Game of thrones arya and gendry relationship problems

Removes Unofficial Game of Thrones S8 Spoilers - - -- . Arya shoved him back against the anvil and made to run, but Gendry caught her In that regard, I see them as having a more brother/sister relationship. .. I meant she has no problems fitting in with people, she doesn't need to trust them like that. GAME OF THRONES season 8 is still a long way off from its release. It has long been speculated that Arya and Gendry's relationship. If you're all about the younger Stark sister finally getting a fulfilling love life on Game Of Thrones, then whether or not Arya and Gendry are in.

Game of Thrones season 8: Will Arya and Gendry get married? Will Gendry be king?

She was supposed to go South to be refined. Ned wanted her to listen to Septa Mordane's teachings. So some male who encourages her as she is now isn't good in their eyes.

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship problems

He already did not want to stay with her. He resents her for her higher status. As for liking her it's debatable what they felt. He said she looked nice but that's not the same thing as attractive.

She had fleas and lice and was dirty so it would be noticeable if she finally took a bath. I think it would be sick and strange for a 15 year old to have a crush on a 10 year old especially since how they met she was passing for a boy which further emphasized how prepubescent she was. I don't know if there was ever any "romantic feelings" there, but I think it's obvious they were both pretty protective of one another, as most family or close friends are.


But I suppose a couple scenes do suggest at something a bit more; like when Arya gets jealous about a whore flirting with Gendry. Arya was pretty angry that Gendry was going to abandon her as she feels everyone is doingand Gendry was no doubt angry at the fact if they actually did reach Catelyn and Robb, his time with her would probably be at an end due to him being baseborn and Arya the sister of a king.

I definitely can't see them getting married or having children. Still, it's clear Gendry's apprenticeship came with some special knowledge about the mysterious metal.

game of thrones arya and gendry relationship problems

Also, eagle-eyed fans noticed that in Season 7, a book Sam is reading in Oldtown mentions eastern tales about dragon glass and Valyrian steel. It states that, "dragons would thaw the stone with dragonflame until it became molten and malleable.

It means the reason no one could create more of it was because a They didn't have enough dragonglass, and b The dragons weren't around to shape it into steel. But now Daenerys is sitting on a pile of dragonglass, along with two dragons.

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Add a Gendry, and you've got yourself an entire human army equipped with Valyrian weapons! He marries Arya Image: You might even say we're rowing it to shore as fast as we can. So basically, this theory relies on a couple hard pieces of evidence from book lore, but also the undeniably adorable relationship between Gendry the stag and Arya the she-wolf in Season 2.

Here it is in full: Gendry is the only Baratheon left to continue his line.