Defeat sun quan and zhou tai before they meet in their dreams

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Taishi Ci (onyomi: Taishi Ji) is a general of the later Han Dynasty who has When he passed away, Sun Quan proclaimed utter reverence for his memory. This often occurs after he is defeated in combat during the Campaign for Wu Territory. to the dream he shared with Sun Ce, he asks Sun Quan to realize their dream. Jubilation: Recover a portion of your Health Gauge when you defeat an .. If you want to try to Zhou Tai katana jump-cancel movement trick for a challenge, feel free. . Weapon: Dream Wrecker Base Attack: 56 Venom 10, Explosive 9, . Character: Sun Jian Stage: Assault on Shouchun [Wu Xtreme Stage. Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series based on the events in the late Eastern 12, Lü Bu is defeated in battle and seeks shelter under Liu Bei, 吕奉先战败投刘备 53, Sun Quan is angered by Zhou Yu, 孙权被周瑜激怒 . Gao reportedly was unable to meet Watanabe's request for a salary of million.

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While resting from his near-death experience, he asks Sun Quan to rule in his stead. By fulfilling certain conditions to ensure Sun Ce's continued survival, along with preventing the deaths of Sun Jian, Zhou Yu, and Lu Suthe player unlocks Wu's fictional story path.

At the Battle of Hefei, a recovered Sun Ce will arrive as reinforcements along with his father, helping to prevent Zhang Liao 's ambush and preventing Taishi Ci's death. After this point, both Sun Jian and Sun Ce continue to defer to Sun Quan, lending their support to him rather than retaking control of the army despite the latter's protests.

Sun Ce plays a central role in the story after this point, spearheading a battle against Cao Pi and participating in the final battle at Xuchang.

After his family's victory over Cao Cao, he is seen at a banquet celebrating the end of the turmoil and the end of warfare brought about by his brother, who has managed to create a lasting peace between Wu, Shu, and Wei. He also appears during Yuan Shu's conquest against Cao Cao. In the hypothetical route, he has an early confrontation with Lu Bu at Wujun, and eventually is defeated by him.

He reappears with the remnants of his forces combined with Yuan Shu's remnants, at Chang'an, and is slain when he attempts to avenge his comrades at the waterways of the capital. Defeated in battle, he follows suite with his father and submits to Orochi 's will. With his father and loyal retainers held hostage, Sun Ce continues to assist Orochi's conquests.

In Warriors Orochihe tries to endure servitude whilst trying to free his father. Thanks to Sakon 's guidance, he eventually rescues Sun Jian but is forced to leave him at the elder's behest. Branded as a selfish traitor by his siblings, Sun Ce allows them to vent their anger and gradually convinces them to rebel with him. Both he and his sister save their father and Sun Quan from being executed by Orochi's men. Reunited at last, the Sun family work together to defeat Orochi.

He plays a minor role in Wei 's storyline. Surprisingly, Cao Pi opts to release Sun Ce after his capture, and the young warlord promises to repay the debt. He also plays a small role in Shu 's storyline. Although they failed, they managed to regain support of most of Shu's officers.

In Warriors Orochi 2he and his wife were returning from a reconnaissance mission when they spot Sun Quan heavily outnumbered by Kiyomori 's army.

They lend their aid and help stall the army while Motochika and Yoshitsune head for the Water Dragon shrine. Seeing that the odds are against them, he makes a bid to send out a messenger to call for Zhou Yu's reinforcements.

When he arrives, their armies make a final charge against Da Ji. Despite their efforts, the two are defeated and forced to flee. Sun Ce helped his father by patrolling their territory's boarders during Warriors Orochi 3 's original timeline. He and his regiment were overwhelmed by the Oda and Shu forces at Changban; Sun Ce himself fell in battle. When a future Hanbei and company return to the past, they use their knowledge to counter the enemy forces. Agreeing to join their cause, he helps them obtain NobunagaMitsuhideand Fu Xi 's allegiance to the coalition.

In the downloadable scenario, "Memories of Vyashion"Sun Ce and his siblings help Nemea as he fights the demon army and recalls the memories of his home world.

However, the farce is exposed by Shennong who helps defeat him. If he chooses to conquer the entire land prudently, there is a chance he will survive to rule it. If any of his units dare to march near Xu Chang while Cao Cao is at Guan Du, he will be ambushed by hunters and will perish while he is sitting on his throne.

Although he was able to fight his way to safety, the damage was done. Knowing that news of his wound would weaken morale, he orders the nearby men to silence and endures the pain in secret. The wound reopens after his army conquers the southern Jing Province. At the end of one of his stories, he unifies China and gives its governing to Sun Quan. Knowing he may die soon, Sun Ce and Zhou Yu ride off into the sunset for further battle.

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In either scenario of his death, he passes their father's sword and leadership of the Sun family to Sun Quan before he dies. One of the story routes in Dynasty Tactics 2 depicts him living past an assassination attempt. Many of his retainers, including the people closest to him, thought he died but he soon marches out into battle.

Unbeknown to them, his physician warned him that his body could no longer take the strains from battle. Not wanting to quit what he started, he stubbornly defies bed rest and leads his men. Eventually, he passes the rule of the land he unified to Sun Quan, exerts himself and dies in his room from the stress. Zhou Yu was present at the time and mourns his passing.

In another story route, he corners Cao Cao in a decisive battle to unite the land under Wu. Declaring that he will kill the tyrant for his departed friend, Zhou Yu, he shoots an arrow from horseback and wounds Cao Cao's shoulder.

In their final confrontation, the lone Cao Cao angrily fights off the surrounding soldiers with his sword. Sun Ce challenges him to die honorably in a duel which is quickly obliged.

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A few bouts later Wu's ruler is overwhelmed and thrown off his feet. Cao Cao moves to deliver the decisive blow but dies in his final strike due to the arrow wound caused by Sun Ce.

Hearing his rival's last words for an era of tranquility, Sun Ce respects his wishes and peacefully unites the land. But you should know that I cannot relent either. Never let it be said that I go back on promise! It makes no sense You must not pass here I am here to rescue our lord! But I can't let anyone from the Resistance through! You don't know anything, you don't need to know anything!

You go on and get Liu Bei! I thought you and I were friends! Break free of your life of slavery, and help me rescue our lord! I promise, I will rescue our lord with these hands! What do we do now? Be silent, and let your spear do the talking. Where is my Lord Liu Bei? I have no idea who you're talking about Heh, you should see the looks on your faces Never have I laid an eyes on such formidable warrior!

Life's just not that simple, kid! Don't make me laugh! It is only my lord who is fit to lead this land. If you can defeat me! My lord, your freedom awaits you! I leave the rest to you. Now we can claim the enemy camp! Let's see if this one can fight! You think I'm handsome? I'll lose the will to hurt you.

We're gonna make it! Are all the women of Shu like this? I'll soon fix that. Why would you side with Orochi? I will return you to the underworld where you belong.

I'm not trapped anywhere - I'm as real as you are! But there is something else, something vital, missing from you. I've always been scared of clowns Out of my way! I'm the greatest thief of all time!

This is no concern of yours! We will never make it through! Let's wait and see what happens for a bit. This is no place for little girls! But you can, if you'd like! Leave them to me. Hey, I don't need your pity! Here comes the wild man to break you in two! If you can defeat me. I will not stand out at any attemps at heroism! Zhang Yi, fall back to the gate! If enemy reinforcements arrive: Yamada Garrison's wall is destroyed: Our only priority is to protect the main ward!

I've got an image to maintain! Nothing but a worthless eel - needs to be boiled in a pot! If you get in my way, you'll go too!

For now, we must hurry! I want to have some goons to flatten! Have you forgotten the ferocity of Shimazu?! I never once thought you were fierce. There is no beauty in such behaviour.

For a minute there I thought our days were up. Do you really think that a few ghosts will frighten me?! Show them the courage of Yuan family, and send their spirits hence! I like a good fight.

Gets the juices flowing. You just signed your own death warrant, old man! What are you doing on the battlefield? I see you live for a war too! I will keep it safe! How much significance do you really think your family name carries in this world? You clearly have no eye for talent. Where is your sense of grace? Where's your sense of masculinity? I will end your tyranny here! Are you friend or foe? My husband has pride coming out of his ears.

That is reason enough for me. It may be your last. I could use a few good women like yourself for my grand paradise. Attack the enemy while they are overawed by my presence! But it will do you no good! How could you do this to her?! What are you to her anyway? Someone who actually cares about her! Retreat now, and live! I will listen to nothing that you say! What know you of it?

Your demise on my blade! I must not be shown up! I will not forget this debt. Just stay alive, we need your blade! I expect nothing less from the daughter of one so great! No amount of trashing will save you! I was kinda enjoyed being chased by her! I'll have to lure him out. Why would you side with such evil?! You are looking well. I will bind my time. Not until Shu is whole again Where is our lord? He fights for the enemy.

I am sure that there must be a reason for his behaviour behind our comprehension. I believe so too! We must prevent them from surrendering to the enemy" Yukimura: Think of poor Wei Yan! It allows you to see your enemies clearly. What should I do? That is all you can do. I will teach you a lesson! Does he even have a weakness? Prince Charming is on his way! Gee, these things aren't quite as easy as they are in the fairy tales! Gimme a hand, will ya? Up close, you're more radiant than ever.

For you, I'd put my life on the line any day! Lady Luck sure is a tease. I'll show you how much of a warrior I am! I thought I'd found another pretty lady. We gotta find the ring-leader of this little circus. You're telling me you've forgot this handsome face, are ya? But I like a challenge. Another pretty lady, just begging to be rescued by yours truly!

I'd show you a real good time Apparently somebody big's being held captive in Wu. When the defense on the flanks weakens, hit 'em with all you got. Masamune has no idea how to have fun He's not even letting my girls through!

Keep your eyes straight at me. But I'm up to in my neck here Ladies, it's all yours! How about forgetting all this and coming with me, gorgeous? But you know, the odd burn won't put me off. Tell me how you really feel.

I'm so good, I even amaze myself sometimes There's nothing else for it. Where's your pride, man? He's one ugly dude.

My head is yours. Take it, you blind fool! You can come with me. It's time you took a look at your serpent king from the outside. Succeed in Magoichi Saika's plan before clearing the stage: Though, you're still not the man my Meng Huo is. You're pretty strong when you take things seriously Magoichi: No need to fight. There's enough of me to go around.

You can tell your old pal what the problem is. This is nothing to do with you! My life's on the line here too, y'know! Come on, we surprised you. I like the way you work, old man. I could learn a thing or two from you. D'you wanna be my wingman? I want to spend as little time with you as possible. I'll swat you all away! Have some dignity, man. It'd be a crime against nature if either of us got hurt.

I can tell, because you're especially delectable. But you're a man. You owe me an explanation! The road ahead is blocked by the enemy. It may be difficulty to proceed. Hmm, I like the way you think.

We must use this chance to escape! Please, let me fight for you! There is nothing else but to attack! Much as I expected. I expected more from you. Brush the enemy aside! Our allies are struggling at Nagashino! The battle turns in our favor! Seize the enemy camp! Ha, all more reason to stop you! I bet you have the cutest face under that scary mask. Oh man, he never told me that I'll make it up to you, I promise! You look even more nutso than I do!

My spear will put a stop to your perverted games! This was all a trick?! I've been such a fool! Can you ever forgive me? Orochi will pay for his duplicity! I thought him as a man of honor. Why does he side with evil? The Hojo must stay and repel the enemy's attacks, while we will drive them out! You are a fine warrior and a man of honor.

Why do you fight with Orochi? But with us, you can forge a new one. Pang De, lend us your strength! We may have lost our path I must break my ties with Wei if I am to find it once more. Give in now and your casualties will be greatly reduced! We will attack on two fronts. Without it we have no way back!

If he's running the show, he is sure to have a back-up plan. We had better take great care in searching it. Just a moment longer, my lord. Help is at hand! Your puny spear will crumble against the might of my flesh! They look rather pale My hearts aches when I think of how disappointed Zhao Yun will be.

But what I still can't work out, is what Zhuge Liang is up to I like your attitude! I'll take anything you've got! What's that supposed to mean? I cannot allow this abuse to continue any longer! Escape while you can!

This is not good! Is that all you got? Am I happy to see you! They are successful in repelling many of Wu's key generals and he is eventually challenged to a duel by Sun Ce. The Little Conqueror withdraws his men when Taishi Ci wins but, as Liu Yong abandons the lands, he effortlessly conquers the territory.

Taishi Ci was intent on journeying once more until Sun Ce tackles him and offers his new friend service in Wu. He continues to serve Wu to fulfill Sun Ce's desires. When they reestablish their foundations, Taishi Ci suggests taking Xu Chang once more but his proposal is shot down by Sun Quan.

Wu then allies itself with Wei to fortify their land's defenses and concentrate on defeating Shu at Fan Castle. Once Wu becomes a mighty kingdom, the disheartened yet proud Taishi Ci leaves his comrades to continue his travels. After Sun Ce wins, he joins the Wu forces. At the Battle of Hefei, he dies protecting Sun Quan from an archery attack.

Since his mother was in debt to the warlord, Taishi Ci rides to the fray when Kong Rong is surrounded by Yellow Turbans. While escorting Kong Rong to the escape point, he and Liu Bei coordinate an attempt to call for reinforcements. If their plan succeeds, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei arrive to assist. As the group nears the escape point, Lu Bu suddenly appears to complicate their plan. When the battle concludes, Liu Bei insists that it was Taishi Ci's bravery that truly saved the day.

Upon ambushing the younger Sun siblings, he turns his attention to Sun Ce who defeats him in a duel. He returns in time for Liu Yao to pass the burden of leading their men on to him. During one of Wu's event movies, he is seen holding drills as the view pans to Sun Quan. He next appears in the battle of Chibi holding the vanguard defense with many other officers. The last stage he participates in historically is Hefei where Zhang Liao slays him as Taishi Ci blocks a fatal blow meant for Sun Quan.

His death, however, is averted on the hypothetical version of the battle. After surviving the conflict at Hefei, he accompanies his comrades to Shouchun. Taishi Ci helps his friend counter Sun Quan's army at Sekigahara and refuses to hold back against his former comrades to defend Sun Ce. Taishi Ci's personal contribution in the stage is defeating a certain amount of soldiers within a set amount of time.

This impresses Sun Ce, and they duel one another to end the stage. Still loyal to Wu in the third game 's original timeline, Taishi Ci once patrolled the land with Lu Meng to subjugate remnant serpent forces. As they reached Mt. Niutou, he is separated from the veteran when he leaves to assist Ueda Castle. Like the other defenders, however, he lost his life against the massive serpent army that surrounded their position. When a future Sima Zhao explains his intents to save them, Taishi Ci accepts his story and offers his immediate aid, leading the future warriors to rescue their surrounded allies.