France and england relationship hetalia

The Special Relationship is Over, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

france and england relationship hetalia

France fought with his rival England for ownership of a baby America. . Their relationship in the mainstream Hetalia universe has not been. Though he gets his hair from France, both France and England have acknowledged America more than him since childhood. He has a pet. Their Special Relationship. Summary: America and England has this Special Relationship, right? Yeah, France doesn't like it. FrUK. Warnings.

france and england relationship hetalia

We had so many good times that I can almost forget the bad. Eventually, food became more and more scarce and the guards around the house became lax and seemed to forget we existed all together. For several years in a row, the Roman Empire simply didn't appear, and Gaul and Hispania seemed genuinely sad at this.

I suppose that, looking back on it now, they had accepted that Rome would be their new family and they were disappointed when he, like their previous guardians, abandoned them to their own devices.

I shamelessly used this disappointment to my advantage and finally convinced them that the three of us—together—should escape.

france and england relationship hetalia

I knew it would deal a hefty blow to that bastard and his empire, and that's really all that I cared about. So we packed sacks of the last of the food and the few pieces of gold and silver and jewels that we thought we could trade with other nations, and we ran.

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We didn't look back. We didn't speak until we were far away from the villa and its inhabitants. When we didn't hear dogs giving chase or the yelling of the guards, we slowed our pace a bit. We first went to Hispania's home to the west, where we bid him farewell and he parted from us to rejoin his brothers on the peninsula. Left alone with Gaul, we continued east and north, to the slimmest section of the waters between our lands.

Along the way, we talked, we laughed, I learned a bit of his singing dialect, and he learned a bit more of mine, and between the two of us, I believe, were the beginnings of friendship. Unfortunately, friendship amongst children is hardly built to last, and between the third century and the eleventh, many things changed between us. But at the time, we parted at the seaside near the white cliffs of my shores with a hug and a grin and the silent thanks that pass between the best of friends.

I would like to be able to tell you that the Roman Empire 's rule over my lands ended then. But what I found when I returned were new walls and settlements marking my hills like a pox and Roman soldiers living amongst my people as natives.

Cymru had apparently been carted off, as well, to another house farther south and had also managed to return to the island relatively unscathed he had been working as a slave, I later foundand Alba, who was never completely conquered, bore a new knotty scar hugging the curve of his back. He spent weeks without a shirt on just to show it off to us all and would boast about his battles with the Roman Empire, himself, to anyone who would listen.

Of course, I listened. I hated that man more than any other, more than Alba and my brothers, and any news of Rome getting beaten as he surely deserved made me giddy with satisfaction.

Their Special Relationship, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

Naturally, I was different, too. I spoke a good deal of Latin, though with the mixture of Gaul's dialect and my own, it was hardly recognizable. My tastes had changed, and I tried to cook more like the chefs in the villa and failed miserably, I might add…ahem.

I had histories to record, and it seems I had already fallen in love with writing, even then. I wrote letters to Gaul, sometimes, and to Hispania telling them about my brothers and my forests and my fay friends. It was a mistake, as I would learn soon enough. Immigrants arrived from his lands, and others left mine to explore his. We weren't that different no matter how grudgingly we'd admit itso our people felt at home in either of our territories, and for hundreds of years, we managed not to attack one another, more or less—though, in truth, we were too busy defending ourselves from others.

france and england relationship hetalia

Eventually, however, we did meet, and He was taller than I, and his hair had grown long past his shoulders. He was lithe and slim, and wearing a perfectly tailored tunic though of no style I had ever seen before.

His Latin was better than mine—at least that much hadn't changed—and he giggled and bounced around like a courtesan rather than a nation. In fact, at first look, I thought he was a girl and that I had mistakenly called out to the wrong person.

I was terribly embarrassed until he turned and smiled and it was the same nauseating combination of teasing familiarity and fake mirth—one never knew whether he was genuinely happy or merely using his charms to bring down your defenses. But what he was talking about was more personal. Not really France the country's problem but Francis the personification of France's issue. America and England's so-called 'Special Relationship'.

Really, what it really was was America taking advantage of England and wasting too much of his time. Time that England should be spending with him, his lover. America and his petit lapin were best friends, after all. But that did not mean that the Special Relationship didn't bother him. Especially considering that England did once have strong feelings for America.

And America had broken England's heart so couldn't he just leave England alone already? But who do you think helped England during those dark days after? With his own revolution, he had limited time to assist England, but he was still there. Could that be said for America?


No, he didn't think so. He and England also had a long, difficult history between them, as well as many petty fights in present days.

However, it was clear that there was the brilliance of love there too, and the fights were really to show that they both still cared. Not to mention, it made them look like a married couple.

Just perfect for the country of l'amour, non? He starts getting worried when England doesn't even respond to his taunting. When England manages to say 'You should go over there', France thinks he has returned to normal, but when England finishes with 'you might catch it', France becomes even more scared.

He takes England's temperature and when he notices his fever isn't going down, he tells himself it is now his 'chance', although America turns up and spoils his 'chance'. In the 'France nii-chan and the Olympia Romance' strip, France wanted to revive the tradition of the Olympics after hearing about it from Greece and that you were supposed to take part naked.

On arrival, he is already stripped of his clothes. England arrives and screams when he sees a naked France and asks why he's not wearing any clothes. France patronizes England for not knowing that everyone is supposed to be naked and begins taking off England's clothes. Although England is screaming throughout the process, he doesn't really make a move to stop France and France only stops after Switzerland shoots a bullet between them because he doesn't want to see anyone naked.

He proposed even though he didn't want to and when England refused and told him to 'get a calendar' because it wasn't April Fool's Day, France told him he had a 'calendar' and pushed a marriage contract forward. England exclaimed it wasn't a calendar, but France continued to repeat it was and forced England to sign it. England managed to ruin the contract by scribbling all over it and told France a marriage isn't something 'to be taken lightly' though in the anime, the subs were translated to 'I don't want to marry you for that reason'.

France became upset and told England that he doesn't even seem to care if France dies and goes on to say he doesn't care if he becomes 'British Territory France Province' or something similar.

A calmer England tells France to sort out his own problems before having his arms trapped by France and being dragged off with France telling himself that everything will work out. In the 'Fantasy England' strip, France calls out to England that they need to go to a meeting. France knocks on England's door, but when he doesn't answer, France opens it to find England sleeping with his head on a desk, surrounded by unicorns, fairies, elves and other mythical creatures who tell each other to hide when they see France.

France closes the door in surprise and screams when England opens it again and tells him that he should have knocked. The 'Crossing Through The Year ' strip is continued and depicts the year where Japan tries to warn everyone that the world will end, while England and France reminisce with smiles on their faces. Fan Speculations Many fans both of the pairing or just the series see France and England's relationship as one of a 'quarrelling married couple' or an 'odd-couple'.

Although the two fight all the time and argue over just about everything, they still get along and are quick to team up whenever someone else enters their argument.