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Casey and Derek never happened for the very obvious reason that they were, well, You know, your classic love/hate relationship. Apparently. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Casey M., Derek V. - Chapters: . This led her hips to trust upward into mine, which, in my mind, was the. Derek often finds picking on his new step-sister Casey McDonald amusing. His younger brother Edwin Venturi is his trusted accomplice and lackey. Derek admits to Sally that he fell for her and wants to make their relationship work ( which.

But if you want an exact moment for when I wanted her in a less than brotherly way, good luck. It was during the party when we were stuck in the bathroom fighting with shampoo and toothpaste, or whatever it was. It was that English project we did together and her risking her lacking social status to get me a better grade. It was the day she chose Sam and my heart broke. I can't deny that fact, Lizzie saw my face.

I do know this however, after one particular heated fight over the remote, things got a little out of control. I was sitting in my chair watching TV on a Saturday morning. Well not really, I was kind of surfing around for anything that didn't suck. Then out of nowhere, Casey comes in and yanks the remote from my hand and changes the channel, taking a seat on the couch. She quickly pulled the remote from my reach. She let out a cry of anger. From the corner of my eye, I saw Casey lunge at me, but I was quicker, and jumped from the seat, leaving her in a heap on my chair.

But to my surprised she recovered quickly and clamped a hand on the remote. She stood and we began a tug-of-war thing with the remote. All I can tell you about the next part is, when in a tug-of-war situation on hardwood floors, wear shoes. Because, before I knew it, Casey had managed to lose balance and we were both on the floor, hands still clamped on the remote. Now I am not saying she was heavy, but I don't care who it is, when you break someone's fall, pain is inevitable.

However, I was smarter than that and yanked the remote and her back on top of me. That's when our lips connected. And I am not saying that in a romance novel way, that's just how it happened. It was awkward, you can imagine, but neither of us pulled away. Then again, when you kiss me, you don't want to pull away.

There was none of those movie glorified fireworks, I don't believe in that crap, it just felt really good. It got less awkward though as our fighting continued. I mean it's not like right after that kiss we were like, "hey let's date. We went back to our normal thing, I make fun of her, and she pretends not to be annoyed by it and so on. But there was still like this tension between us, I mean thick. It was like every time she looked at me I knew all she was thinking, "Oh my God I made out with him a few days ago.

We avoided each other for a month. But of course it didn't last. We couldn't ignore that the kiss was really nice and soon all of our fights ended with my tongue in her mouth. Take for example this one time she burst, without knocking, into my room and started bitching at me about leaving my hockey gear out for everyone, meaning her, to trip on. So I yelled at her that if she would watch where she was going it wouldn't be a problem.

Then she said something, then I said something, then BAM, she was under me on my bed and my tongue was exploring the wonders of my step-sister's mouth. I was surprised, to say the least, when she told me she wanted to continue See, she never saw me as the "sweet guy Sam was.

Just because I played the field and had posters of half naked hot chicks on my wall doesn't make me a bad guy. Ask any of the girls I went out with. I mean some woman objectify men. I am ogled by girls all the time, do you hear me complaining? Okay, that one time her friend, Emily was watching me swim in her pool, but that was like stalker watching.

You really can't consider what me and Casey had a relationship. I mean we really didn't or couldn't go out on dates. All we did was hang out without fighting, make out and eventually have sex. Nope, never mind that seemed like the usual Derek Venturi relationship. But I don't sleep with all the girls I "date. I would be a liar if I said I was in love with her. I was seventeen; I was in love any girl that let me discover the mysteries of what makes guys and girls different on the old couch.

Oh if that thing could talk. I loved the way she made me feel when we fought and… other things. With her, I actually had to work for it. For the other girls, all I had to do is smile and bam, puddle. Well, that's all I still have to do, really. The key to any good Trust me, going to bed angry can lead to good things, especially when you're parents are out of town. Oh, what a weekend. Parents out of town on honeymoon, the little kids in their rooms sleeping soundly and the doors shut, and me and Casey on the old couch discovering more differences.

Well, for her anyway. Apparently good old Sammy boy just couldn't seal the deal. I did, and that's why I am really the King of Babes. I came downstairs after a short struggle to get Marti to bed and there was Casey, waiting patiently on the couch.

The TV was the only light filling the room. She was still mad about an earlier argument; I don't remember what it was over anymore. I grabbed the remote and muted it before turning to kiss her. She quickly pulled away and looked at me. She didn't complain after that. It had been a very long time since we had gotten any alone time. Finals were coming up and Casey had to over-prepare as usual. Not to mention Dad and Nora lurking in every corner.

Not that they were suspicious or anything, it's just they seem to pop-up out of nowhere when we finally thought we had a moment. So we were both very desperate for this. Slowly, while my tongue explored her mouth, my hand wandered up her shirt as it always did in those kinds of situations. To my surprise, this time rather than her insisting I keep my hand on the outside of her shirt, she moaned into my mouth to proceed. Any other time, they would have laughed at that, but instead, they both looked down at the table.

Edwin and Lizzie exchanged worried glances. George looked to Nora. Casey's sad about something," Marti continued, before Nora could say anything.

Nora shrugged, and George continued eating. Derek slammed his fist onto the table. Because I don't think you are," Edwin fired back. Marti's question of "Where's Emu Land?

Casey pushed her chair away from the table and stood up. She looked like she was about to start crying again. Derek hung his head. She was so distraught, she couldn't even try to act normal.

At least he was making an attempt. Nora, for one, was sick of the lack of eye contact. But she wasn't about to bring it up at the table, so she nodded and said, "Of course. Trust me; she doesn't want to talk to me right now. He had no choice but to excuse himself, too. Once he was in the privacy of Edwin's bedroom, he leaned his head against the floor.

But he couldn't hear into Lizzie's room. Too bad the heating vent was a thing of the past. Not knowing for sure what Casey was doing was much worse than hearing her crying. He was starting to realize that there was a real possibility she honestly thought she was bad at sex, and shouldn't be with him anymore.

A sickening thought, but this was Casey. Even though he was most definitely the one at fault, she was probably still blaming herself. He knew no amount of begging and pleading could change her mind right now. He didn't wait for Derek to let him in, but, Derek realized, this was his room, after all. So come beat me at Babe Raider and forget whatever you and Casey are fighting about. Derek couldn't help sneaking a glance at Lizzie's bedroom door.

He didn't think Casey would go into detail with Liz, but what if she did? He didn't want anyone knowing why she wasn't speaking to him. Derek tried to put it out of his mind as he creamed his brother at Babe Raider. For the most part, it was good to be back with his family.

Meanwhile, Lizzie was getting nowhere with Casey. He deserves someone better. We thought you were mad at him. But you're the one who did something bad? We'll figure something out. This has to be between Derek and me. She didn't get an answer, just more tears.

She decided this was a Mom problem. Casey didn't even acknowledge her exit. Lizzie brought Nora upstairs with her, but Nora didn't get a word out of Casey. She continued to cry into Lizzie's blanket. She took a seat next to George and he rubbed her back, looking pretty sad himself.

Lizzie paused, as if unsure she should say anything. But she ultimately decided to get it out in the open. Edwin cringed, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

Derek stomped up the stairs, making no secret of his approach, and banged on Lizzie's door. Stop being so stubborn.

You didn't do anything wrong. Please, talk to me. Everyone downstairs waited tensely for a reaction. But all was quiet. Derek returned to the table and threw up his hands. George stared wryly at his obviously distraught son, trying his best to keep from smiling. But he finally couldn't hold it in anymore. You're fighting about which one of you is wrong? Isn't that a little…backwards? Derek tickled Marti, and she giggled. Casey didn't even muster up the energy to glare at him.

Derek felt that punched-in-the-gut feeling again. He suddenly wasn't very hungry. For now, though, let's just enjoy being all together. Derek wanted to shake her. Casey shook her head.

What had this listless creature done with his Casey? It might help," Derek said. Anything was better than this rag doll routine she had going on.

I don't want to fight. Derek felt a little light-headed.

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He couldn't think of a way to talk to her about this without going into detail in front of their family. But he had to make her see how wrong she was. She stared right back, jaw set. It was her fault. She had ruined everything. She should have done more research, should have been more experienced. All she wanted was one perfect night with Derek, but apparently she didn't deserve that.

Her mind flickered to what Brooke had said. It seemed so long ago. Somewhere in the back of her head, she knew she may have expected too much. But it wasn't supposed to be like that. They both realized at the same time that everyone at the table was staring at them in horror. Shaking himself out of his shock, he nudged Lizzie.

They pushed back their chairs and headed upstairs to the games closet. Nora and George didn't even register their disappearance. Nora nodded, still too tense to speak. Derek looked at his parents. She had already shut herself in Lizzie's room again.

He trudged up the attic stairs, wondering what the hell he was supposed to do now. That night, Edwin and Lizzie each tried unsuccessfully to get something out of Derek and Casey. They even tried switching it up, Lizzie to Derek and Edwin to Casey.

And they tried the secret weapon: Marti got Casey to tell her that she should never expect anything out of life.

And she got a tickle fight from Derek. But that wasn't much help to Lizzie and Edwin. Edwin slumped against the wall.

There's nothing more we can do. But they'll work it out eventually. Derek was already curled up on his cot. Derek didn't respond, but Edwin knew he was listening. Maybe not to anyone here, but…to someone. Derek lay awake that night, despite his lack of sleep from the night before. He just couldn't stop having horrific thoughts of a life without Casey. They were worse than any nightmare. When the sun started to rise, Derek figured it was useless to try for even a few minutes of sleep.

He tiptoed out of Edwin's room and past the second floor. Any other morning, he would have snuck in to be with Casey. But she didn't want him around that day. He turned on the kitchen light and rummaged through the fridge. For once, he didn't feel like eating. We heard noises down here and figured it was one of you," George explained. She rested a baby monitor on the counter and sat across from Derek while George put on some coffee.

At this rate, they were done the whole "dating" thing. He'd be lucky if she ever spoke to him again.

George sat next to Nora and handed her a mug of coffee. Don't let her get away. But she's making it pretty difficult. She'll probably have a ten-step plan to work things out in no time. But he didn't want to talk to some therapist, or a counselor at school. He needed his dad's advice, incredibly awkward as it might be. And his dad seemed to know what he was doing with women. Nora was still married to him, after all.

And they had just had a baby. He hadn't been expecting it to be that easy. Nora put her hand over Derek's. You're my son, too, Derek. I want you to be able to confide in me. It was good to actually feel like himself for a moment. Nora grabbed the baby monitor and started backing out of the kitchen. George waved a hand at her. But Derek couldn't muster up a smile in return.

The situation was too serious. Nora waved and headed back up the stairs. I think of Casey as my daughter. George shook his head firmly. We're going to talk about it. So, you had sex with Casey. That's a good thing, right? You do the math. It felt good to have it out in the open. Somehow, the problem didn't seem as severe now that his dad knew, and he hadn't run screaming from the room. Sometimes it takes couples awhile to, you know—" he snapped his fingers sheepishly. Derek had to give him major points for being so cool about this.

But he just wasn't getting it. She expected the White Stripes and she got a bluegrass trio. Know what I mean? I kinda…need your help.

Well, Derek, I can understand that. But you might want to put your own needs second for awhile, just until she feels comfortable. But even if I do that, I just…I thought she was having a good time. In the beginning she was. She put on my coat to greet me at the door, and underneath she had on—" "I'm going to stop you right there," George said, looking embarrassed, and a little bit queasy.

This was not something his father needed to know too much about. That made a lot of sense. George raised an eyebrow. Especially since it was her first time, and I'm sure she was nervous. She had probably been expecting something out of a movie. He had forgotten that every sensation, every touch, was new to her.

He would never, ever rush her again. Though I didn't really do much. I needed to know that I'm not a monster. And Casey knows that, too. That's why she wants to break up. It seemed silly, but that was Casey for you. Before you leave today. Find some way to get through to her, or you're both going to stay miserable.

Derek went upstairs to wait for his siblings to wake up. He heard Lizzie moving around in her room, and readied his ambush tactic. Her eyes widened, and she nodded. Once everyone was assembled, Derek stared around at his siblings and couldn't help but smile.

Sometimes he really missed not living with them anymore. Marti hugged onto him. I have a plan. But I need your help. She went into the bathroom, and by the time she came out, they had manned their battle stations.

She hadn't slept much, either. It comforted Derek slightly to know that she wasn't willing to let him go that easily. I don't really want to see anyone. Casey shrieked in surprise, and smacked him in the chest. He had never been happier to hear her say his name like that. Casey folded her arms and turned her back to him. I can't believe you locked us in here. He couldn't risk it. You need someone who can—" Derek put a finger to her lips.

Derek watched the shadows at the bottom of the door disappear.

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But we should whisper, just in case. As upset as she was, all the trouble Derek had gone through to make sure they talked was really touching, in a way. She went rigid, but he kept rubbing her back until she relaxed against him. I can't believe that you still want me after Don't you see that? Casey, it had been so long, and you were so fucking gorgeous…I lost control. I should have paid more attention to what you wanted.

I forgot that I wasn't just 'having sex. I should have made your first time special, and instead, I only thought about myself. I promise you that next time, I'll be what you need. She chose her words carefully. I guess you're right, in a way.

It all happened so fast—" "I promise we can go as slow as you want," Derek quickly interrupted. You may think it was all your fault, but I realized something as I was trying to sleep last night. Brooke tried to tell me, but I was so sure I knew what to expect that I didn't listen.

I realized that you can't learn about, you know…having sex," she smiled triumphantly at him, and he smirked back, "from books and movies. I had this perfect picture in my head, but that was just stupid. Why would I want someone else's experience, anyway? I want you, with me. Just the two of us. No candles, satin sheets, or embarrassing lingerie—" Derek pouted, and it was her turn to smirk, "Well, maybe sometimes.

I'd like to try again. And this time, I'll make it a little easier on you and tell you exactly what I want. She held up a finger. I want to hear you say my name. I-I guess I got caught up in—" "Stop.

We'll figure all this out together. With lots of foreplay. Derek let out the biggest sigh of relief he could muster, given the fact that his lungs had collapsed some time ago.

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He paused before moving over to her lips. Her eyes told him that she still wasn't completely back to normal.

Then again, he never thought he'd make such a mess of things in the first place. He ran his hands along her arms, mulling it over. Because just doing this…" he stopped his hands at her shoulders, pulling her into him again, and kissed her forehead, "…turns me on. It didn't exactly eliminate her concern, but she had to believe he was onto something.

She was tired of thinking she'd lost him forever, tired of worrying about whether she was bad at sex. She owed him, and most importantly, herself, a second try.

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Pushing him roughly against the games closet wall, she whispered huskily, "Nah, for me, it's—" and she kissed him. They got ready for the drive home a few hours later. Edwin, Lizzie, and Marti were still disappointed that they hadn't discovered the reason behind all the drama, but Derek just told them to be glad there would be no breakup. She held Casey a little too long, and George had to pry her away. Casey looked questioningly at Derek, who was pretending to be very interested in his car keys.

They exchanged a smile. The ride back to their apartment went by quickly, now that they were talking again. Rain began to beat against their windows as soon as they entered Kingston. Derek took one hand off the wheel and swatted her arm. I'm the superstitious one, and I'm telling you, all this means is that the grass is going to be greener tomorrow.

They walked through the rain in silence. Casey was aware of a strange charge in the air. Like each raindrop falling on her bare skin was a jolt of electricity. She could feel his eyes on her but she didn't glance at him. Stupidly, she realized, she felt like a teenager with her first crush. The same kind of excitement seemed to be running through her veins. They entered the elevator together, and as the numbers changed she shivered a little.

Both from the cold and his breath on her neck. He was standing so close behind; her ability to think and breathe seemed to have taken an extended vacation. And when he started placing close-lipped kisses on the sensitive skin of her neck, she felt that strange ache in the pit of her stomach —she still blushed at calling it arousal- intensify. His wet hair trailed across her skin as he slowly slid one strap of her dress down her arm, placing kisses on every inch of available skin.

She bit back a gasp and he stopped. She turned and kissed him in answer. Unlike anything she'd ever allowed before, fiercely, like she couldn't get enough of him.