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"Allen!" Lenalee greeted, smiling brightly when she saw the pale-haired "I have a test tomorrow" Lenalee complained "in Calculus, I hope I'll pass." herself at the other worker, giving him a kiss on the mouth "you're here!". The relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee. Being a year older with a somewhat mature personality, Lenalee usually treats Allen like a younger. Chief Rouvelier orders a cruel new test on a human girl using Allen Walkers DNA . (This oneshot takes place in , not in hidden-facts.info-Man's usual storyline) + "I dare you to kiss the next person that walks up to you and says, 'Hi Lenalee.

Allen and Lenalee

Due to his caring nature, Allen tends to blame himself for every Akuma he failed exorcise. He once again blames himself for not trying to get along with the Third Exorcists or try to understand Nea's motives, believing the understanding the latter would give him a better solution to their issues.

Allen always arrives to protect everyone and he tries to save everyone — humans and Akuma alike. He has white hair and pale skin. He's also the All-Loving Hero protagonist. According to Hoshino, Allen is ambidextrous.

First after Suman Dark's demise, later after Lavi and Chaoji seemingly fell to their death. Hero with Bad Publicity: Slowly going this way due to the Fourteenth.

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It's later culminated in Kanda accidentally turning him full-Noah, and even though he just saved everyone again, the Black Order promptly throws him in prison. And being busted out by Road and Tyki hasn't helped any.

For the most part he's a Messianic Archetypebut turns out to have a devious side, which we see when he tries to charm a robotand when he's revealed to be a master at cheating at poker. Being a Noah might have something to do with it.

His abuse and psychological trauma at the hands of his master General Cross is played entirely for laughs. But this is more in the anime with Cross' Adaptational Villainy. Filler, episode 27 was infamous for the villainizing of Cross. In the episode, Cross tells Allen to bring him a lion, which almost gets Allen killed. He throws Allen to legions of Akuma without training him.

Has Allen doing manual slave labor to pay for his women. Escaping thugs by throwing Allen to them so they can take their anger out of him instead. And forcing Allen to gamble, and stealing his money when he's already living with a rich lover in India at the time.

Allen also mentions battling with depression due to Cross, and only finding peace after meeting Narain in India. Allen also states that given his relationship with Cross, who is a general, he never believed generals could be good people.

In the manga, the trauma Allen suffers appear to be debts, and possible Training from Hell. Allen mentions he gambled to make money if he and Cross were really broke. This episode shows Cross having Allen doing slave labour, and forcing him to gamble even if he was dating a rich woman. Directly lampshaded and justified both in interviews with the mangaka and in-series.

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Apparently, Allen has no problems eating and digesting the gigantic towers of food he eats, since just simply activating his innocence burns a huge amount of calories. Kind, helpful, idealistic, caring, forgiving and self-sacrificing. He becomes very vicious and destructive, and causes massive property damage that he can't even remember doing. He seems to have this feeling toward The Earl who tricked him into turning Mana into an Akuma, and he attacks the Earl in rage when he sees him again.

He may also have feeling toward Apocryphos to a lesser extent, whom he attacks him in rage when he sees that Apocryphos shot Cross -complete with a disbelieving "You killed my master?! Nea implies that something like this has been done to him back when he was a young adult, probably not long after becoming his friend's host. He doesn't understand why Allen doesn't remember him or anything before being brought back as a child.

As a child, Allen's hair was a more reddish-brown color. His hair turned white when his adopted father cursed him. A none romantical example. Ever since learning of the 14th, Allen swears that his love for his guardian was part of him not the Noah's. Love You and Everybody: Fitting, given the fact he's an All-Loving Hero.

Has one when first seen Anita. His left eye lets him see the souls of Akuma. Once he touches the Noah's Ark music, his entire body starts moving on its own to restore the entire ark by playing the piano. Later it is revealed the 14th Noah was controlling Allen's body. It doesn't matter if he turns his arm into a massive claw, a cannon, or a BFS ; his sleeve is always intact. Lampshaded in a Fourth-Wall Mail Slot interview; when someone asked what happened to it, he replied: I'm just glad it doesn't rip.

Lampshaded by Lenalee and Lavi. Once he joins the exorcists in the Noah's Ark, Lavi notices he can see hope when following Allen. Upon the reveleation that Allen is the 14th Noah, his entire life goes to hell, resulting in how the Noah will take over him, resulting in his imprisonment and his forced departure from the Order, while still facing the 14th. Not really straight example, because there's nothing weird with Allen's own appearance whenever he looks in the mirror. However, after Ark arc there's odd form looming behind him, grinning creepily, whom only he can see.

It's eventually revealed that it's actually form of the 14th Noah who is eventually going to take over his body. He's more of a badass hero clown, and a monster to his enemies. All in all, you'd be hard-pressed to find another protagonist with that description. His white hair is noted as quite unusual. This is a hint that he's a cursed Exorcist and the 14th Noah. He's the naive rookie to the Black Order and after he joins, Allen slowly discovers the downsides of being an Exorcist and the lengths the Order is willing to go to win the war against the Akuma.

Allen portrays himself as a kind, generous, and very polite young man. She had no idea about his family or background, or his sexuality she was hoping he was gay. However, from habit of wearing long sleeves and gloves no matter the weather and always using make-up around one of his eyes, she had a bad feeling that either his parents were abusive or he had a lover who was. That would be great! The door slammed open and she heard the familiar sounds of their two most common customers squabbling.

You look beautiful today" Lavi greeted brightly. They were also her best friends, and she'd known them for years. He glared at Kanda "your memory already going BaKanda? The two continued to glare at each other. It's this weekend, on Saturday. Lenalee could only watch in stunned silence as Kanda's expression got darker and darker. The next day, it was a pair of twins who showed up, arguing constantly and hitting each other, before demanding that Allen be the one to carefully cut whatever they'd ordered in half.

They were accompanied by another teen who listened to music for the entire time, nodding his head to the beat and calmly ignoring his companions. He was the one to leave an extra large tip. Road returned the next day, flirting heavily with Allen. She was accompanied by an older woman called Lulubell who flirted with Allen, seemingly for the sole purpose of making him blush.

A man called Skin Boric accompanied them, and instead of having coffee with sugar it was more like sugar with coffee. Seeing how much sugar he consumed made Lenalee feel ill just watching him; and she wasn't surprised to see that the sugar packets of their table and all the other tables in the area had vanished. Lenalee's only complaint was Kanda's worsening bad mood; though he continued to come each day with Lavi.

He and Allen argued constantly. And she was annoyed that Allen seemed to have a girlfriend, she'd been sure that he was gay. Allen managed to juggle the tray he held well enough not to spill anything. Lenalee decided to ignore the fact that she was making a voodoo doll to focus on more important things. Allen blinked at her "no" he said "dating? I actually don't like girls" he admitted "Road just insists on using me as…rebound, and back-up dates" he shrugged.

Stars in her eyes, Lenalee began to make plans. You just have to ask and you can move in with me. Her eyebrows rose as she took note of the many clothes that were obviously too large to be Allen's; she squeaked. All she could think of was the end of her dreams of getting Allen and Kanda together. As usual, Lavi was flirting with Lenalee and Kanda was glaring at Allen. When Lenalee had called the red-head the night before about the amount of Tyki's clothes at Allen's place he had been sympathetic and completely understood her feelings.

He abruptly blinked as calmly walked over to Lavi to give him a stunning smile "hello" he greeted "would you be free tonight. Lavi and Kanda had, surprisingly, stayed until the end of Lenalee and Allen's shift "I didn't know that you were Tyki's type…or that he would be so forward. Allen turned bright red "Tyki?

No, he's Road's adoptive uncle, her step-father's brother. My step-dad was a relative of theirs, or rather…his brother was.