Enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

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enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

Originally the Enneagram was taught by secret oral tradition. The nine different Enneagram types arise from a consideration of three centers of intelligence: The Gut center is preferred by Enneatypes 8,9,1; the Heart center is preferred by . Enneagram: The Secret Way to Find Your Personality Type and Strengthen Relationships to (Bonus: A Test on How to Find Your Personality Type) Paperback – August 1, by . The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships The Enneagram Made Easy: Discover the 9 Types of People. The Enneagram of Personality separates people into nine distinct categories – each Type 1: That they are fundamentally immoral and have vices. But the reason they are so devoted to their relationships is because the 6 type Fears, Motivations, Personality, Personality Type, Secrets, The Enneagram.

enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

Nines soothe Ones, while Ones remind Nines to strive for excellence. Potential Trouble Spots or Issues The main problem area for Ones and Nines has to do with the opposite ways that they deal with conflicts and rising stress.

enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

Ones tend to become more openly frustrated with themselves and others and with the feeling that things are not going as they should. They begin to exude a prickly anger, edginess, and dissatisfaction with everything and everyone.

enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

They become obsessed with finding who is at fault, and with legislating how things could be improved. By contrast, when conflicts and stress increase, Nines begin to shut down and withdrawn.

enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

They become less effective at correcting problems and less able to speak about their feelings or discomfort. The worse things become, the more Nines attempt to tune them out while maintaining that nothing is the matter.

Thus, judgments about the Nine's judgment and competence and willingness to take responsibility taint the One's dealings with Nines, while resistance and denial of problems with a barely suppressed undertow of anger infect the Nine.

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It is difficult for Nines to step up to the plate and take the level of responsibility that Ones are looking for. The more Ones push Nines to respond in the way they want, the less Nines are willing and able to do so, and they retreat into more widespread passive-aggressive behavior.


To Ones, this feels like willful resistance and culpable negligence. The quiet indifference of the Nine only infuriates the One all the more.

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In short, it is difficult for Ones to respect Nines, just as it is difficult for Nines to feel comfortable with and able to express themselves to Ones. Ones eventually become more self-righteous and intolerant while Nines become more uncommunicative and stubbornly unresponsive.

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Type 1s are known for being social justice advocates and fearless fighters for a more moral society. But the reason these types are so preoccupied with the way the world ought to be is because they are constantly moving away from the fear that they themselves are corrupt and immoral. At their core, this type is terrified that others will discover them to be immoral, flawed and riddled with vices — just like everyone else who surrounds them.

That they are not worthy of being loved.

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Type 2s are known for devoting themselves unabashedly to the service of others. This type feels inherently unworthy of love and believes that if they stop helping and supporting those around them, nobody would have a good reason to love them back. That aside from their accomplishments, they are not all that impressive.

Type 3s are known for their goal-oriented nature.

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They are constantly striving to achieve and impress — but the reason they are doing this is because they fear that apart from their accomplishments, they are worthless.

That they have to emphasize their differences because who they actually are is not good enough. Type 4s are known for being complex, intense and unique. Type 5s are constantly researching, analyzing and learning about the world around them.

enneagram type 1 and 9 relationship secrets

That they feel incapable of providing for themselves.