Ethics and politics relationship

ethics and politics relationship

The question here is, whose ethics? Who sets the global values and principles to categorize different actions? But most importantly: are politics. The relation between ethics and politics is a more serious issue, for historical experience has shown, at least since the conflict pit- ting Antigone against Creon, . POLITICAL SCIENCE. CHARNER PERRY. I T IS easier to state briefly in simple words the relation be- tween ethics and political science than it is to make clear.

It would be established as an ideal situation in which the people, already freed from labor workneeded to satisfy their vital needs the space of needand having also dominated the command of the obra, the fabrication and transformation of nature the space of utility could live with greater plentitude that dimension in which the true human is situated, the space of action as discourse, which would be the foundation of a new ethics - an ethics of discourse.

This political space was the space of freedom.

ethics and politics relationship

She then soon explains: I will comment on these statements. Two central points are related with our case: It is precisely the fact that they materialize this ethos by speech, by discourse. To live in the polis was to live freely.

  • Ethics and Politics Relationship

I emphasize one more point. The political act was thus focused on freedom.

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But this freedom was understood in two complementary manners: This authentic freedom is only possible in a relationship.

In speech we customarily link the concept of equality to that of justice, and not to freedom. Arendt advances once again here by showing the importance of discourse - of speech on equal grounds - as a foundation for ethics. And now, the important detail: For this reason, Arendt concludes, the Greeks would say that the slaves and Barbarians were aneu logou, did not have command of the word, were in a situation in which it was impossible to have a free conversation.

Here is the importance of speech on equal grounds for a politics constructed by an ethics based on discourse. I will challenge the readers to experiment with this practice: But speech without coercion and without domination: Third, we can consider the virtues of a group—virtues understood, in an Aristotelian way, as dispositions that are reflected in, and reinforced by, actions.

In other words, virtues are habits that can be deliberately shaped.

ethics and politics relationship

Groups as well as people can have virtues, such as courage, temperance, magnanimity, etc. Developing and maintaining virtues requires different strategies when a group instead of an individual is the thing that is virtuous or vicious.

This discussion has assumed a simple dichotomy of individuals and groups. That scheme must be complicated in two fundamental ways. On one hand, individuals do not really precede groups. Anyone who thinks in a language is already part of a linguistic community. These are examples of the ontological dependence of individuals on groups.

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On the other hand, groups are rather like individuals in their interactions with one another. Keohane and Elinor Ostrom co-edited a book that explored the close parallels between collective-action problems in small communities and among states.

What Are The Ethics Of Politics?

In both contexts, there is typically no single enforcer who can determine the behavior of the parties. There is plenty of room for disaster, yet sometimes the parties work out solutions, from rules for pasturing goats on common land to international arms treaties. A government is not a single actor that stands apart from society and directs it, but rather as a whole set of human actors politicians, civil servants, front-line workers who constantly interact with each other and with people outside the government.

Not much is accomplished unless they are able to motivate voluntary compliance with agreements. But he has nobody to help to murder the king as such a deed would be inauspicious.

However, he finally finds the person who accepts to shoulder the heavy responsibility. When Khosrow saw him, tears flew on his cheek; When the king wore those garments and repented from his sins. A new chador he covered himself with So as not to see his murderous face.

on the relationship between ethics and politics

All the fifteen noble sons of Khosrow Were imprisoned in the castle. Well, the story of politics from this perspective is a tragic one and replete with patricides, fratricides and filicides. If politics is such, what will its relation to ethics be?