Good teacher and student relationship movies

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good teacher and student relationship movies

The most beautiful of his 90's films, “Not One Less,” is a minimalist morality tale with a teacher-student relationship unlike any other. When a. Wed, 15 Aug GMT teacher and student relationship movies pdf. -. The ‘teacher-student’ romantic relationship is a good base for a plot. For every good fictional teacher in a TV show, there is a creeper who is ready and willing to cross the line to date underage students. Inappropriate.

A search of the World Wide Web about the teacher as mentor brings up a treasure trove of film titles that span from the s to the present day.

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Despite such a choice of titles, the following films have been selected to examine in this paper: Selection of these films was based on the following two criteria: Reader-response theory will underpin the analysis of the teachers in each of the films selected, so that an answer to the earlier posed question can be illuminated. There are many perspectives on reader-response theory and how one might focus upon when responding to a text. In this instance the author will highlight the transaction that occurs between the reader, the text and the context.

The transactions will include the social, cultural, experiential, psychological and textual viewpoints Beach 8. Firstly, each film will be briefly described. This will be followed by an analysis of the teachers portrayed in the films. Dead Poets Society is set at a conservative secondary boys academy in the late s and focuses on a group of students completing their senior year.

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Mr Keating is a new English teacher who uses unconventional teaching methods in the classroom. He encourages them to stand on desks during his lessons and to throw out tradition. The film Dangerous Minds is set in a low socio-economic area, where un-privilege and protecting yourself is a way of life.

The teacher in this film is new and young, but is an ex US Marine. The class the film centres on is a difficult one to teach. This teacher uses unorthodox methods to gain the attention and trust of her students. Freedom Writers is set in the years directly following the Los Angeles riots of whereby issues of racism, segregation and inequality along with the changing view of the world is the focus.

The students in the classrooms of this film are from diverse backgrounds and un-trusting of the education system. Their teacher is new and young and her first attempts to earn their trust fail until she begins to get to know the students and make links between what is being taught to their own lives. She inspires her class to learn tolerance, apply themselves and pursue further education. In the Harry Potter series of films, there are several teachers who make an impact upon the young wizards.

Although set in a fantasy world, the audience is treated to both inspirational teachers looking to nurture, protect and develop their charges, and teachers who are painted as egocentric and suspicious.

good teacher and student relationship movies

Inspirational teachers include Dumbledore and McGonagall who offer subtle life lessons, specific skills and knowledge and protect the young wizards from danger. The theme of good versus evil is paramount throughout the film series and the teachers are aligned with this theme. Teachers as Mentors — An Analysis Although only a brief description of each film has been offered, the teachers as mentors to their students is the focus.

However their purposeful and different teaching methods draw their students into their lessons so that life learning can occur. In each film, the unorthodox teaching touches the students in ways unknown to them before and in both cases the students demonstrate intellectual and personal growth. The unorthodox methods provide an avenue for a different relationship that is far from the traditional. In some scenes friendship is hinted at where guiding and supporting the students towards their hopes and dreams is highlighted.

Aspects of mentoring can be seen through relational, developmental and contextual domains as the students are supported, guided and provided explicit role modeling. The young teacher in Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell, uses a teaching approach that includes taking time to get to know her students. This approach, like Keating and Johnson, provides the opportunity to tweak the curriculum to the interests of the students and thus engage them in academic learning.

They guide, support the students towards the unfamiliar and facilitate opportunities for success. They help them to set goals and make them realise that they have a future and can be successful in their lives. The transformations that occur due to the teaching approaches used by the teachers cause their students admire and want to be like them.

They offer wisdom, protection and guidance to the young wizards throughout the series. These teachers, like Keating, Johnson and Gruwell, are role models in that they represent what life can be like and how best to achieve that life. Snape and Quirell also take an interest in their students, but represent an alternative view of life and learning. The difference between the four Harry Potter teachers can be drilled down to the traits of effective teachers.

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Two of which emulate the traits and two whom do not readily display any of the traits. Dumbledore and McGonagall can be considered as teacher mentors whereas Snape and Quirell cannot. In each film the student can be seen as central to the teacher as mentor and this in turn influences the way in which they behave.

The teachers in these films pass on life lessons through their teaching. Throughout the films the teachers are guiding, supporting, befriending, protecting and training their charges.

Interactions that occur between the teachers and the students are followed by a reflective phase by the teachers, whereby solutions to problems are sought or self-realisation occurs.

good teacher and student relationship movies

In many instances the films show the teacher learning from the student and thus learning their own life lessons through reflection. From a social and cultural perspective, what is portrayed within the storylines are often close to the reality of what is expected from teachers. In many instances these lead towards a stereotyping of who teachers are and how they behave.

good teacher and student relationship movies

However, from an experiential point of view, our expectations of the actions that teachers undertake do not usually take such form. In reality, teachers are busy people with a complex job to do Connell and often do not have time to take personal interest in all of their students individually.

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The teachers within the films chosen seem to have one class to prepare for, whereas in reality, a school teacher will have many classes to consider. Psychologically, some teachers and the style they embrace appeal to a particular a type of student or group of students.

In the case of Dead Poets Society, Dangerous Minds and Freedom Writers, the storyline painted the students as those needing a particular type of teacher, someone who would save them from their circumstance and visa versa. The textual perspective was well highlighted by the teachers in the Harry Potter films as the viewer expects to see teachers with rather unusual but interesting teaching styles. However the text within all films included insight into mentor characteristics such as warmth, humour, tolerance, respect and unconditional regards.

Generally, the films examined highlight two different types of teachers, challenging the categories written about by Connell. The first type of teacher highlighted was one who was seen as being more contemporary.

The second type was one who aligns to the traditional form of teacher; one who uses their knowledge, wisdom and life experience to break through to their student. Each of the films were underpinned by the relationship, the developmental needs and the context in which the narrative was played out, however the relationship between the students and the teacher was highlighted as being central to the storyline.

teacher-student relationship

Thus films of this nature often portray teachers as those who help their students in the emotional sense rather than the intellectual sense Delamarter. Conclusion Several understandings about the teacher as mentor have been brought to light through the examination of the teacher as mentor in film.

Firstly, in revisiting the mentoring definitions offered within this paper, it can be said that the teachers highlighted in the discussed films were mentoring their students in a way unique to the relationship developed between teacher and student.

In each instance the teacher worked with their students to identify teaching approaches that would be successful in the context in which they were situated. Each film demonstrated that the teachers were committed to creating a relationship that met the developmental needs of their students.

Interestingly, it was observed that the relationships were mutually beneficial in that the teachers grew along with the students with many coming to realisations about themselves through reflection and self thought. The teachers were role models inside and outside of the classroom. The teachers in these films can be considered as mentors as they were supporting, guiding, protecting and nurturing the students to become better versions of themselves. However, the question that this article sought to answer was: In looking back at the image the teacher in society and the role that they play in developing citizens of the future, it can be said the image presented has slivers of realism.

It would be thought that if teachers did not encourage their students to be the best they can be, then they would not be doing their job. Many figures throughout our cultural history have been viewed as a mentor due to the role they play and how these roles align to societal beliefs and values. Thus, the portrayal of mentors and mentorship through a popular culture lens provides insight into our understanding about what mentorship is and how this may develop in the future.

Both in the past and present, teachers are seen as inspirational figures and pillars of society, and are often considered a mentor by default. Earlier this year the school ran a program created by students called Talk to the Teacher in which they assembled faculty leaders into groups to discuss teaching and how the students felt they learnt best.

Angela Wylie Focus groups with 30 students at each year level then canvassed the school's strengths and weaknesses. Acting student leadership director Sarah Toovey said the exercises showed students had most respect for teachers who were approachable, related easily to them and were passionate about their subjects. Advertisement The programs also illustrate an evolving student-teacher relationship in many Victorian classrooms.

The internet and digital technologies have contributed to this evolution because students can often access information as quickly as their teachers.

Education experts say teachers are no longer the receptacles of knowledge but rather students' partners in learning. Frankston High School curriculum director Joanna Matthews said teachers now had to constantly challenge students to "critique the information they're accessing. We've progressed a long way from that in education," she said. Use of technology and student-teacher relationships were two of the main topics at the two-day Victorian Student Representative Council Congress this week.

Frankston High School student Bridin Walker said there was more respect between teachers and students today.