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EVA Unit 01 contains the soul of Yui Ikari, who disappeared during a relationship with Shinji (a relationship she has with neither Rei nor an. The themes of Neon Genesis Evangelion have been the subject of continued casual and The questions elicit unexpected answers, particularly the ones dealing with Shinji's In episode 25 Shinji and Asuka both show that they in fact suffered similar pasts and found . What is humanity's relationship to his or her God?. To start, Mari doesn't fit into the “love affairs” of Shinji only because she has almost zero time Related Questions (More Answers Below). How did Rei Ayanami die at the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion? Shinji and Rei's relationship is not a romantic one by any means, but is somewhat complicated to explain. Kaworu.

Shinji, now one with all other humans, converses with them, particularly Rei and Kaworu. It is revealed that Shinji and Eva's absorption of a Fruit of Life and a Fruit of Wisdom meant that Eva, and the pilot inside, will continue to exist forever, "even after the Sun, the Moon, and the planets are gone".

He eventually converses with Yui, whom he wonders what will do, until he finally decides that he wants to live and returns to Earth. Asuka appears next to him and Shinji attempts to strangle her for an un-clarified reason, but stops himself and breaks down after Asuka regains consciousness and caresses his face.

In this film, Shinji's role is very much the same as that of the anime series. He is assigned to be the pilot of Unit and works alongside Rei to defeat the Angel Ramiel. After the battle with Bardiel, wherein his father forced him to critically injure Asuka, Shinji retires from his duties and leaves NERV.

When Zeruel consumes Rei, Shinji returns and defeats the Angel by seemingly fusing with the Evangelion. Everyone treats Shinji poorly, except Kaworu. After Shinji realizes that he did not save Rei, he and Kaworu pilot Eva, one of the Four Adams and the most powerful known Evangelion which the two operate. They attempt to erase Third Impact by using the spears of Longinus and Cassius allegedly lodged in Lilith, but instead start Fourth impact after Shinji pulls the two spears of Longinus out from Lilith, ignoring Kaworu and Asuka's warning.

Eva then eats the Twelfth Angel and ascends to divinity. However, Kaworu sacrifices himself to stop the Fourth Impact, leaving Shinji losing his will to live.

In other media[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message Shinji appears in most manga adaptations of Neon Genesis Evangelion, including Yoshiyuki Sadamoto 's manga adaptation. The manga generally follows the plot of the anime with occasional alterations in events.

In this manga, Shinji's role is very similar to his anime counterpart, although changes in characterization are apparent. This is due to the fact the manga is written from Sadamoto's point of view involving Shinji. Soon thereafter, Ritsuko has Shinji return Rei's ID card to her; Shinji accidentally walks in on Rei as she is getting dressed, and clumsily knocks her to the floor, touching her naked body. With Rei still unable to enter battle, Ramiel approaches, and Gendo sorties Unit with Shinji as the pilot.

Shinji is immediately hit by one of Ramiel's attacks and is forced into retreat by Misato. As Shinji wakes up from the recovery of his injury, he is to help defeat Ramiel with a positron beam; during the battle, Shinji's first shot fails to destroy Ramiel.

When Ramiel fights back, Rei, in Unit, steps between them, taking heavy damage. Shinji then destroys Ramiel with another blast.

Shinji quickly escapes Unit, and opens Unit's hatch, burning his hands like Gendo, to see Rei. He expresses a deep sadness for her, but tells her to smile nonetheless. We soon learn that Shinji is embarassed of Misato and her unhealthy lifestyle. After she visits his school, however, a new robotic unit called Jet Alone is demonstrated, but goes out of control.

Shinji must use Unit to get Misato into Jet Alone so she can shut down its reactor. In Episode 08Asuka is introduced, and immediately regards Shinji as "dull". Despite this, Asuka displays an interest in Shinji after learning of his innate ability to synch with Unit ; as Gaghiel attacks, she seizes her chance to impress Shinji, and tells him to get into the cockpit of Evangelion Unit with her.

Eventually, as the two cooperate, they are able to open Gaghiel's mouth underwater, and the armada of Navy ships present are able to destroy it. After Asuka hits it and divides it in two, it revives as two separate Angels, which defeat both Evas; Shinji and Asuka proceed to argue about whose fault it was. Kaji and Misato devise a plan to take down the Angel after it heals and returns in a few days time; however, the plan requires the cooperation of both Evangelion units.

Shinji and Asuka, during their next several days living together, undergo numerous tests and training exercises to synchronize themselves to better attack Israfel. When the battle day comes, the two defeat Israfel seamlessly through a synchronized dance routine. Shinji and Asuka hang out at a pool after their friends are send on a field trip, where Shinji is having trouble with schoolwork.

Showing off a bit, Asuka solves his problem with relative ease, then compares his topic of thermal expansion to that of her breasts, much to Shinji's embarassment.

Meanwhile, Sandalphon has been active in a nearby volcano, and Asuka takes the call. Trying to show off to Shinji, she takes a dive into the volcano, where she loses her Eva's knife, but eventually encounters the Angel. Shinji throws his knife to Asuka, and after a short struggle, Asuka defeats Sandalphon.

In Episode 12it is discovered that Shinji is rapidly increasing his synch rate with his Eva, much to Asuka's dismay. As it nears the ground, Shinji is the first to get under it. He struggles to lasts long enough for Rei to expose the core for Asuka to destroy, killing Sahaquiel. Later, Shinji does a test in Evangelion Unitbut when the nerve connections go bad, the Eva goes Berserk just as it had previously, though Shinji escapes virtually unharmed.

Asuka and Shinji share a kiss of Asuka's "boredom" Shinji is next seen visiting his mother 's grave with Gendo; Gendo reveals that there is no body there, nor does he have any pictures of Yui. Though Shinji attempts to make a connection with Gendo, Gendo dismisses him completely. Shinji returns home and begins playing the cello, with which Asuka notes he has great talent. During Episode 16Shinji's synch test gives the highest results among his, Rei's and Asuka's, an event that inspires confidence in him.

Due to this however, with the arrival of the unusual 12th AngelShinji ventures to face it alone, resulting in Unit being captured in the Angel's shadow, trapping him in a Sea of Dirac. As the Eva life support starts to turn off, Shinji begins to lose hope, and the Angel tries to communicate with him, talking about the psychology and understanding of others, and revives the memories of his abandonment, alongside his imperfections.

In the last scene she is shown to say in relation to Rei's identity: Implication being she had developed a certain curiosity about the First. Is it just a kiss? A very important episode for Asuka, completely devoid of any angel fights.

The very first scene concerning the girl sets the theme for the episode. She is calling Kaji on the phone but fails to get through to him, forcing her to leave a message. It is interesting to note that, in the message, where she pretends to be stalked by a pervert just to get Kaji to pick up, she shouts for his "help".

It is the only time Asuka ever utters the word excluding the mind-violations. After putting down the phone, she is shown to feel quite depressed and rejected. Hikari then asks her to go on a blind date, which she agrees to. The date proves to be a failure and Asuka dumps the guy because she deems him "boring".

When Asuka gets back home in the evening she walks in on Shinji playing the cello, and she applauds him after he plays the piece to finish, admitting that she is impressed with his performance and the fact he plays an instrument.

In his usual self-deprecating manner, Shinji attempts to downplay her praise, telling her that he does not think he has any musical talents and only can do it so well because he has played since he was five years old.

Asuka, still impressed, points out that perseverance is still a form of power. As the two are waiting for Misato's return, Asuka asks Shinji to kiss. Thanks to the mind-violation sequence ep.

In truth she was seeking some love and help from Shinji. It should be remembered that Asuka, at this point in time, is feeling especially rejected and ignored by Kaji and sees in Shinji someone who cares about her; a potential replacement for her ex-guardian.

As expected, Shinji agrees to kiss her but, despite Asuka prolonging the exchange for as long as Shinji could breath, he fails to understand its real meaning and to provide her with the support she needs.

Noisily rinsing her mouth and letting him know how bad of an idea it was to kiss him. This is certainly one of the scenes in which the duality of their relationship is most obvious. Asuka tries to deceive Shinji as to the reason why she kisses him and yet at the same time she hopes, deep down, that he is able to realize her deception and break through her barriers.

His acceptance isn't enough; she needs more. Unluckily for Asuka, it is not over. When Kaji arrives home with Misato, she quickly puts up a smile and tries to get him to spend some time with her.

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As she gets close to him, she briefly clings his arm, but then she smells Misato's perfume on his jacket and realizes something happened between them. Immediately letting go of him, she freezes up and doesn't even say goodbye. Shinji, who was observing the scene, notices from Asuka's expression that something is wrong and inquires to her well being, only to have her irately blame their kiss as the cause of her pain, before she runs off to her room.

An interesting detail about the events of the episode is that they follow a circular structure. The episode begins with Asuka feeling rejected by Kaji, then bored by the date, not feeling understood by Shinji and ends with her, once again, feeling rejected by Kaji. Misunderstood Intentions Shinji believes Asuka's lie that her kiss was just to relieve boredom, but once again in Ep. Asuka Surpassed I see you The opening scene of the episode introduces Asuka as being in a very volatile mood.

Likely a consequence of her experiences in the previous episode. Starting off with Asuka attacking Shinji for being too quick to apologize, only to then express her jealousy and frustration at Misato, accusing her of only being in a good mood due to being back together with Kaji when she tries to defend Shini.

The key moment in the episode, concerning Asuka and Shinji's relationship, is her loss to the latter in the synchronization test. Strongly foreshadowed in previous episodes, the impact of said development on their relationship is truly destructive.

In a sense, by failing to understand and support Asuka before ep. It is important to remember that Asuka's only way to prove herself her value is being the best pilot. Taking that away from her, forces her to confront herself with all her insecurities.

Kaji and Shinji, for different reasons, couldn't offer her an alternative source of support; as such, she receives the full impact of the blow. In two instances in the episode we see Asuka addressing Shinji sarcastically as Shinji-sama; first, in a burst of anger as she is in the locker room with Rei and then during the fight against Leliel.

In that instance Asuka provokes Shinji to charge the angel on his own, causing him to get trapped and nearly costing him his life. It's interesting to note that Shinji attacks the angel with the express intention to prove himself to Asuka. After Shinji's safe return, she is shown to further express envy for the attention given to him, when Misato hugs him in tears, by saying to her: In spite of that, the episode ends on a somewhat positive note, when Asuka is seen awkwardly lurking in the hallway of the hospital in an attempt to check on Shinji's well being without being noticed.

Of course she gets caught, prompting Shinji to laugh for the first time in the series.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship questions

The clear implication of the scene is that Asuka felt guilty for her over-reaction and that she still cares about Shinji. Episode 17 The only relevant scenes in the episode concern Asuka and Shinji being accused by Toji of fighting like a married couple, which they both deny and Asuka trying to spend some time with Kaji at the end of the episode. As Asuka is outside of Kaji's office she is shown to look depressed. It's only after she takes a deep breath and puts on her best smile that she enters the room.

It is the first time we get a clear look at the way Asuka truly feels in relation to Kaji. The happiness she shows him is, and always has been, to an extent, forced. She tries to be at her best in order to appeal to him, but in truth she feels hurt and rejected. This further reminds us of how important Shinji's role as Kaji's replacement is and how in need of affection and company she is.

Cluelessness Another episode that is relatively light on Asuka-Shinji. Asuka is shown to go out of her way to avoid Misato and Shinji, as she clearly has yet to accept having "lost" to them.

It is hinted at that Shinji has yet to understand Asuka's jealousy for Kaji, as he is shown to ask Misato why Asuka is trying to avoid her. It is in fact his cluelessness that becomes the main theme of the episode.

evangelion rei and shinji relationship questions

In an exchange between Hikari and Asuka, the second pilot refers to Shinji by saying: And he's an idiot to boot. He doesn't know how to relate to people. It is interesting to see how, after the kiss, Asuka seems to be even more frustrated by Shinji's density. Further reminding us of the main issue in their relationship; he just doesn't get it and he is too passive to make up for it. At the end of the fight Shinji remains stuck inside his Eva. Asuka is shown to suffer deeply after her loss to the boy, being more concerned by her failure than by Shinji's well being.

A subconscious need Asuka before confessing her feelings to Kaji. Asuka sees Shinji speaking to Rei Asuka realizes she is confiding in Shinji after her phonecall from her stepmother.

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Arguably the most important episode of the series for Asuka's character as we are offered an even more intimate exploration of the struggles she is experiencing. The episode opens with a flashback, focused on Asuka and Kaji, before they get to Japan. In it, Asuka confesses her feelings to the man and receives a clear rejection; she is too young for him. She was willing to open up to him, only to be hurt in return.

As it was hinted at, in ep. Connected to the flashback is the following scene, in which Asuka, at a station, is trying to call Kaji on the phone but fails to get through to him on the phone. As she looks up, she notices Rei and Shinji on another platform, talking the first time since Shinji's incidentprompting an annoyed reaction: After all, I lost Yet, she may also be feeling a bit jealous of the attention Shinji is giving to Rei, even though Asuka is the one that distanced herself from him, to begin with.

Once again the duality of their relationship comes into play to complicate things. As Misato, Shinji and Asuka are sharing their first dinner together since the incident, Asuka is shown to still feel jealous of Kaji. When they receive a phone call at home, Asuka sulks and refuses to pick it up, suspecting it could be her ex-guardian wanting to talk to Misato when Misato quietly comments that it is not very likely, it visibly arouses Asuka's curiosity, indicating that she is either oblivious to or in denial or possibly both about Kaji's absence and the implications of said absence.

It proves to be her stepmother instead. After she is done talking on the phone, Shinji tries to learn more about her family, commenting that it must be nice to have someone to talk to. Asuka, in a rare unguarded moment, earnestly explains to him that her feelings towards her stepmother are mostly ones of indifference, only to stop herself and immediately going back to shouting at him when she realizes what she is doing.

The implication here is, once again, Asuka's need for someone to open up to and to confide in. Shinji could be that person, but Asuka can't seem to accept it.

The key moment of the episode is Asuka's mind-violation sequence during the fight against Araelas it allows us to take a peek into her subconscious. Asuka's loneliness and need for help and love, is the main focus of the scene.

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As she receives further confirmation that Kaji is lost to her, she notices Shinji beside her ex-guardian. Forced to come to terms with her feelings for him, she snarls: You won't do anything! You never help me!