Grojband corey and laney relationship quiz

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grojband corey and laney relationship quiz

So that plan ended with Carrie and Larry dating, which I don't mind they are a cute couple and me still in the same relationship with Corey. Featured · Latest · Wiki · Polls · Quizzes · Shared Folder · About Friends Laney Penn, Kin Kujira, Kon Kujira, Nick Mallory, Kate Persky, Allie Day, Mina Beff Corey Jaron Riffin is the main character and protagonist of Grojband. . seems to have a stronger and more in depth relationship with him, Kon is very loyal to Corey. Ignorance- Corey and Laney (Grojband) by hidden-facts.infotart Grojband Corey and Laney | Laney and Corey(Networked)-Grojband mini comic by.

Even though she can hang with the best of them, she has secret dreams of being treated like a lady. She openly mocks frilly girly-girl things, but her bedroom is a rainbowed shrine to unicorns, teen magazines and boy bands.

Corey and Laney

Appearance Edit Laney is a short, slim girl with a wide, oval shaped head and bobbed red hair that she has going down just below her chin. She wears a yellow hair clip and black eye-shadow that she has lightly painted on her eyelids and eyebrows.

grojband corey and laney relationship quiz

Laney also wears a green t-shirt that has short yellow sleeves and black horizontal stripes going along it. She wears red leggings to match the color of her hair and a pair of folded black leather boots [2] to match the colors of her eye-shadow and t-shirt stripes.

Personality Edit Laney is a cute, fiery redhead who has a strong, but sweet kind of personality. When she gets angry, she becomes rather hot-headed and a force to be reckoned with. Laney seems to be the only member of Grojband who has any common sense.

She is always telling Corey that his ideas are bad and that he should listen to her before he goes and does them. However, Corey always ignores this and does it anyway.

Corey became the lead singer and guitarist, Kin became the keyboardist, Kon became the drummer, and Laney became the bassist and they named their band Grojband. Together, they all played some music and sang some already existing songs and realized that they were all amazing at playing music and singing. However, when it came to them writing their own lyrics for their own songs, they realized that they were terrible at writing lyrics.

Fortunately, Corey found a way to get lyrics from his sister's diary. Trina would always write about her problems in her diary when she got really mad about something to help get her emotions out. Corey took a look in her diary for fun to see what she wrote and found that her diary entries were really well worded and profound and he realized that they would make perfect lyrics for a song.

It was from that moment on they used Trina's diary entries as lyrics for all of their songs and their band became awesome.

Corey Riffin | Wiki | GROJBAND Amino

Appearance Imageedit 1 Corey Riffin is a 13 year old boy with blue hair, black eyes, white skin, an upside-down raindrop shaped face and a rounded breast with a thinner body. He has an orange beanie-hat on his head that has a tiny little picture of a skull on it. He has blue and white sneakers and white socks under them. Personality Corey is the kind of guy who greets every day with a smile and enthusiasm.

He is a fun-loving, adventurous, witty and laid-back dude that almost never feels any negative feelings excluding fear.

He always has a great adventure packed up in his crazy brain. He has quite a bit of quirks, and is always getting into some sticky situations. However, he is always finding a clever way to weasel his way out of every single problem that may face him, revealing him to be resourceful, clever, and quick-witted.

Corey's mind works in a very inconsistent pattern, as he always comes obsessed with doing something completely different than the last and he gets over these obsessions as quick as he gets them. To sum up, his mind is very clever and he can think of a very ingenious plan to do something important in a very short amount of time and he never fails at doing anything no matter how deep in trouble he'll get himself into. Corey's Emotionality Corey's emotions are not too complicated. They are almost always statically set on happiness and and he's good at keeping a straight face and chipper attitude at most times.

Usually, he will express some fear when it's fitting for the situation though and when he does, he really lets it all out.

Laney Penn

He rarely expresses anger, but, when Trina, his worst enemy, takes away something extremely precious to him usually his reputation or his ability to play musiche throws away his usually calm approach and becomes much more aggressive. Such an example occurs in "Wish Upon a Jug". He additonally expresses a small steam of anger when it comes to The Newmans because they are some true competition and they will not go down nearly as easy as Trina, as evidenced in "Rock the House".

Grojband - Teaching Corey to Love

Other times when Corey became furious include "No Strings Attached", "Love in a Nethervator", "It's in the Card" and "Dueling Buttons" because of an offensive remark, hours of elevator music, an angry scream, and Trina's uprising, respectively. Despite this, he usually sticks to that calm approach, most likely because he knows that he'll always be able to reign superior upon his enemies.

Another thing to note is that it's not just negative feelings that he ignores but some positive feelings too. For instance, love is very foreign to Corey and he knows nothing about it, as seen in the episode "All You Need is Cake". This doesn't make things easy for Laney because of her secret crush on him that he is completely oblivious to, resulting in Laney's chances with him being drastically lowered.

However, hope still exists as in "Curse of the Metrognome", Corey and Laney kissed and he appeared to enjoyed it, indicating that he can hide and control his emotions rather well. Aside from this, he feels a variety of sad emotions at times, such as in "All You Need Is Cake" when Kin and Kon quit the band, and Corey shed a single tear. In "Grin Reaper", when Corey was singing a depressing song to everyone in Peaceville, he made a tear come from his eye.

This seemed to have been done on purpose as he was intending to make everyone sad, indicating once more that when though Corey never expresses his emotions, he is really good at controlling them.

In the episode "The Snuffles with Snarffles", Corey and the rest of the band had their heart strings tickled, when seeing a depressing video about sick animals at the vet who onlt want to be adopted.

This made him feel teary eyed. He was able to brush it off quickly, but he was still very motivated to get the animals adopted.

grojband corey and laney relationship quiz

In the episode "It's in the Card", after the band breaking up, as mentioned before, Laney had a very profound pre-recorded message for him, which made him feel very deeply and made him cry and get back together with the band again. His last and most notable time expressing sadness would be in "Hear Us Rock Part 2", when he was defeated by Trina for once. He acted very just about this and accepted this defeat pretty easily, but not happily at all.

It should be noted that Corey's reaction is exactly what made Trina accidentally ruin her own victory, resulting in the band saving the world from destruction.

Relationships For more information about this section, visit: They try to confess to each other, which they are waiting for the right time to say.

Will they confess or be oblivious to each other? Rated T for swearing, mild sexual content, violence and more in later chapters!

grojband corey and laney relationship quiz

This chapter will contain a minor sexual scene. Since this is a Rated T I am not going into much detail Chapter The three bridesmaids Carrie, Kim and Konnie looked at Laney who wore a long strapless white wedding dress like Cinderella. What happened if I mess up my vows. Meanwhile, Corey was getting ready for the wedding as Kin put his hand on his shoulder. A minute later, Laney standed next to Corey holding his hands and smiling.

I'm just going to skip all of the boring bits of the wedding "Do you Corey Riffin do you take this women to be your wife for the rest of your life? The crowd was cheering for the happy couple. My daughter loves your music, when's your new song coming out?