Emma swan and mary margaret relationship

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emma swan and mary margaret relationship

In "Once Upon a Time's" "The Snow Queen" story line, Emma (Jennifer of Storybrooke still don't know about Emma Swan's magical powers. Emma Swan's first love Neal leaves her alone, pregnant, and David is torn between his intense feelings for Mary Margaret and his obligation. Snow White, formerly known as Mary Margaret Blanchard in Storybrooke, is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. She is portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin and by Bailee Madison as a child. She is the true love of Prince Charming/David Nolan, mother of Emma Swan Kathryn is later found alive, though Mary Margaret's relationship with David.

As the show becomes more complex in its mythology and introduces more characters, we see even more positive interactions among women. They strike up a friendship when Emma moves to the town of Storybrooke at the request of her biological son, Henry. Mary Margaret provides Emma with a home when she needs it, they discuss their failed relationships with men, and when the town turns against Mary Margaret when she is accused of murder, Emma alone continues to defend her.

Their mother-daughter relationship is now on even firmer ground because of the friendship they established before the spell was broken, and watching them rediscover each other has been a heartwarming joy to watch. Red, for her part, helps Snow in her quest to rescue Prince Charming.

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The women rescue the men just as often as the men rescue the women. While Snow and Emma are briefly trapped in the enchanted forest, Red quickly bonds with Belle Emilie de Ravinhelping her ease the transition into a more steady, normal life.

Red may be separated from her bestie, but she still makes new friends. BFFs for life Goodwin and Ory Perhaps the best example of the complex female relationships on the show can be found in the first part of this sophomore season, where four women traveled through the forest on a quest together. The women, at first, are rivals who are both in love with Prince Philip, but after a wraith sucks out his soul, they quickly bond in a shared goal to punish the people who let the wraith into their world — Snow and Emma.

The outlook is bleak for this new friendship, as Mulan and Aurora first see Snow and Emma as enemies, but this changes very quickly. She never got to help her get ready for a ball and revel in the excitement, so it was only natural that she took this opportunity to do so now.

Snow may have had reservations about Killian in the past, but seeing how happy her daughter is clearly means something to her, and the face she makes when Emma returns home wanting to know every detail, from the restaurant to whether he kissed her good night, was truly moving and showcased how much she loves and cares about Emma.

Of course this was an exquisite scene as she happily accepts him.

emma swan and mary margaret relationship

But the moment that I truly loved was when she tells him they should take back the kingdom. Such was the case of Snow and Charming. But this time, Emma was the one whose eyes were filed with tears. And the minute they return she rushes to his side.

The fact that we knew it would work does not lessen the beauty of the scene. On the contrary, the fact that he says he never doubted her, echoing the same things she said when she was saved are just another in the long line of examples of what makes Snow and Charming such a sweet pair.

Her guilt is so intense it leads Snow to be consumed by nothing else, even the thought of leaving her family behind. Regina revels and refuses to crush it, while Snow is completely distraught. Her request may have been denied, but it was important for Snow to reach this low point. He heart may have been touched by darkness, but she learned it does not define her entire self.

Mary Margaret Blanchard

Snow yells at David for lying about being poisoned with Dreamshade. He says he was afraid telling her would mean she would not want to leave him behind, and he did not want that kind of life for her.

emma swan and mary margaret relationship

Her answer is simple-lock them up. She says she believes she will fix this and then come back and release them.

Legendary Relationships: Something Like a Fairytale (Emma and Mary Margaret in Once Upon a Time)

He faith in her daughter is unfailing to which Elsa looks upon the scene with envy saying she has wonderful parents. Is there anyone who did not cry at this moment? That is why I adore their banter back and forth when he captures her in a net.

Not only is it funny how she first bestows the name Charming on him, but just how much she seemed to dislike him with her snarky, unimpressed remarks. How little she knew. It was hilarious when she comments on the obvious. This was viscerally affecting. What I loved about h favorite reader moments for Snow was just how any there were.

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The number of varying scenes shows just how many this character has shown over the course of the series. The top 4 were beautiful choices and ones I included as well.