Ed and winry relationship quizzes

Why do you like Ed and Winry as a couple? - Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell - Fanpop

ed and winry relationship quizzes

Myself, I really don't think that Edward and Winry make a good pair. there is much to give evidence that they do not make a good couple. Second Lieutenant. Quiz created with MemeGen! Winry Thought, 'This is the best slumber party ever!! Roy Slept by you. Scar Killed you, and the Fullmetal Alchemist: Your Fullmetal Alchemist Marriage by SilvernFalcon. Your name. Ed's relationship with Winry Rockbell is likely one of his more complex personal connections. Born.

Fullmetal Alchemist fans have a bit of a problem, however.

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Edward was born inwhich makes him 15 or 16 years old at the beginning of the series and around 18 by the time it ends. But as for his actual birthday, it seems Arakawa never assigned him one. Fans appear to have settled on either October 11th or Feb 3rd based on clues from the series. In the anime, it's snowing on his 12th birthday, but it's warm and sunny on his 15th birthday. Guess we'll just have two parties!

But moments later, he pays for the return of Al's soul with that same right arm, and so afterward, he is forced to learn to write left-handed.

ed and winry relationship quizzes

True, he does get Automail replacements for his missing arm and leg, and while those are incredibly useful for many things, an Automail hand is not good at fine detail work, like writing. In a way, it's just another reason why Ed stands out from the crowd.

ed and winry relationship quizzes

Despite clashing over cultural and religious differences, the people of Ishval lived in relative peace with Amestris. That is, until an Ishvalan child was accidentally shot by an Amestrian soldier. The result was first riots, then all out war, with Amestris ultimately being the victor.

The Ishvalans were scattered across the country as refugees. The Japanese government took over Ainu land Arakawa took inspiration for this storyline from the real-life conflict between the Ainu an indigenous people of Japan and the Wajin the mainlander Japanese.

Inthe Japanese government took over Ainu land and distributed it to the Wajin in an effort to force the Ainu to assimilate into mainstream Japanese culture. The act was in effect untiland it wasn't until that the Ainu were officially recognized as an ethnic minority.

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These are not fun topics. So Arakawa made a conscious decision to include humor wherever she could, not only in the story but also by including 4koma short four-panel comic strips in each manga volume.

In a way, this demonstrates the law of Equivalent Exchange at work even in the manga: Equivalent Exchange is about balance, and Arakawa wanted to balance light and dark, funny and serious, in her work.

One of Arakawa's first jobs as a mangaka was drawing 4komas, so it's natural she'd include them in her series plus, it's a pretty common thing to do in manga.

Too bad there's not that buffer in the anime, however, because after some episodes it's genuinely jarring to go from tragedy straight to a cheerful end credit song.

Do you really know Edward Elric?

The symbol is called the Cross of Flamel, and it depicts a snake wrapped around a cross. This symbol appeared throughout the texts of Nicholas Flamel a 14th-century French scribe who acquired a reputation as an alchemist after his passing you probably recognize his name from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It also appears on the side of his tombstone, which he designed himself. The symbol is one of "fixing the volatile.

It's derived from a Bible verse "Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live". Arakawa hid Mobuo Mobuta in many of the manga's panels Drawing a manga is an enormous amount of work, and so mangaka usually employ staffs of artists to help them.

Typically the head mangaka will draw the principle characters and leave settings and background characters for the staff. In Fullmetal Alchemist, however, there's one background character who became famous in his own right.

Arakawa hid Mobuo Mobuta in many of the manga's panels, creating her very own Where's Waldo character. Although the MCU Marvel Cinematic Universe films are enormous money-making machines, there are even more that are utter failures last year alone gave us the dismal film adaptations of Death Note and Ghost in the Shell.

The live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist was announced in spring of and slated for a summer release. The film's schedule has since been pushed back, but we did finally get a trailer late last year you can view it here.

In Amestris' version of a unitary state, however, the military is everything, and so in keeping with that theme, Arakawa named many of her characters after military vehicles of the World War eras. Homunculi feature as the primary antagonists in Fullmetal Alchemist, but instead of being tiny, they are full-sized artificial humans that possess super abilities, such as extreme strength, speed, and the ability to shape-shift.

They also do not age. In the series, homunculi are created from a failed attempt at human transmutation. Brotherhood, they are created by embedding a Philosopher's Stone into a human body. Either way, they are extremely hard to eliminate. Scar, Mustang, and Edward. The rest of this fic has been censored. Unless she has a fever? I'll bring you back to life soon! The only thing there besides herself was a pile of elements and the like spread haphazardly across the floor, a transmutation circle etched into the ground and Raiven pushed her dark, raven locks out of her large, raven eyes.

Her clothes were a dark, raven shade of black. But she's not emo, heavens no. Raiven was extremely really a lot sad because her brother, Jimmy, was dead and insert overly-dramatic back story here. Raiven activated the transmutation circle. Suddenly blablabla copy and paste description from any other Sue fic with a human transmutation scene and she was in front of the gate.

Al buried his head in Lust's breasts. And in exchange for your breasts, I'll give you a vacuum cleaner, free of charge kinda!

ed and winry relationship quizzes

Paninya stared down from the roof, which she had been fixing. Al -censored censored- the fat man. Now Gluttony is skinnier than a supermodel and Gusty is sad because she no longer has anyone to relate to.

ed and winry relationship quizzes

Roy agrees to be his teacher, for a price- his man-part. Now Roy has two! Three year olds don't deserve boyfriends. Gluttony gets Paninya pregnant and she becomes depressed. I HAVE no friends! See previous answer, again. Well, I'm friends with myself, sooo Al loved Riza and Winry. Riza loved Winry and Al. Winry loved Al and Riza. Ed, Roy and Mird are all dead, because this odd pairing requires that there is no one to interfere with their inevitable love.

Wow, this is boring. The warning would be "Watch out, this crack could make you die of laughter.