February and july relationship with god

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february and july relationship with god

I had a conversation a while back with a friend, who is Christian but not Catholic, proclaim to me that the Catholic Faith was not biblically based. Siubhan Sadler PUBLISHED February 01, 0 Comments CGS helps a child develop a real, personal relationship with God. I believe that it is far more. BY CURT AUSTIN, GRACE ATTENDER & BLOGGER Have you opened the paper today? Did you turn on the evening news? Perhaps you.

There are many other ways, other than the obvious one of attending Mass on at least a weekly basis. There are speakers, retreats, prayer groups, books, and music just to name a few.

Deepening Our Relationship with God During Lent

As we take the time to look closer at our faith and achieve a deeper relationship with Him the rewards will come back ten-fold. Lent is a time to reflect and strive for a deeper understanding of His love and to strengthen our relationship with Him.

Lent ultimately ends with the greatest gift that God has given us, his son Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life.

february and july relationship with god

Jesus who came to earth to live with us, teach us, pray with us and ultimately give His life for us so that we may experience fully His love.

Lent is that special time of year that we can truly concentrate on how to live by the law He has set forth and to form a closer loving relationship with Him.

Nurturing a relationship with God through hands-on experience | Maitland-Newcastle Catholic News

While many of us would see this time of year as a very somber and bleak time of the liturgical year, I would challenge you to look at it with a fresh set of eyes. Try seeing it as spring, a time to nourish and deepen our roots, for it is these strong and sturdy roots that will provide the means to bloom and rejoice in the Risen Savior. Without these means to support and foster our relationship with God we will ultimately wilt and struggle for a rich and fulfilling life.

This is not a new concept and not a bad way to look at the season provided it is done in the right spirit. Having reasonable good health, pleasant friends and maybe the occasional vacation? The Gospel of John tells us what God wants for each and every one of us: This is what will not only satisfy our deepest personal longings, but will in turn allow us to make a difference and leave a legacy.

Even if our faith life is pretty good, why settle for that when we could have a faith life that is great? And this abundance is available to us, if we have the courage to tap into it. We experience true purpose and meaning.

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True joy and happiness are contagious in a good way. They bubble over into all areas of our lives and send positive ripple effects into our own circles and beyond. I was raised Catholic and still believed in God, but my faith journey left me a bit empty.

Eventually, I came to realize I was needing more direction in my life and wanted to go deeper into my faith.

Something told me I was missing out, despite my worldly success, and I was looking for more. As I shared previously, we tend to see ourselves as we were mirrored in our old relationships.

february and july relationship with god

To change this, we need to transform the faulty view of ourselves by relating to God, ourselves and others in healthier ways. More will be shared in future blog posts Be open to the idea that you have an inside self that needs to be seen.

february and july relationship with god

Write a letter not to send to the people who gave you an inaccurate reflection of yourself. I am beginning the process of wiping away the lies of who I was told I was, and getting to know myself as I really am.

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Make sure you have a safe friend, counselor or group you can process your feelings with. Start forming the habit of asking yourself what you need, rather than running to a substance, activity, or another person to meet your need.

february and july relationship with god

Begin the process of learning to soothe yourself when upset see chapters 8 and 9 in Give Yourself a Break: Tools to form a deeper connection with God.