, she hid out of sight in Morgana's chambers and saw Morgana perform magic lighting an object on fire.

Gwen then proceeded to tell Gaius about this and told him that she believed that Morgana is up to no good. He takes an aging potion Merlin takes an aging potion to make it look like a sorcerer enchanted Arthur and not Gwen. However, not everyone can wield the power of the crystal. Merlin was the only seen to wield its power, although the Great Dragon theorized that Mordred could also wield the power of the crystal.

The Crystal of Neathid was an instrument of the Old Religion and therefore was taken away from the sorcerers during the Great Purge. Uther didn't know exactly what it did but knew that since it involved magic it had to be guarded and out of the hands of sorcerers. What did Merlin do with the sword after Uther used it to kill the dead?

Merlin threw it into a lake. Merlin went to Gwen's home to borrow a sword, which he proceeded to take to the Great Dragon, so that he could breathe on it and give the sword its power to kill the dead. The dragon warned Merlin that only Arthur should use the sword, but Uther used it instead. The sword did kill the dead, but when the dragon heard that Uther used it, he told Merlin that the sword would only bring evil and then instructed Merlin to hide the sword in a place where no one can find it.

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Merlin decided to throw into a lake. This is because he provides the voice of the Great Dragon but who is this actor?

John Hurt The effects team of the show, use the stop-motion technology first used for Gollum in "LOTR" as a means to brings Hurt's facial feature to the design of the dragon. Mackenzie Crook Mackenzie Crook is a British actor who has also starred in the prestigious "Pirates of the Caribbean" films.

He plays the part of Cedric in Merlin, a con-artist hungry for riches. Cedric's goal is to steal from Cornelius Sigan's tomb which lies beneath the castle.

He butters up to Arthur and gains a place as his servant, much to the dislike of Merlin. During the night Cedric steals Arthur's keys to Cornelius Sigan's tomb and takes a jewel that possesses him! Sir Lancelot As we all know the story of Sir Lancelot. He falls in love with Queen Guenevere the first time he lays eyes on her smiling face. In a competition to watch over the Queen he betrays his King Arthur and takes her once the King decided that he was going to burn her at the stake.

From whom did Morgana receive this news? Mordred Kara was a druid who was also Mordred's lover. Mordred begged for Kara's life to be spared but Arthur and Merlin did not do so. Mordred even tried to help Kara escape but this merely resulted in him being put into the dungeons. Mordred found Morgana and told her that the true identity of Emrys, the sorcerer whom Morgana feared, was actually Merlin.

He put it away next to his heart, so that he might return it to the queen. He dashed off in pursuit of the queen and the villain. There were two ways for Lancelot to enter King Bademagu's kingdom to rescue the queen. Which path did he choose? A wood filled with animals so fierce that they could tear a knight's limbs off, even through armor.

A bridge only 1. A bridge so narrow that it was like crossing on the edge of a sharp sword.

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A misty swamp so deadly that it poisoned travelers. When Lancelot finally found the villain, he challenged the evil knight to single combat for the queen. Although Lancelot was a doughty fighter, he had a big problem trying to win the contest. What did he need to do in order to win? He had to keep Guinevere in his sight at all times. He had to avoid the traps his enemy had previously laid out on the battleground. He had to disarm his opponent, who wielded an invincible sword.

He had to outwit an evil magician, who was trying to confuse his mind. Lancelot had emerged victorious! Now he could bring Guinevere safely back to Arthur's court, to the great increase of his fame and reputation and perhaps the queen's regard for him!

guinevere and lancelot relationship quiz