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Let us deal with our problems and let us not mix our problem with other In relation to the discussion on plagiarism, imitation, and all that https:// As Chevy Chase used to say on Saturday Night Alive, “good evening, I am Chevy Chase and you are not. Social relations among the communities were really quite good in Eritrea. I divided my . British took over from the Italians in , they gave us that naval station, and we used it as a naval station They saw the principal officer's Chevrolet, which was Mrs. Keogh was interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy in Iran and the United States do not have diplomatic relations, and as a result scientific ties have waxed and waned often in concert with the levels.

Eritrea uses the conflict with Ethiopia as an excuse for not making any government reforms. Third, a peace deal would open a new dynamic in the dysfunctional and tension-ridden Horn of Africa. It is true that Eritrea has supported bad actors in its neighborhood. If Eritrea had peace with Ethiopia, it would feel more secure and Eritrea would be less prone to causing trouble in the region and more likely to reduce tensions.

Fourth, if the United States and Eritrea had a new relationship, Eritrea could be our Plan B African military base, as Djibouti is getting a little too friendly with China. Eritreans disagreed with this solution, fought a year war against Ethiopia and won independence in During its struggle, Eritrea had no reliable friends. The current Eritrean leadership is made up of the former military leaders who led the country to its independence.

Eritrea has had tense relations with the West. In the early s, the Clinton administration provided financial aid and military assistance to the country. Less than a decade later, the United States ended those relations and suspended the sale of weapons to Eritrea when war broke out in The Bush administration had serious concerns in the mids that Eritrea was providing sanctuary to al-Shabab terrorists, which led to the imposition of an arms embargo in The Obama administration signed an executive order in with a series of financial sanctions against Eritrea for its failure to address human trafficking.

I asked senior leaders in Eritrea if they see al-Shabab as a terrorist group, and all of them agreed that it is. It is important to note that Eritrea has been deemed al-Shabab-free for more than six years, according to outside monitors known as the Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group.

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Given that this is the case, this would be a moment to revisit the sanctions on Eritrea and consider removing them. Even if Eritrea has rid itself of its ties to the worst terrorist groups, it remains true that Eritrea has a persistently bad record as a human rights violator. It was and still is a hard nut to crack. But i feel the novel can be a model for the Great Eritrean Novel that Saay7 never forget to remind us needs to be written. But, I certainly know what you mean on the neck breaking speed the conversation tends to ensue here.

I have it on my shelf. I wait for few months, even few years, still to no avail. Young man, take advantage of this free intellectually engaging interaction, of course, be mindful of its addictive nature.

Beyan Amanuel Hidrat Selam Samuel, I am glad to hear that you had been introduced to prolific International writers, such as Rushdie during your high school time, to cultivate your reading and writing interest early on at your young age — an opportunity most of my generation could not get it, in the 50s and 60s.

In a collection of essays entitled The Displaced: Tic, toc, Get to it Samuel: And, oh, Ahmed Raji knows somebody too: Forget Adi Halo, we are heading your way. Did not get a chance to read Maaza.

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Will do in summer. Ok, I will make a contest: But Hailu had been summoned to jail, only one day after filing the report. His presence was requested in writing, delivered to his office by a skinny soldier with firm steps. The soldier stared at him and Hailu felt a shiver crawl up his spine. His light brown eyes were crisscrossed with red veins. Thank you so much! Rashdi imagined when he was a lot younger that, the ocean as a collection of bodies of water, and droplets of water before that, and a vapor before that, but the ocean is one and the same in essence and in content as well.

Beyan merHaba Dottore, This is what I mean man! You are just a sucker for good stories and devour them as they come. I have yet to read the piece in question, but when I responded to Samuel earlier, I defined Padma Lakshmi in the image of Rushdie. So, here you go: But, these very characteristics, ironically, became an asset for when she became a model as a teenager. She became world renowned model. But, even in the modeling world she was drowned by the sea of white skin.

Of course, her Indian cultural upbringing she had to be comfortable in her own skin, her wearing bikinis, miniskirts, and the like. Not only was she successful in modeling, but she also made a successful transition from modeling to becoming a top-notch-chef, where she had her own show on TV. The book has sprinkles of recipes of various food stuff. There is a lot going on that Lakshmi addresses in the book. Hope this does her book and her as a human being justice. Beyan Paulos Selam Dr.

Beyan, Heard like everyone else great deal about Rushdie but never came around his books much less about the seemingly colorful life of his former wife but thanks to this forum where we learn something new and interesting stuff everyday. Amanuel Hidrat Good piece and good reading for the weekend. Mez Dear Hope What ever may be in the background, it is too early to call. He is not even in the official capacity as PM yet. Cohen that he is full of bile and hatred and he calls them politico-economic monopolists.

Is it personal or is it part of his mission as a lobbyist for the eritrean regime? Anybody who has an idea?

If the TPLF would offer him a consulting job, he will depict it as an angel with huge wings. Let me explain it better: I said his diplomatic contribution still is helping the 21 century Ethiopian leaders nothing more nothing less. If you could asked me from the Eritrean sideI would brought everything he did all the killings and all the religious attacks.

It is not like I am ignoring his act on Eritreans. What I find out about his educational contribution to Ethiopia and the way he ruled Eritreans is totally different issues. Mez Hi Horizon, Just dig a little bit on ambassador H. Cohen lobbying business and the financial flow to his company.

That will give you the answer. I am assuming there is a good amount of Ethiopian national agenda issues in there as well, not just TPLF narrow interest. Amde Hi Alex, Why do you consider going to ethiopia with seeking a blessing from… After all Eritreans in hundreds of thousands are living in Ethiopia and being close to these people in any form makes sense.

When Roy and I visited, mangled bodies were strewn outside the trenchwire. Skeletons, too, from past attacks. Apparently we learned later while the Ethiopians were preparing for another huge frontal assault, the EPLF launched its own attack from the Ethiopian flanks.

At the same time, a mechanized Ethiopian brigade was trapped on a mountain road when the EPLF destroyed the front and last vehicles of the convoy. It was a shooting gallery. The Ethiopians destroyed their own tanks, guns, rocket launchers and vehicles to prevent them falling into EPLF hands.

Ethiopian aircraft bombed and strafed their stranded, mechanized column. It was a disaster. The EPLF claimed they suffered no casualties while destroying the brigade.

Ethiopian bodies were strewn everywhere. The EPLF victory meant the war was essentially won, even through it dragged on for a few more years. Mengistu fled Ethiopia in to live in opulence in Zimbabwe. Roy and I realized we were witnessing something special and unusual. Captured Soviet tanks, artillery pieces, rockets, were turned around and used against the Ethiopians.

Some corpses were flattened like pancakes as vehicles rolled over them.

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I was keen to interview Ethiopian prisoners, maybe three or four of them. The Eritreans were willing, but strangely vague. I wondered if they had many, and kept pestering them.