Grey and shepherd relationship problems

» So Long, McDreamy: A Wistful Look Back at Derek and Meredith’s Romance on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

grey and shepherd relationship problems

There are so many different relationships on "Grey's Anatomy" that it's difficult to keep them all straight. Here's a rundown: Meredith Grey. Derek Shepherd Cristina has trouble coping with the fact that Burke might no longer be a great. ABC's Grey's Anatomy has been making us fall in love, laugh, and cry with our favorite characters since Derek Shepherd is forever our McDreamy. full of important lessons and advice we can use in our own lives. Are Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd the very best couple on Grey's Anatomy? and patients have all fallen victim to this contagious disease. Okay, this relationship doesn't survive the pilot episode, but per the rules.

A requirement to trot on over to City Hall and make their marriage official arose when it came time to adopt their first child, Zola. Zola had been a patient at the hospital who was flown to the States for treatment in a program at the hospital. Meredith and Derek fell in love with the little girl and decided to adopt her, but without a legal marriage, the State wouldn't entertain the idea. They decided to marry at City Hall, which was shown in a shot-for-shot comparison to the wedding of Arizona and Callie, who were knocking out the more traditional nuptials across town at the same time.

With their marriage finally certified by the government via a judge, the couple were able to move forward with the adoption of Zola. Their first child together, Derek Bailey Shepherd who entered the world in a dramatic way - as you might expect on this series.

Meredith almost lost her life shortly after thanks to a hemorrhage suffered at that time, but Dr. Their second child, Ellis Shepherd, wasn't born until after Derek's passing. After he passed, Meredith took her other children and left Seattle with only a single note to her friends and family, which read, "The kids and I are safe.

The children don't make many appearances on the show other than a few scenes involving dropping them off at daycare, but their roles may increase as they get older.

grey and shepherd relationship problems

Due to their relationship and the extent of his injuries, it fell to Dr. Christina Yang to try and save his life, which she was trying to do when the gunman came in and tried to stop her. It was Meredith who stepped in the way and offered her life in exchange.

This ultimately enabled Christina to continue working on her patient, which saved his life.

grey and shepherd relationship problems

For Meredith, she has nearly perished a couple of times on the show. In a season 12 episode, she was nearly beaten by a patient, but she survived. In another incident, she was nearly blown to bits when an explosive device she handled for most of the episode finally detonated just after she passed it off to an ordinance disposal specialist.

She nearly succumbed to that, but back in season three, she nearly drowned offshore while working on a ferry disaster.

It was up Derek to fish her out of the water and get her the urgent medical care she needed to survive. He lost his life following a vehicle accident after he was able to save some other people injured in the same location.

The loss was absolutely devastating, not only to Meredith Grey and the characters on the series but to the fans as well! It seemed unlikely Meredith would ever recover from her loss, but if this woman is capable of anything, it's surviving what would have destroyed pretty much any other person on the planet. While she has engaged in relationships post-Derek, none have measured up to her "one" and she still uses Derek as a measuring stick from which to compare every person she even considers beginning a romantic relationship with.

Medical plotlines were completely secondary to the relationships, and Meredith and Derek were the primary couple. Here are Derek and Meredith in the Season 3 finale. She uses her relationship with Cristina Yang Sandra Oh to evade the issue instead.

grey and shepherd relationship problems

After three season of MerDer drama — which of course would persist for many more episodes — we were all as emotionally exhausted as Derek was in that scene. For all of the rapidly shifting relationships — Izzie had approximately 8, suitors rough estimate by the end of Season 3 — MerDer was tired. The rising importance of CrisMer saved us from a poorly plotted romance arc while reinforcing the female-charged tenor of the show.

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Meredith and Derek finally got married at the end of Season 5. We thought we were in the clear. Their marriage was born out of life! This happy, vivacious Meredith was far more likable than the intern we first met. We were told from the beginning that she was a gifted surgeon, but only a few seasons in did Meredith get story lines that reinforced this notion.

The actual week-to-week medical cases have always been disposable. But watching Meredith and Derek trying to balance their two kids and their two careers was provocative television.

grey and shepherd relationship problems

Once they signed the Post-it, Meredith became a more substantive force. For 10 years, it has been a show about working women.

I really enjoyed watching this couple figure out child care and schedules.

grey and shepherd relationship problems