Evangelion asuka and shinji relationship

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evangelion asuka and shinji relationship

One of the aspects I found fascinating was the relationship between the characters Shinji and Asuka. Believe it or not as leads these character's. It isn't very clear to me if she loves him or not, plus is the voice about them having a daugther (was it Mari?) true?. Theory and Analysis:Shinji and Asuka's Relationship Marking the appearance of Asuka Soryu Langley, in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Unlike Shinji who needs affection, Asuka needs her individuality to be seen. In their current stat, not a chance. Now in my eyes these two are actually like mixing Bleach and Ammonia. That's the point though the anime has to do " Accepting yourself" and "Anywere can be a paradise. Shinji is hungry, no probably starving for affection. He even killed the last angel because he believed people would love him if he did. To Shinji, people are not people but rather a source to find the affection he needs.

Rei once slapped Shinji for bad mouthing Shinji, and although he wasnt wrong about trash talking the guy, she was right to do so. Shinji doesnt care to understand he just wants to be loved. Gendo as a father socially should love his son, but individually appeares to not care. Shinji doesnt care about the individual but rather the affection. Now Im not saying this to trash talk Shinji.

When someone is hungry they act differently then when they are full. Shinji is probably not aware at this point that he is acting selfishly, though I dont blame the guy. So how does this relate to Asuka and Shinji's Interactions? That individually she is the best. Shinji doesnt seen the individual at all. This is why this is a big problem.

This issues slowly takes root and messes stuff up slowly throughout the seires. This problem is just as much Asuka's fault as it is Shinji's because Asuka is faking who she is and never says anything.

So how could someone who is dense see the problem? It is the evidence presented in the show that makes it clear that they are the show's primary couple. It was what is being set up to that causes this to all fall apart and the problem to come to light. Now Asuka is in love wit Kaji and believes him to be the perfect guy.

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Way off screen before they get to when they show up in Evangelion. She was rejected by him, she is to young. Why is she even into Kaji your probably asking.

Two Bodies One Soul: Character Profiles Asuka and Shinji

Now Asuka wants to be viewed as an adult, not just as an individual. What better way to get that but from an handsome guy full of charisma. Kenji wont look at her that way, she is to young for him. The validation she needs is not being meet by Kaji.

Now Asuka and Shinji have been getting along. It would be a lie if Asuka said she wasnt interested in Shinji. Literally in couple episodes before Shinji saved Asuka and showed an interest in her. That she was important.

Asuka sees that there may be a chance Shinji can replace Kaji or rather help her. Now things between Kaji and Misato are becomming more known and Asuka is sad about that.

So we arrive at the kiss scene that kinda just seens random. Asuka is seeking help from Shinji because she is sad. She plays her cards well and decives him into agreeing. Shinji is experencing affection and does whatever he must to recive it. Such as holding is breath. Shinji fails to see that Asuka in a werid way is seeking help.

Asuka, frustrated with his passivity and cluelessness, proceeds to run to the bathroom to hide her pain. Guess who shows up Kaji. Now this is when the problem starts.

Shinji is clueless looking for affection. Asuka wont let anyone close to her but wants help. Asuka is pissed Shinji doesnt get. Shinji failed to help her. Now that she is mad, this becomes more irritating then it was before. Slowly as the anime goes on you see Asuka's envy of Shinji's attention increase to the point of not even being conserd for his well being. Shinjo remains clueless the entire time.

Then comes episode Asuka meets Arael, Arael doesnt hold back and is made to attack the mind. Asuka's loneliness and need for help and love, is the main focus of the scene.

We see in this scene Asuka talking to several Asuka's and yelling that isnt me. Confirming she is layered.

Then we see Kaji and Shinji. Realizing Kaji is lost to her and forced to understand her feelings for Shinji.

evangelion asuka and shinji relationship

Shinji wont do anything though. He wont help her, and she wont tell him how to help. You won't do anything! You never help me! You won't even hold me! Shinji is the best pilot, she likes him but he wont help her, and she can no longer pilot the Eva the source of her identity. Asuka denies feeling lonely and reaffirms her independant attitude but without the Eva, she really has no purpose anymore.

Shinji doesnt understand Asuka and does as she asks. The thing Asuka hates about Shinji. As is said Shinji will do what is asked of him to make sure people like him because he hates himself.

evangelion asuka and shinji relationship

Asuka needs help but as an adult she wont ask for it. The problem reachs its peek for Asuka and soon after Shinji crumbles as well. For Shinji, Asuka is the closest thing to affection for him as he says he is afraid of Rei and Misato.

Who does he go to for help? We all know what happens, anyways he doesnt get that help.

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Shinji becomes depressed and basically hits his darkest momment just like Asuka. So now that we are here. Asuka and Shinji friendship is to display one of those themes. Asuka and Shinji were both very selfish people but that wasnt the major flaw at all. The major flaw to there interaction was lack of Communication. Im sure while you read this you thought of some questions. Why doesnt Asuka just tell Shinji how she feels? Why doesnt Shinji just be honest as well?

Why does Asuka respond with hate to Shinji if she likes him? Why is Shinji not looking at Asuka as a person? Why didnt Asuka talk about Kaji instead of trying to replace him with Shinji? All those are options, but they involved communication from both parties.

Something one couldnt do and the other wouldnt do.

evangelion asuka and shinji relationship

So does this event end their relationship? No the Human instrumentality project happens. Now the Psycology that plays here is the Master-Servant Dialectic. It is about the development of the Self-Consciousness by interacting with another Self-Consciouness. The interaction between two different people that are self aware. It is literally a Self-Consciousness being aware of another awareness of itself. In the extreme term it is used to be "a struggle to the death. In this case Asuka and Shinji.

Now what Im about to say may trigger and shock you. The roles on Evangelion is Shinji as the master and Asuka as the servant. Now in episode 25 and 26 they take about this idea. Shinji within the tree of life was one with everyone and so only one Consciousness remained an in term he began to loss his form.

It is stated that without the interactions with others Shinji would vanish from reality. It is through others yourself takes form. The oneness of Asuka and Shinji. Four exchanges happen and as they are one because of the human instrumentality project there is no way anything can be hidden. The "Master vs Servant" semi finals you could say.

The first exchange is by Asuka. Shinji and Asuka together in a bed. Neither of their faces are shown at the same time to show their distance but Asuka has pinned Shinji down and os livid. She is disgusted by him and hates him and he repsonds with "Its because we are alike" another idea called the Shadow. Because one tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of one's personality". Basically Asuka hates Shinji because Shinji embodies all that Asuka locks away in hope not one would see.

Asuka needs to be seen as great and nothingless. Shinji is none other then Asuka's Shadow. She doesnt hid the fact she wants to hid her need for help and love and so its shown is rage. This is because Shinji failed to understand her. He failed to help her and understand what the kiss really meant. Shinji is over whelemed in this scene. This is the scene Shinji finally understands what Asuka wanted.

Asuka seems to be fine with being with him. There is only one condition to what she asks. That he be hers only. That his attention is for her and her alone, because she needs to be looked at and Kaji wouldnt do that. Shinji is in human instrumentality project so there are zero limits. Shinji tries to help Asuka and his biggest fear is meet. He is rejected and told all he does is hurt her. Then she turns the words on him and reveals what he is after.

Asuka and Shinji (Relationship)

By helping her he will gain her love and approval. I didn't specifically analyze why Asuka caressed Shinji, but going by the interpretation I adopted in my post, along with the mentioned card game translation, there are a few valid reasons why she did that. This scene echoes one earlier in the movie, during Instrumentality, when Shinji and Asuka are arguing with each other about whose fault it is that they never managed to get close. I summarized the scene on my blog: Shinji responds that maybe he could learn to love himself if she tried being nice to him, gets angry and smashes a chair, then wraps his hands around her neck and strangles her.

Shinji, who has spent a large part of the series being passive and self-loathing, finally gets angry and blames Asuka and by proxy the other people in his life for his inability to get close to others. Asuka and Rei respond, with some justification, that Shinji also has to take some blame; he avoids getting close to anyone because he fears being rejected and abandoned by them, as he was by his father. In the end, Shinji manages to get over his fear of rejection and chooses to reverse Instrumentality and go back to the world where people are separate and can choose to reject or abandon each other.

The card translation says that Shinji started to strangle Asuka because he wanted to confirm that rejection and denial exist once more. By going back to a world where rejection and denial exist, Shinji has admitted that he feared them, and faced that fear. He has confessed that Asuka's and Rei's accusations in the earlier scene were true, that he locked people out too tightly because he feared abandonment. As Shinji strangles Asuka, she reaches up and caresses him, countering that although rejection and denial exist again, acceptance also exists again—people have the choice to accept others into their hearts, just as they have the choice to deny others.

And with this, Asuka confesses that Shinji's accusations in the earlier scene were true: