Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship advice

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final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship advice

Because Cloud/Aerith's relationship is different than Squall/Rinoa's. . Are you keeping the FF VIII coloring or changing them to be closer to. One of which is that Cloud and Tifa were already friends at that point. .. In regards to Aerith, I also feel the relationship is far more ambiguous than fans .. I' d also advice you to read Case of Tifa as it explains when Cloud left. I'm a huge Cloud and Aerith (Clerith) shipper and I was wondering if there's face here that doesn't just absolutely hate everything Final Fantasy, lol. Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack was.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship advice

It's up to the player to look at the entire content of the game instead of focusing on their favorite characters. The game's "normal" outcome is to have her present in your party so that you, the player, can see all the scenes that Toriyama "dedicated all his efforts" to just to ensure that Aerith was as "appealing and irreplaceable" to the player by the time of her death.

The way he did that was by making Cloud, the player's character, fall in love with her so that by the time she dies her death is ripping gamer's hearts out.

And I think they succeeded since the reaction from the gaming world was denial and outrage, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history.

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That's sort of why the commercials that Nomura helped make said Cloud and Aerith were a "story of a love". Zack and Aerith fans that played Crisis Core say their love story was told better, but what's funny is that Nojima admitted that he didn't want to waste time "building" their relationship so in order to convince us they fell in love he repeated Cloud and Aerith's Church meet cute. Nojima used a clerith scene to "build" romance between Zack and Aerith.

This alone suggests that Cloud and Aerith's relationship was better told and portrayed or else Nojima wouldn't have used their scene in order to convince us of Zack and Aerith. Kaitai Shinsho" Dismantled in English. That game is sort of like a journal for inner monologues of each character at specific moments in the game. One that's particularly telling is the dialogue Cloud thinks to himself the first time he meets Aerith, where he calls her eyes "impressive", says her smile was a "good purchase"; there's even a later entry where Cloud reacts to Aerith's death by saying that Aerith used to smile like a flower and that he'll never hear her laugh ever again.

He's distraught and heartbroken and missing her attributes and actions, this is extremely romantic already but what makes it even more unique is that Cloud doesn't do this for anyone else.

Cloud and Aerith: A Story of a Love...

This sort of behavior is reminiscent of Squall's words to Rinoa when she's in her coma. They're very romantic and quite impressive thoughts for Cloud to portray. Aerith's ghost is a programming error that is caused due to issues with loading characters into a specific position. You can also see Reno during this scene. This is actually a feasible theory that has several pieces of evidence backing it up. One of them involves the fact that the Northern Crater map where Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia has a large piece that is never seen by the player.

This area also has "Aerith's Theme" playing in the background. These facts combined have led fans to suspect that Aerith was meant to die here instead. This is also supported by numerous inconsistencies in the FMV that shows Aerith's death. The biggest piece of supporting evidence for this theory is the fact that Aerith has unique dialogue that plays after her death.

If you hack Aerith into your party and continue the game, she will have unique lines that do not belong to any other character. These include interactions with the soldiers in Fort Condor, trying to start a fight in the Battle Square, falling down Gaea's Cliff, and talking to people in Rocket Town. One instance of this was recently discovered in relation to Aerith's relationship with Zack Fair. However, in the original Japanese version of the game, she simply refers to him as the first person that she ever liked, which suggests that she never had the chance to share these feelings with him.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship advice

Sephiroth is not the only person who can do this, as one of the short stories reveals that Aerith could also manifest in the real world if she wanted to. These were later bundled onto the home releases of the film. However, Tifa refrained from raising her voice and correcting Cloud because a part of her also wasn't sure if what she'd seen was correct.

Final Fantasy: 25 Hidden Details About Cloud And Tifa’s Relationship

Keep in mind that Tifa was heavily injured during this altercation, so it's normal for her to doubt her memories. She knew something was particularly off about him, but confronting him about him was particularly daunting for her as well.

So, instead of taking what would arguably have been the right course of action to take, Tifa decided to let things be and not get into something that she felt was way out of her depth. Finding a wheelchair-bound Cloud was the last straw for Tifa, and it was quite lucky that the subsequent earthquake threw both of them into the Lifestream.

This allowed Tifa to explore Cloud's psyche and understand what exactly happened to his memories. However, in Advent Children, Cloud is as distant as ever.

So, it's obvious that Tifa would take this in the wrong sense. Being ignored and kept in the dark by the person closest to her was quite an alienating experience for Tifa.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship advice

While the realization of his true past definitely took a toll on his mind, ostracizing Tifa from his true feelings was not necessary. This self-apathy was so severe that Tifa had to step in and give a stern talk to Cloud about his crummy behavior. Apparently, there was another scene right after this blowup that showed Tifa regretting the blunt nature of her outburst, but this scene was removed from the final cut for time constraints.

Similarly, Tifa's last name is also meant to indicate something along the same lines. The obvious meaning of "Lockhart" is quite apparent, which we've discussed in detail. This took a fair bit of effort from Tifa.