Genkai and toguro relationship questions

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genkai and toguro relationship questions

his brother (Elder Toguro) seems like an afterthought when he revealed Toguro's backstory / relationship with Genkai. These three were. Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Tragedy - Elder Toguro, Genkai - Chapters: 3 - Words: 11, My question relates to The Toguro Brothers and their individual relationships to Genkai. Questions will be answered. it wasn't love. he loved her way back but since his ideals regarding immortality and strength differs very much from genkai, they had a falling out. i think he killed .

Thinking My first portrait. I couldn't have picked a better first subject. Then he moved on to the neck and shoulders in the same manner of fashion as before. Clothing was somewhat tricky to Aniki even more challenging considering how frequently his subject movedbut he was determined to get it down perfectly. Aniki didn't consider how much time had passed since he began to portrait or that his students, at this point, had fought the entirety of their classmates several times.

His eyes remained fixated on paper and on Genkai. Once Aniki had completed the bust of his subject, it was time for him to draw, well, the bust… Aniki: Thought Do I dare? Aniki looked up again. By this time, Genkai and Ototo were done sparring.


Both their clothes had been absolutely soaked in sweat. Aniki noticed the way Genkai's chest lifted and fell with each breath. They were small, but proportionate and perfectly formed. Thought I think… Hell, who am I kidding? Of course I dare. Just as Aniki brought his pencil down to meet his dream girl, he heard the sound of small footsteps coming toward him. He looked up to see ten year-old Kichiro running toward him.

Aniki slammed the cover of his notebook and held it toward his chest. What are you drawing, Sensei? Not drawing, just writing. I thought I'd come up with a grading system for this class. To keep you all in line. But I'm not telling you what I'm working on, either. This is something for me and only me. Could you ever… draw me something? Kid, you can have my entire collection if you want. Just let me finish one last project before I give my notebook to you. No more wet willies. I saw what you did to Daisuke-Kun.

That was wrong, Kichiro-Kun. Aniki notices Genkai and Ototo walking toward them. Projecting his voice so Ototo can hear I've had my share from Muscles, over here, and I can tell you it's not fun. He actually managed to give me swimmer's ear a couple times he has so much saliva.

And I only gave you wet willies because you gave me pink belly first. To Ototo What's "pink belly"? Don't even think about it. It's bad enough the kids give wet willies, noogies, and Indian sunburns to each other. I don't want even so much as one more thing added to that list. To Kichiro Let's just save that for another day, maybe in a few years from now. Run along home, Kichiro-Kun. Your parents are waiting for you. Promise you'll tell me as soon as you're finished?

Aniki could feel the blood draining from his face as he made a slow nod in agreement. Kichiro gave Aniki a gracious smile.

genkai and toguro relationship questions

Then, he turned and ran out the entrance. With the finality of the door shutting behind Kichiro, Ototo turned to Aniki for elaboration. Aniki would not relent. Aniki looked to his brother, then to Genkai, trying to think of a quick explanation.

Fortunately, the answer to his conundrum came to him sooner than expected. I wanted to do a demonstration on the, uh, different types of roundhouse kicks, but I needed a second person… I told him once I got the lesson plan down that I'd teach him all the different techniques, first.

Just as her eyes were able to see, she saw Bui walking up to the stage.

genkai and toguro relationship questions

She could feel the earth shake with his every step. Whoever fought him would have to be weary, "Oh Bui I wasn't expecting you to step forward so soon. You must be special, he rarely shows this much initiative. Then again, your bitch killed his brother out of pure revenge, maybe he just wants to avenge him as well. After all, it can't be fair that he killed her brother so she merely takes his life in return. This should be dandy. Which ever one of you gets to fight Bui is in for quite the treat.

He has the strength of oxen," Toguro explained. San narrowed her eyes at him, calling her a bitch like that.

genkai and toguro relationship questions

So what if it was the technical term for a female canine, that didn't make it any less offensive. Well take a look at these big guns I got here! Let me go with this guy," said Kuwabara. He just didn't get it, did he? San turned to look at them, pouring more energy into healing Kurama.

Hiei disappeared, to the untrained eye, he actually just jumped onto the ring swiftly. He didn't turn, but she knew he was listening, "Please be careful, I doubt he loses all rational thought when it comes to the death of family like I do. He watched me kill Wakato, and still just stood there," it was the best warning she could give him.

She knelt back down to Kurama as Hiei walked away. Her mate put a hand on her arm. He was right, fresh blood was starting to trickle down the old stains. Kurama then stood, while Juri made a comment about the height difference. San stood with him, but he refused her help. He was able to stand on his own, and she forced herself to stay on her feet. Bui had summoned his huge ax. It was interesting, maybe twice or three times the size of Hiei. Suddenly she felt happy that she only faced Wakato, Bui looked like he would be more of a problem.

You're too cocky, especially with that ax, you'd get your head chopped off easier. Hiei's fast, the fastest one of all of us, just be happy about this," San told Kuwabara. He turned angrily to her but then a look of shock took over his face.

genkai and toguro relationship questions

She was pale, and he saw her wound had opened up again. A vision came in just then, right at his touch. Yusuke was fighting Toguro, and Puu, Yusuke's spirit beast was flying around with a look that greatly resembled Genkai.

Right after, Toguro started towards them, the ring destroyed completely. Kuwabara began to charge at Toguro, who looked as if he has powered up to full strength. He then struck Kuwabara, right in the heart, and the boy died. San could see his spirit in the air watching the match.

The rest of the team ran to him, San just standing there, feeling guilty. She didn't want Kuwabara to die, she knew why Toguro would do that, but she still didn't want him to. The orange haired loud mouth was apart of the pack, and San had to protect him. This was an alterable vision, one that she wouldn't just stand by and let happen, no more people were going to die if she had something to say about it, "San?

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She looked, and saw that she had fallen to the ground, kneeling. She was dizzy, because of the vision and the blood loss. She used her energy to stop the bleeding and seal the wound again, but she was still weak. Kurama helped her to her feet, hating that he had no energy left to help her. He held her against him, so that she could watch this next match, knowing she would stand on her own to do so. She couldn't have been out for long, the two competitors were still having their stand off.

Not a bad weapon you have there Bui, but with all do respect I must say I still prefer my own," said Hiei, removing his over coat. Oh but he could, San knew he had done intense training to control the dragon, and he was simply able to summon it once more if he so wished. She wasn't sure if the others knew about it or not. His right arm was bandaged, and held down with metal bands. He was hiding it, the energy that could be spewing from it, "Man, look how tight Hiei has those bandages wrapped around his arm.

His injuries must not even be close to healing.

genkai and toguro relationship questions

The purpose of this particular binding is not to repair," said Kurama. Even with this serious even occurring, his voice was calm and soothing. So it's just there to look pretty? He was ignored, because Bui was charging at Hiei. He jumped before he reached him and then came down hard with a swing of his huge ax.

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Hiei was too fast for that, and moved out of the way easily. He then hurled it at Hiei, but the fire apparition moved. Bui continued his assault, Hiei dodging all of the huge stones easily. Stones were flying everywhere, into the crowd and all around the ring.

His jagan began glowing, and he wasn't moving for the next piece of concrete coming at him. His fist then began glowing, "Prepare yourself for the fist of the mortal flame! The rubble cleared and Bui was coming down hard at Hiei. It was just a way to delve into his past and give him something new to use against whatshisface, not a huge powerup.

Romaji Romaji 6 years ago 3 What I don't get is why the top elite Spirit World folks are no match for even the lowest of S class demons. How exactly do they keep all the powerful demons from overrunning everything?

And what, is Yusuke the only spirit detective around, aside from Sensui? Why don't we see other detectives? Are any of them comparable to or stronger than Yusuke's group?

Break an arm and try lifting an object with said broken arm before getting back to us on how it feels Action speaks louder than words.