Ezinma and ekwefi relationship test

See compassion between Ekwefi and Ezinma/ Ezinma and Okonkwo The relationship between them was not only of mother an child. relationship of okonkwo with ezinma. love for her. is shown in the way he shouts at Ekwefi, when Ezinma fell sick and Okonkwo was supervising Ekwefi when she was pouring the water for her medicine, . People and Behaviour Final Exam. What does Okonkwo constantly wish Ezinma had been? a. ___ What is the name of Okonkwo's second wife? a. Chielo b. Ojiugo c. Ekwefi d. Ezinma . ___ The relationship between Okwonko's wives could best be described as.

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Here's how to do it. At Educator Centralyou can create and manage student accounts, monitor your students' learning, and get detailed reading and learning analytics that help you make smart classroom decisions. His feelings often differ from what he says or does. Although the people of the village respect him and his accomplishments, he does not quite fit in with his peers, some of whom disagree with his treatment of less successful men. Okonkwo does not even enjoy the leisurely ceremonial feast as others do.

His impatience with the festivities is so great that he erupts. He falsely accuses one of his wives, beats her, and then makes an apparent attempt to shoot her. Further evidence of his violent nature is revealed when he moves his feet in response to the drums of the wrestling dance and trembles "with the desire to conquer and subdue.

His stubborn and often irrational behavior is beginning to set him apart from the rest of the village. In contrast, Okonkwo exhibits feelings of love and affection — his first encounter with Ekwefi and his fondness for Ezinma, his daughter. However, Okonkwo considers such emotions signs of weakness that betray his manliness, so he hides his feelings and acts harshly to conceal them. The amount of detail included about the Feast of the New Yam, just before the annual harvest, underscores how closely the life of the community relates to the production of its food.

The description of household preparations for the festival reveals two significant issues about Igbo culture: The roles of women and daughters to keep the household running smoothly and to prepare for special occasions even though they can hold positions of leadership in the village. The insignificant impact a wife beating and a near shooting have on family life, as if violence is an acceptable part of day-to-day life in the household.

For the first time in the story, Achebe mentions guns. Because of an outgrowth of Igbo trade with the rest of the world, Western technology actually arrived in the village before the Westerners did.

Things Fall Apart

Umuofia was not a completely isolated community. Glossary calabash the dried, hollow shell of a gourd, used as a bowl, cup, and so on.

Ezinma Ekwefi and Okonkwo's daughter; meaning true beauty.